Ginger tea for weight loss, recipes, tea, tips on Weight loss

Everyone who wants to lose weight without restricting your diet and not torturing exercise, there's an easy and effective method is the daily use of ginger tea for weight loss.


Ginger root has long been widely circulated in Tibetan medicine, it is used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Eastern medicine classifies ginger root to hot product increases blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes in the body that promotes weight loss.

Traditional medicine believes that the effect of the ginger, which promotes weight loss, due to the presence in its composition of essential oils, active substances which are beneficial to the digestive system, stimulating the metabolic processes in the body. This product medicine recommends to include in the diet because it not only supports the weight, but also contributes to maintaining youthful skin. It is also rich in vitamins important for the body amino acids, micro - and macro - elements, which together have a tonic, healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

There are some simple and more complex recipes for ginger tea for weight loss, which give effective result. Rapid effect can be expected, but gradually, as the consumption, you will notice the improvement of health, will notice a rejuvenating effect, as well as the first results of weight loss. In a month you will lose about two kilograms, some (with more weight) will lose more.

Recipes for ginger tea.

The first recipe of ginger tea is pretty simple. Take a small piece of ginger, brew it with boiling water, give a little time to stood, and to drink during the day. In this embodiment, as dishes for the infusion it is recommended to use a thermos. With a diet such tea should be drunk daily, throughout the course of the diet. In those days, when you practice basic food, to drink ginger tea should be half an hour before each meal. Or you can add ginger root in dry and powdered form (a pinch) in green tea. Just before each appointment should brew a fresh batch. Make at least three times throughout the day.

Another recipe is slightly different from the previous one. Ginger root should be cut in thin strips, which you then fill with clean water. After that, the mixture should be put on the fire after boiling, cook for twenty minutes. Then, the resulting tea must be allowed to cool to room temperature, then mixed with lemon and honey according to your taste. If to this tea to add a bit of infusion of mint and lemon balm to be an excellent tool not only to reduce weight but also to calm the nervous system. But if mint and lemon balm to replace infusion of leaves of bilberry, then the drink will improve kidney and bladder.

Following the recipe of ginger tea is especially effective in cases of large quantities of extra pounds. For beverage, you should take one garlic clove, one ginger root, and pour it all twenty parts of boiling water. Better to insist in a thermos for about fifteen minutes. To consume this tea you need during the day.

Or you can slice the ginger root into small slices, put in a thermos and pour boiling water from a teaspoon of ginger in a liter of boiling water. The mixture should infuse for three to six hours and drink during the day.

And here is another effective recipe of ginger tea for weight loss. Boil half a liter of clean water, add three tablespoons of ginger root, pre-cut it and two tablespoons of mint. Once the mixture comes to a boil, keep on heat for another fifteen minutes, then remove, leave for fifteen minutes and strain. Then in the mix you should add two tablespoons of honey, a pinch of black pepper and four tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice or orange. Drink to drink during the day, preferably hot.

The following recipe for ginger tea helps not only to lose weight, but also strengthen the immune system. Slice the ginger root, you will need 50 g. In the obtained mass add a litre of water and put on fire. Once it boils, cook on low heat for fifteen minutes. After the specified time in the mix should add some stuff of rose hips (available in pharmacies). The resulting tea to drink throughout the day.

A small piece of ginger pour boiling water and infuse for fifteen minutes. Then in the finished drink to introduce a pinch of black pepper and ground cloves. This tea is recommended to drink in the morning time.

A teaspoon of brewing green tea is to brew 500 ml of boiling water and insist, as usual. Tea then strain and pour into a small stainless steel pan, add two pods of cardamom, crushed ginger root (about three to four centimeters in length), a pinch of cinnamon, same of cloves. You then put the squad on the fire and cook on slow heat for twenty minutes. After this, in the liquid, add three teaspoons of liquid honey, fresh lemon juice and remaining rind from him. Then part cook for another five minutes, then remove from heat and infuse for fifteen minutes. After that, the composition should be filtered in a convenient bowl and drink throughout the day hot or cold.

Grind sixty grams of mint leaves, mix with chopped ginger root, add the cardamom (a pinch) and pour 05, liter of boiling water. Let the mixture stand for half an hour, then strain. To the drink to add a third Cup of lemon juice and 50ml of orange juice. The finished drink to drink cold during the day in unlimited quantities.

Two tablespoons of ginger root in powdered form to shift into a quart jar, add 60 ml fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey and add boiling water, filling the jar to the brim. The resulting mixture infuse for an hour, then ginger slimming tea to drink.

For those who decide to include ginger tea for weight loss in your daily diet, it is recommended to take it with a half Cup a day and gradually increase to two liters a day or more. This is necessary in case of allergic reactions.

Useful tips for those ginger tea for weight loss.

Even if you don't need to lose weight, ginger should be a must in your diet, because it helps to maintain the body in good shape and preserves its youth. It should be noted that ginger drink, be sure to drain, otherwise it is too tart and intense. Also, remember that this drink is not recommended to drink for the night, with tonic effect from its use can cause insomnia.