Magic beans for weight loss: reviews, composition, manual

It is known that demand creates supply. World the pursuit of beauty and slenderness was the reason for the creation of an entire industry on the use of medicines and devices, sports techniques and dietary Supplements for getting rid of extra pounds. Modern novelty in this market are "Magic beans" for weight loss. The reviews about them are quite contradictory. This is due to many factors: advertising, human valetudinarianism, individual characteristics of the organism, etc. Try to understand, how effective is this drug in the achievement of the treasured purpose and safe for health.

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Manufacturer of the revolutionary tools in dietetics is China. It just so happened that every person in the house today there are products from this country, however, the word "Chinese" often elicits a negative reaction. As for medicine and cosmetics, then there are more "Yes" than "no". Eastern healing practices have long conquered the world, so when it comes to Chinese dietary Supplements, people believe in their health benefits.


"Magic beans" capsules for weight loss. The manufacturer promises cyclonal weight reduction: up to 20 kg per month. However, no side effects and the sagging skin will not be as versatile Supplement not only burns fat, but also has a cosmetic effect. A healing composition designed specifically for:

  • the excretion of harmful cholesterol and toxins;
  • improve quality of intestinal microflora;
  • destruction of pathogenic germs;
  • regulation of acid-base balance in the stomach to prevent peptic ulcer disease;
  • reduce the burden on the liver;
  • saturation of tissues with oxygen;
  • stimulation of the immune system.

This information is used by sellers: someone adds to her wonderful new properties that someone shows only modest weight loss. But this difference of advertising texts already casts doubt on the need for practical application Bada "Magic beans" for weight loss. Reviews, unfortunately, are often also implausible. The situation is complicated by the fact that the packaging of the main points described in the Chinese language (although there is adapted version), so you have to go on experiment and to look inside.

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The forums are increasingly found information about the mismatch of product descriptions and advertising promises. The fact that the "Magic beans" (original) in each capsule contain powder, mustard color. But it sometimes appears to be a very different picture. Here you can talk about fake merchandise. This is a fairly common phenomenon in the modern world. If the buyer meets another pharmaceutical form (e.g. tablets "Magic beans") or in capsule white powder, before it is not the same drug. Money can give the same, but in the end to the pacifier and it's pointless to wait for a miracle. Therefore, the first criterion of choice is competent and reliable seller.


"Magic beans", which includes rare plant and mineral ingredients, in bag contains 18 or 36 capsules of 500 mg Each, in turn, consists of:

  • Chitin – a substance extracted from the shells of crustaceans and insects. It is sometimes called animal fiber. The main property of the element is cleansing the body of toxins and increase tissue regeneration.
  • Of L-carnitine. This feature increases the energy in the body, improving the intracellular transport of fatty acids. As a rule, the substance used to build muscle and is used in sports nutrition, in parallel with physical activity.
  • Garcinia – element of plant origin. There is a misconception that the extract speeds up fat oxidation. However, laboratory studies have not confirmed this. Thus, this substance is not promotes weight loss.
  • Fiber – known component that affects the weight of the body. It contributes to its decrease if you apply the fibers before eating. Getting into the stomach with sufficient water, fiber enhances satiety, reduces appetite and helps easy to carry low calorie diet.
  • Marine konwalie (or, according to other sources, Lily of the valley drug). Has choleretic properties, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
magic beans for weight loss manual


Despite the friendly staff, who have the "Magic beans", the instruction to impose certain restrictions in the use of supplements. The optimal dosage is 1-2 capsules a day. It is recommended to take in the first half of the day an hour before meals to reduce appetite. However, it may be addicting and after a couple of hours after a meal. However, according to long-accepted rules, supplements come with the meal as it Supplement and enrichment.

To contraindications include age under 18 and over 55 years of age, hypersensitivity, severe cardiovascular disease, pregnancy and lactation.

As a warning indicated increase thirst after prolonged use of slimming capsules.


Specialists on each drug is always an opinion. After all, they look not only on the qualitative composition, but also on the quantitative, i.e., the dosage of each component per capsule and its compliance with the norms of consumption per day. As for the drug "Magic beans" for weight loss, reviews of doctors down to the fact that only two of the manufacturer's components affect weight reduction. L-carnitine and fiber. But doubt is more and dosage of these elements.

To reduce fat mass by 2 kg for six months, L-carnitine, you need the daily application of 2-2. 5 grams. However, one capsule of "Magic beans" and weighs only 0.5 grams (500 mg). In this regard, it can be summarized that this dose is unlikely to be an effective tool in the fight against obesity.

The other element is cellulose. It is a special product, which affects the metabolism and fat tissue, when fills the stomach. In comparison with the usual use, before eating, you must eat one to two tablespoons of useful fiber to cover the daily needs and to achieve positive results. "Magic beans" offer a fairly meager amount of fiber, which, according to experts, are clearly insufficient to cyclonal weight loss.

However, these indicators should not categorically deny the efficacy of the drug. Chinese goods have a feature. Often they contain components that are not openly stated in the instructions. For example, sibutramine. This anorectic element is used to fight obesity. He has a strong property of saturation, suppresses appetite, affects brown fat tissue and enhances metabolism. To detect such components can only judge of the lab after thorough study molecular. But this procedure is quite expensive in terms of Finance and, perhaps, very profitable to promote your product.

magic beans for weight loss customer reviews

Customer reviews

Desperate buyers often ignore the warnings of doctors-dieticians and adhere to the motto that it is better to try once than to read long and sure. Since the appearance in the sale of supplements "Magic beans" (for weight loss), it happened the opposite. One group of people believes a drug is quite effective and claims to have rapid weight loss up to 9-10 kg per month. Although promised by the manufacturer figure is not confirmed, the opinion is still a positive.

In contrast, there are buyers who have not evaluated the effectiveness of the drug. They say an allergic reaction or a complete lack of any changes.

Skeptics remain intransigent, believing that the Chinese capsule is another markenting move and "pumping" money from naive and desperate buyers. The only reliable tool in the difficult task of weight loss is the absence of laziness and tireless work.


As you can see, the "Magic beans" are quite mixed. On the one hand, a useful part aimed at the improvement of the body, the other quantitative characteristics do not meet the required standards. The drug helps to get rid of extra pounds, to cause harm to others. It is also impossible to overlook the fact related phenomena: regime and diet, physical activity and psychological stress in a person who is desperately trying to lose weight. After all, they are the most reliable, proven ways to "burn" excess calories.