The best home remedies to lose weight

After hobbies thai medicines and other drugs, burning heat, that in the majority of cases, they brought only in the short term, the weight loss and serious side effects, the people again turned in the direction of folk medicine. Each time more we ask questions, how to lose weight with the help of remedies, which methods are most effective, and what must be done to maintain the result.

Pros and cons


Popular methods of weight loss with the correct application not less effective than the traditional drugs, which burn fats. However, after the body becomes more healthy. Thus obtained, the result will allow you to perpetuate the harmony and attractive appearance, thanks to the priorities of the people methods:

• completely natural components; • excellent anti-aging effect; • adjust the digestive system; • normalize the metabolism.

However, the lightning result is not expected. And this is the main drawback of "grandma" methods. Those who decided to lose weight folk means of communication, should arm of courage and patience.

Causes of obesity

Choose home remedies for weight loss at home does not need advice from her friends, and taking into account the individual characteristics of your own body. In the first place, it is necessary to try to discover the reason why began to accumulate extra pounds. The most common are:

• the constant binge eating, diet, irregular; • psychological factors: stress, loneliness, and т. д.; • sedentary lifestyle; • violation of metabolic processes in the body; • chronic disease of the organs of the digestive tract, or thyroid.

Many believe that the fulness is hereditary and, if you complete parents, lose weight with the help of the people methods, you might not even try. It is a misconception.

Yes, hereditary predisposition to the fullness there really is. But when a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet to save the slim figure can be up to an advanced age.

The choice of the methods

Several tools for weight loss traveler cause, sometimes quite contradictory. It's no wonder – every body is different and what is perfect, will not give any result to another. It is advisable methods of weight loss, using the tool of popular medicine you picked up the nutritionist.

It is believed that the best results gives the to lose herbal чаях and rates, which help to effectively clean the body of impurities and toxins.

Proven popular way to reduce appetite is a glass of water with lemon parties, drunk half an hour before a meal. As a small purchase food, you can use the nuts and dried fruit is good and nutritious.

If you have taken medications that reduce the speed of the metabolic processes, restore it, you can just increase physical activity. Here are some popular means, it can't do – and need to properly constructed diet and performing regular a simple but effective exercise.

If the same weight rapidly increased after recently suffering from diseases – to develop the slimming process is necessary, with the advice of your doctor.

How to remove belly fat


One of the most problematic female zone is the stomach, especially in women giving birth. The skin after pregnancy and childbirth can not be completely restored to its former firmness and elasticity. Therefore, once there is excess fat, it becomes immediately visible, while the belly begins to viciously, assign and расплываться on the sides.

Unfortunately for lazy people, no home remedies to lose weight the belly will not be effective if the act is not to restore the skin and do not swing from the press. In addition, for a thin waist, more important, it is not direct, but oblique muscle, which do not give the figure расплываться. It is in the strengthening should be sent to the exercise.

It is very important to regularly abdominal exercises. Without them, the stomach does not get rid of. But remember that the fat, they do not burn, and only return to the muscles lost tone. As a result of the stomach is removed, the skin doesn't sag, the waist becomes smaller. Do not forget to make the diagonal muscles of the abdomen and back.

Decreased appetite

Always bear in mind the amount of съедаемой food. The transition from small meals allows for less, not harboring constant feeling of hunger. And the size of the stomach, gradually begins to decrease until normal 300-350 мл.

Take control of the appetite help these folk ways of weight loss:

The broth of bran. The best is to use the oat bran – they still have a mild laxative effect. One cup of dry bran pour a liter of cold water, in low heat bring to the boil, проварить 10 minutes. When the broth to cool – strain it and take half a cup of 20 to 30 minutes before a meal. • The water of garlic. Has quite a peculiar smell, but it is the ideal tool to reduce the appetite, enhance immunity and rejuvenation of the body. Several cloves of garlic, clean the shell and completely crushed in a mortar and pestle. Pour a glass of cold boiled or filtered water, add, looking for the slice of lemon and 1/2 teaspoon honey. Take one tablespoon at regular intervals of time. похудение3Flaxseed oil. Contains very useful for the body fats. When taken in fasting involves the mucous membranes of the stomach, reduces appetite, improves digestibility of food. You can add it in vegetable salads, but the best spoonful of tea to drink half an hour before a meal (do not drink the water!). • The celery. Very useful product for weight loss. To keep your valuable properties, should be carefully grind the root, cover with cold water (ratio of 1:2) and to hold the water bath 10-15 minutes, without boiling. Strain the infusion, to drink 100 ml for 20 to 30 minutes before a meal. • Green apples. The easiest way to "scare" the appetite for those who work all day and to whom it is difficult to use other methods. If there are green apples in 1 between each of the meals, they will help you to get rid of the brutal feeling of hunger, and eat what you will be much less during the day.

Not the least useful may become nuts, seeds and dried fruit. They also help to relieve the feeling of hunger with the use to the body. But the daily amount of these products should fit into a folded appropriate palm – they are rich in calories!

Colon cleansing

Effective folk remedies for weight loss should not only burn fat fast, and clean the body. Often, a significant part of the abdominal volume, create non-body fat, and accumulated for many years, the toxins, that, literally, marked to the intestine. Get rid of such savings help folk methods.

Plum jam

Easy cook at home: a liter of boiling water, pour 500 grams of fresh plums or 350 grams dried. When the plums are boiling, put the jam 100 grams of крушины, проварить 10 minutes on low heat, to insist 2 hours, strain. To drink during the night, half a cup, долив cup up to a total of water.

Herbal tea

Сжигающие fat herbal teas are very popular. You can buy in a pharmacy ready rates for weight loss or to cook alone in the house. Use the broth of burdock, bear ears, lingon, blueberry, field horsetail. But you need to remember that the grass with a diuretic effect вымывают the body of calcium and other minerals. They should compensate for the additional use of medicines, which include a variety of vitamins.

A day of fasting


The unloading of a small helpful of stress to the body, helps to cleanse the bowel and allows you to relax the digestive system. It is more useful to organize the unloading days in the green of apples (up to 1.5 kg per day), kefire (1.5 liters), or vegetable salads (up to 1.5 kg, without salt!).

Remember that the discharge day should drink at least 2 litres of water, but you can do more!

Laxatives popular medicine for losing weight that allows you to use, not more than 1-2 times per month, and just in case if completely absent counter-indications. Uncontrolled, its reception can lead to dehydration, worsening of hemorrhoids, overgrowth, and osteoporosis.

The climax

After 45 to 50 years the problem of excess weight in women raises particularly acute. Slowly begin to re-establish itself, even those that before and not thought about how to keep the harmony of the figure. Blame for all the hormonal changes, which cause a slowdown of metabolic processes.

In klimakterichskom period level of the main female hormones – estrogenov and progestinov still varies, decreasing, then growing again. But then, after a final offensive menopausyi production was stopped, which implies serious changes in the body:

• reduces the elasticity and firmness of the skin; • become dry and thin the mucous membranes; • different are absorbed the nutrients; • decreases the physical activity.

Trying to somehow restore the hormonal balance, the body begins to store fat, as lipids are capable of producing estrogen. The mass of a body increases continuously, the same has not changed the family diet and lifestyle.

How to lose weight after 50?


Ways to how to lose weight with menopause popular tools fast, also. But it is important to understand that, from that moment on, the struggle for the thinness of the form need to constantly. Natural physiological processes has not been canceled, and popular, forms, may only delay, but not stop time, and forever. This old folk techniques of slimming should be sent to fat burning and speed up metabolism.

In the first place, you need to review the daily menu. In 2/3 of your diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, one-quarter – not fatty varieties of fish and meat. And only the remaining 10% to 15% may include products with plenty of carbs.

More fast to reduce weight to help:

1. Vegetable juices. Provide the body with important minerals and trace elements, restore the acid-alkaline balance, stimulate the cleansing of the bowel, accelerating the metabolism. The most useful juice celery, parsley, carrot, cucumber, beet, green cocktail of spinach. 2. Exotic fruits. The pineapple and the grape must stay at your desk at least 2-3 times per week. They contain actively расщепляющие fat is a substance and a huge amount Of vitamin c that beauticians called elixir of youth. Thoroughly clean the bowel of pure water with the addition of a fraction of lemon just to drink, you must immediately after waking up. 3. Green tea with spices. All the a quality green tea varieties are excellent folk remedies for weight loss. To increase the effect in the prepared drink can add сжигающие fat spices: cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. Sugar is completely eliminated, but half a teaspoon of house of honey for a taste of what you can add.

Important! Apply for weight loss in menopause period without a physician's prescription for hormonal treatments is not recommended. Thus, it can razbalansirovati the work of all organs and systems, and will only exacerbate the problem.

Sporting activities


No home remedies to lose weight fast will not give good results, if you do not make your lifestyle more active. More often than those who are protesting against the regular practice of sports activities people, whose body mass exceeds by 20% or more the upper limit of normal. I'm really having a lot of difficulty given the same basic exercises, and minimum physical activities leading to pain in the joints.

But nothing is impossible for people who lose weight, that really decided to achieve their goals. And no one offers you immediately sent into the gym or hitting record highs on the treadmill. Just enough to walk at a moderately fast pace not less than one hour per day. And 2-3 times per week to practice, at your discretion:

• dance – from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the pace; • akvaaerobikoi 30 to 45 minutes; • biking – 45-60 minutes; • roller-skating for 30 to 45 minutes; • a game of badminton for 30 to 45 minutes; • a game of ping-pong – from 20 to 35 minutes; • stretchingom, pilatesom 30 to 45 minutes.

When properly set of the diet (best, if he is a nutritionist) as the physical activity, is sufficient for the order to maintain the high level of metabolism, muscles, remained in good shape, and the excess fat is not going to the sides. Already after a month of regular workouts, you will notice that the arrow of the scale gently drops down.

How to get rid of the excess weight after the age of 40?

At this age the excess weight is extremely dangerous for your health. And, judging by the fact that you are now reading these lines - victory in a fight with him to his side...

And have you ever thought about debilitating diets and standing of physical activity? Maybe you even have already tried, but nothing happened. It is understandable, because the excess weight prevents the correct functioning of the body. The absence of a guarantee of health and well-being. The constant fatigue and отдышка, increased sweating.