Effective exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders

Full hands are not only in excess weight but also in people with a fairly good figure and normal weight. Body fat is most likely to occur in the field above and rarely below the elbow, and the reason for this is the total excess fat in the body. Physical activity and change corporalis exercitium allow it to get rid of it in almost all areas, but not on the hands. And if you ignore the problem for a long time, the hands do not look very well-groomed, to spoil her figure.

Often the problem manifests itself with age. Muscle tissue after twenty years of decreases, and the body begins to store more fat. This is the main reason that the arms become flabby. An important contribution to the process of making and reduced metabolic rate, when calories are burned in a much smaller quantity. A slower flow of exchange of substances is inevitable age-related manifestations. Total excess weight plays not the last role, so it must be kept under control.

To eliminate or avoid sagging of hands to help sports and daily active physical activities and also exercises to get rid of fat in this region. To focus exclusively on them is not recommended. You need to increase the calories you burn doing Jogging or walking more often in the fresh air.

Exercises for slender and beautiful hands

Full hands are not allow to wear short sleeve or lighthouse top. Not necessary to put up with this state. It is enough to change some habits corporalis exercitium and learn simple exercises to make arms skinny.

Reverse pushups on one hand


Aimed at getting rid of fat on the back and triceps. This area is most vulnerable to the accumulation of fat mass. The advantage of push UPS is that it takes not only body fat, but the hands are raised, and the skin taut. Exercise can be done on the floor or using a regular chair with a back or without.

  1. sit on the floor, keep feet together;
  2. hands placed at shoulder width so that the eye to thigh, feet to the front of the thighs;
  3. the legs bend at the knee joints, feet do not tear off from a floor;
  4. straighten the arms, lift the hips so the weight was held by hands;
  5. bending left elbow, helping direct the right hand is lowered to the thigh, but not touching the floor;
  6. repeat the same steps, but on the other hand working.
When used with a chair, it serves as a support.

Reverse pushups with two hands

Used by athletes in the drying period, this exercise allows you to work out the triceps to give the arms a resilience. It can be done with the involvement of a table or chair that has a height of about 2 meters. Weight own body, to bear on the triceps, raise the tone of this muscle.

  1. a chair or table in a maximally stable position;
  2. stand in front of the table (chair) at a distance of three metres, but no closer;
  3. turn to the fulcrum (table/chair) back;
  4. holding hands at shoulder width;
  5. do three or four steps ahead;
  6. straighten your body and bend legs so that knees formed with the surface of the table or chair one line;
  7. bend the elbows and drop as low as possible;
  8. return to the starting position.

If you do it every day for three sets with twenty repetitions each, your hands will quickly get the desired harmony.

The longitudinal strap walking

Similarly, the reverse ventilabis sursum, it really burns up the accumulated fat and causes the muscles in tone.

  1. take the position of the longitudinal strap, lying on his stomach on the floor, with hands shoulder width;
  2. feet and legs are pressed against each other;
  3. the whole body should be one straight line, the fingers look in the forward direction;
  4. and right hand and left leg moving to the left, stay in the accepted position;
  5. repeat the same thing, but with the left hand and right foot;
  6. return to the starting position;
  7. abdomen retracted to the spine and pelvis;
  8. again change position and take three steps to the side.

Regular sit-UPS

Not only help to develop tricipital and chest muscle groups, but also allow the hands to tone. No additional equipment for push-UPS is not required. Problem body fat goes due to the involvement of their own body weight. Through this exercise, the arms become slender and toned.

  1. take a lying position on the floor;
  2. stand in position for push-UPS and feet kept together, hands set wider than your shoulders, your elbows should be straight;
  3. elbow joints bend and lower body to the floor, making sure that the stomach does not touch the surface of the earth;

To make the hands look toned and supple, exercises to do three sets of ten times each. If the hands are put close, the push-UPS are closed, but if wider than shoulder width, then open.

Important: Without training to do push-UPS is hard enough. To alleviate the problem in the first classes will help exercise with the knees. Thus, the body weight will fall on the toes, both in the classical position, and moves to the knees, which will greatly facilitate performing push-UPS.

Lateral push-UPS

Lateral push-UPS</2_img>

Great work on the triceps and is very effective for imparting to the hands of harmony and elegance.

  1. lie on your stomach;
  2. stand in the usual position for push-UPS, legs pressed against each other, hands set wider than the shoulders to the fingers pointing forward, on the sides;
  3. bend your left elbow and bend body to the left side;
  4. return to starting position repeat the same movement with the right hand.

Important: This exercise is very effective, but quite complicated. And if it is difficult, it is best to do push-UPS from knees.

Pushups from the rack

Similar to the classic ventilabis sursum,and from the floor. The only difference is that they are performed either from the table or platform.

  1. take a standing position with hands placed on the platform;
  2. feet kept together, hands are wider than shoulders;
  3. the back should not SAG, and should be always straight, which allows you to include muscles to the max;
  4. expressus.
If the exercise is given without difficulties, you should do three sets of twenty repetitions.

The rotation of the wrists

The most simple and effective exercise that allows you to achieve excellent results in weight loss hands. The goal is achieved only during regular execution. To do rotation you need with weights of 500 g each or filled with water bottles of 500 ml.

  1. be right, take the weights bottles or dumbbells;
  2. the palm, holding the bottle (dumbbells), turn in the direction first and then counterclockwise;
  3. rotation on each side do at least one minute.
Thanks spins, lose weight not only hands but shoulders, which take all that excess fat.



A very effective exercise cardio. It perfectly tightens and strengthens the muscles of the arms and with internal and external parties.

  1. become straight, hands holding in front of him at shoulder level;
  2. the arms are arranged to the side, and then driving in front of him, "imposing" to form a likeness of the scissors;
  3. return to starting position, repeat the action at least twenty times.
To get the desired result in the shortest possible time, every day to do scissors from 15 to 20 minutes.

The extension of the hands in sitting position


The most effective way to eliminate body fat in the arms, which will make them not just toned, but strong. They will look boldly and gracefully.

  1. take a bottle of 2.5 liters, filled with water, which activates as a free weight;
  2. sit on a chair, keep your back straight and hands with a bottle of raise directly overhead;
  3. hands with a bottle should be straight;
  4. having a bottle behind your back, bending your elbows;
  5. to drop free weight should be as low as possible;
  6. raise the bottle over your head, no sudden moves, but slowly.

The more and more technical runs flexion and extension, the more there are involved the muscles of the arms. To do this exercise you need every day, performing in three sets with twenty repetitions each. Important: Each approach must be accompanied by minutes of rest before starting the next. It will make you run more productive. Faster to get the result allows a gradual increase in weight.



Is a comprehensive exercise that helps to cope not only with the strengthening and improving the muscle tone of shoulders and arms, but and legs, as well as stretch the back. Dream of a beautiful posture be sure to implement it regularly.

  1. getting down on all fours;
  2. knees placed under the hips, hands under shoulders;
  3. raise the right hand to the eye forward, straighten it in the elbow;
  4. simultaneously with the arm raise and straighten your left leg, tyanyas back;
  5. stay in the accepted position for some time, going back to the original;
  6. repeat the same procedure, but on the right leg and left arm.
Exercise does from fifteen to twenty times.

Charge slim and beautiful shoulders and arms

Is a powerful complex that helps to get rid of fat and loose skin on hands. It is quite simple to learn, does not require a visit to the gym. It can be done in the best possible conditions for themselves at home. This charge is guaranteed hudit hands deflectens tightens the skin. It is aimed at the elaboration of the most vulnerable parts of hand — upper, which most often formed body fat. The main condition of achieving the guaranteed good results is performed on a regular basis.

Execution of the complex:
  1. be directly;
  2. feet put on width apart;
  3. hands raise to shoulder level, fingers pointing up;
  4. hands make a circular movement forward about half a minute;
  5. change direction, making a circular motion the same amount of time, but back;
  6. elbows bent, fingers on hands directed upwards;
  7. make the movement with your elbows back and forward for at least 30 seconds, that makes it easy to work and tighten biceps;
  8. then connect the elbows together, toes re-directed toward the ceiling;
  9. kept the elbows move upwards towards the jaw, back, repeat the exercise half a minute.

Finding her schedule on such exercises a few minutes everyday, very soon you can admire the slender and toned arms and shoulders.

Recommendations for weight loss of the hands and preventing the appearance of body fat

Solely on exercise is not recommended. So by the next summer season not excrucior in search of a dress without sleeves or be ashamed of full hands, going to the beach, you should make some adjustments to your usual routine:

Eat right

The main "friend" is full of hands — it is improperly compiled daily diet. And even if fat deposits appeared only in this region, so the menu includes harmful products that contribute pingue savings, not more.

Be sure to include in your daily menu more vegetables fruits. They allow faster to get replace the harmful to figure products, causing the overall reduction of calories consumed.

To increase the rate of metabolism, and therefore burn more calories allows food rich in fiber. It helps to get rid of fat, saturates for a long time. Any protein foods low in fat, which is composed of slow carbs that is a great addition to a healthy diet.

Reduce portions

You need to eat small amounts of food, but only after equal intervals of time. Such a schedule allows no time to feel hungry and reduce the amount of calories consumed. Right</4_img>

Definitely zavtrakat

You cannot skip this most important meal of the day. He is the first and allows you not to overeat during the day because a certain feeling of fullness is already in the morning.

Drink plenty of water


The application fluid allows you to overclock the speed of metabolism. If you drink water before eating, satiety comes much faster, i.e. decreases the amount of calories comedi.

To give preference to green tea

This drink helps to burn calories. And if at Breakfast, drink a Cup of this tea, and another two or three next time, it will speed up the metabolism to burn more fat.

Doing cardio every day


Daily physical activity allows you to get rid of excess calories that enter along with food. If you enjoy swimming, rowing, climbing, jumping rope or execute other types of cardio, this is to prevent deposition of new fat and get rid of existing. After some time you will notice, as deposits will start to disappear.

To go more on foot

It is necessary to abandon the Elevator in favor of stairs and prefer walking when possible to avoid travel by car and public transport.

Exercise for weight loss arms and shoulders, change your own eating habits and bibens aqua mode allows you to quickly achieve the desired result. The main thing is to maintain regularity. You can do one or several exercises. If you put a little effort, you can forget about inanes illos, Groomed, full and unappealing hands.