Summer diet

Summer is the best time for weight loss and not just because the summer diets are considered easy, healthy and effective. In anticipation of the summer, and especially before the sea is a powerful incentive to clean up their figure. A strong motivation is half the success of any weight loss methods. Moreover, the very nature facilitates the transition to a food diet is plenty of fresh and affordable fruits, vegetables, berries, correct use which ensures a stable and healthy weight loss.

Almost every summer diet – low calorie, but easy in execution and rarely disruptions as this diet usually contain high amounts of fruit. Being a great alternative to sweets, they do not allow to appear of the fatigue, lowering of mood and pessimism and depressions, typical for other weight loss systems.

The only drawback pohuditelnyh summer events is their high allergenicity, as many fruits can cause such negative reactions. However, from the variety of these methods, you can always choose one that will be suitable for you.


Everything is designed for the summer diets can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • quick before you leave;
  • after the rehabilitation stay;
  • summer diet composition.

The former include weight loss methods that help to quickly reduce the amount of figures before the trip to the sea, the second is to regain its former shape after the holidays, while others are based on eating seasonal vegetables and fruits of local growth.

Before you leave

That need to lose weight, it is advisable to think not before the actual vacation, and much earlier. Then weight loss will be stable, and its result will remain for a long time. In this case the most effective for losing weight in anticipation of summer may be the method of Dr. Moreno.

Diet Moreno

Diet American doctor Michael Moreno does not apply to purely summer. But it is very useful for getting rid of excess weight accumulated during winter, and also developed during this time eating habits with the goal of transition to proper nutrition. Working as a family physician in Moreno every year after the Christmas break faced with the fact that all of his patients significantly gained weight, resulting in their acutus chronic disease. Then the doctor has developed a special weight loss program that can very successfully be used in anticipation of the summer season. But it is quite long, so to start losing weight.

Moreno</1_img> Diet Moreno has a number of advantages over many methods of weight loss:
  • provides a quick and noticeable weight loss;
  • contributes to better health (in the absence of contraindications);
  • generates the correct motivation;
  • develops healthy food habits;
  • beats addiction to harmful foods;
  • improves overall appearance.
Disadvantages of such a program is not enough. These include:
  • very low calorie diet, especially in the first stage;
  • the possibility of consumption of fruits and carbohydrates only before 14:00.
Contraindications are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and diabetes. Basic rules

When you create your power system Moreno took into account the fact that immediately to get rid of habits and dramatically change the way of life very difficult. This takes time, which the doctor was divided into 4 stages, the duration of 17 days each (therefore, a diet often referred to as "17 and 4").

It is this period, according to Dr. the body needs to get used to the new conditions, after which the metabolism slows and the weight loss stops. So after 17 days you need to change the diet using extremely useful for the figure products. To the granted list include:

  • non-starchy vegetables;
  • a limited number of fruits;
  • a little protein (l. eggs);
  • LACTEOLUS products;
  • a little olive (linseed) oil.
Prohibited all other products, especially:
  • sugar;
  • fast food;
  • meats;
  • fried meals.

In addition, are required daily 17-minute walk at a quick pace.

Sample menu The diet at each cycle of the diet is different. Stage 1 (day 1-17)

The first cycle is designed to accelerate metabolism and start losing weight. For this energy value of the daily ration must not exceed 1200 calories. Weight loss is usually 5-7 kg.

Sample menu for each day:
  • Breakfast – scrambled eggs of 2 eggs, green tea, 1 grapefruit;
  • lunch – 2 boiled eggs, vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack – natural yoghurt with berries;
  • dinner – chicken breast, steamed asparagus and carrots.
Stage 2 (day 18-34)

At this stage, significantly raises the probability of stopping the weight, to prevent which uses a special dotted power mode: alternating days of high (no more than 1500 kcal) and very low calorie. This approach does not allow to slow down metabolism, and also promotes active fat burning.

Sample menu summus calorie day:
  • Breakfast – fresh bread, green tea, 1 peach;
  • lunch – vegetable salad with chicken, boiled brown rice;
  • afternoon snack – natural yoghurt with fruit pieces;
  • dinner – fish baked with vegetables.
Diet low-calorie day is on the principle menu of the previous stage. Stage 3 (day 35-51)

This cycle is a period of stabilization and the formation of correct eating habits. Weight loss is less significant, but it continues.

Sample menu for each day:
  • Breakfast – crisp bread, 1 boiled egg, green tea, 1 grapefruit;
  • lunch – healthy option Caesar salad with chicken and croutons siliginis;
  • snack – crisp bread, green tea, 1 fruit at your choice;
  • dinner – boiled meat, vegetable salad, green tea.
Stage 4 (52-68 day)

At the final stage, the desired weight should be achieved. But you still need to continue to implement the recommendations of the previous sessions on healthy eating.

Sample menu for each day:
  • Breakfast – omelet of 2 eggs with milk, green tea, 1 grapefruit;
  • lunch – baked fish with lettuce, tea;
  • afternoon tea – natural fruit yogurt;
  • lunch – veal steak, Caesar salad, baked sweet potato.

In General, stage 4 during the week you need to eat diet food, and on weekends is allowed to increase caloric intake and add to the dinner, 2 glasses of red wine.

Diet Moreno is a great way to improve their internal and external condition. American doctor offers a fast but reliable method to the normalization of body weight, which is ideal for the transition from winter holiday cibi redundantia to healthy and light summer diet.

French "before the summer"

Preparing for summer season and wearing beach attire, many women find that they are sitting not as I would like and too tight PLENUS over the winter figure. This solid diet offered by Dr. Moreno, no time, because summer wardrobe you need to go in the coming days. For this situation, the French nutritionist Catherine Gursak was developed by the weekly method of weight loss, which and is called – "on the eve of summer."

Following the French diet "on the eve of summer" in 7 days you can lose 3-4 kg in weight and reduce its volume by one size. But, more importantly, to lose weight will be the problem areas – waist, hips, upper arms.

This technique does not require preparation of complex dishes, so perfect for active business people. Despite the low calorie daily diet (1,200 kcal), it has a lot of delicious foods that will allow you to get pleasure from food.

Basic rules

The main principle of the French diet "on the eve of summer" – separation of power: at one time allowed to use either animal or vegetable food. The first is to provide the body with proteins necessary for muscles and blood, the second in fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the individual application of different products nutrients are absorbed better and faster. It helps you feel full on less number of products and significantly reduce the caloric content of the daily diet.

In the diet period recommended:
  • in unlimited quantities can drink pure water or tea without sugar;
  • replace any non placitum other similar product (vegetables, vegetables, cereals – cereals from other cereals and t...);
  • to abandon the sweet fruit;
  • between meals make a pause in 3 hours.

The propensity for inflatio (Superba intestine) it is necessary to abandon raw vegetables and fruits, replacing them folliculos germinaret, stewed or praeparandum in the oven.

Sample menu French diet doctor Gursak requires compliance with the following menu. Breakfast every day:
  1. 1 boiled egg or slice of lean ham, natural yoghurt with fruit pieces, tea (coffee) without sugar.
  2. 1 orange, 2 slices of bread furfures, tea (coffee) without sugar.
  3. A slice of lean ham, 100 g fat-free yogurt, tea (coffee) without sugar.
  4. 25 g muesli, filled a glass of tomato juice, 1 banana, tea (coffee) without sugar.
  5. Natural yoghurt, 1 boiled egg, tea (coffee) without sugar.
  6. 25 g of corn flakes, filled with milk, natural yogurt, tea (coffee) without sugar.
  7. 1 egg, 100 g of hard cheese, tea (coffee) without sugar.
Lunches on days:
  1. Vegetable salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil, stewed beet with prunes, fruit juice.
  2. 100 g of boiled shrimp, 100 grams of cooked lean meat, natural yoghurt.
  3. 100 g of boiled mushrooms, green onions, lemon juice and vegetable oil, stewed cabbage, 2 boiled potatoes, 2 kiwi.
  4. 1 boiled egg, 100 g fried with onions fish.
  5. 100 g of boiled beets with vegetable oil, 100 grams of rice porridge with soy sauce, 200 ml of tomato juice.
  6. 1 boiled egg, 150 g stewed liver, natural yogurt.
  7. Cabbage salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil, 100 grams fried mushrooms, 100 grams of rice porridge, orange juice.
Dinners on days:
  1. 100 g cooked chicken, 50 g cheese, 200 ml yogurt.
  2. 150 g stewed cauliflower with soy sauce, slice of bread furfures, 1 Capsicum annuum "in uniform".
  3. 150 g fish stew, 200 ml of kefir.
  4. Vegetable salad with vegetable oil, 1 Capsicum annuum "in uniform", furfures slice of bread, tea without sugar.
  5. 100 g cottage cheese, 50 g of hard cheese, natural yoghurt.
  6. Cabbage salad with parsley and olive oil, slice of bread furfures, 2 kiwi, tea without sugar.
  7. 50 g cancer sticks, 150 g stewed liver, 200 ml of warm milk.

For snacking between meals you can drink a glass of any juice, herbal tea, broth from meat, fish or vegetables.

Mini-diet "Spring-summer"

Method of weight loss under the name "Spring-summer" is also carried out after the winter – in the spring and summer, but lasts only 4 days. This option is great for when weight loss before vacation is in an emergency mode. The execution result is the loss of 4-7 kg excess weight. A positive feature of this diet is complete, balanced and healthy diet that allows you to repeat 4-day course as many times as necessary to achieve the desired weight, but with a break of 1-2 days. Mini </3_img>

Basic rules

Spring-summer mini-the diet is quite simple, but requires compliance with several rules:

  • optimal diet – 4 meals a day, which will provide the body with essential nutrients that will be spent, not stored in fat reserves;
  • it is necessary to increase the amount of food tartronic acid, is able to block carbohydrates, preventing fat deposits (the main sources of this acid are apples, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant);
  • Breakfast and lunch should make up for 40% of total calories in the total diet, that dinner was only 20% of those who supplied calories per day;
  • during the day you should have at least 2 vegetables and one fruit to provide the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

When calculating the calorie diet the diet you must always be aware that energy costs are significantly higher than the amount of production that comes from food energy. Then start splitting their own fat and gradual weight loss.

Optimal calorie daily diet offer summer diet of 600 kcal. If not exceed, the weight loss will be 800-1400 grams per day.

Sample menu

Menu of this diet consists of humilis calorie, but nutritious and healthy meals prepared with minimal thermal processing. This power system is more aimed at the preservation and strengthening of health along with a mild weight reduction.

In the list of allowed foods includes:
  • vegetable soups;
  • grain bread;
  • lean poultry meat;
  • fish, seafood;
  • vegetables, fruits, herbs;
  • nuts;
  • LACTEOLUS products.
From drinks you can drink weak green tea, decoction of dry fruits, mineral and purified water. Sample menu of the products as follows: Day 1:
  • Breakfast (160 calories) – Apple salad with cinnamon and 1 tsp. honey, 200 ml milk;
  • lunch (160 calories) – 250 ml yoghurt, green tea;
  • lunch (190 calories) vegetable soup, 100 g of boiled veal;
  • dinner (85 kcal) – 150 g beta salads with low-fat sour cream.
Day 2:
  • Breakfast (75 calories) – salad of fresh cucumbers with greens, Buckwheat tortam 4 or 2 slices rye bread;
  • lunch (225 calories) – 200 ml orange Frechet, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  • lunch (200 kcal) 200 g praeparandum fish fillet, 200 ml of kefir;
  • dinner (100 calories) – fruit salad made from pear, Apple and half orange, seasoned with 1 tsp. honey and 3 tbsp low-fat yogurt.
Day 3:
  • Breakfast (180 calories) – serving rice porridge with milk, green tea;
  • lunch (115 kcal) – 100 g low-fat cottage cheese with a handful of raisins;
  • lunch (160 calories) – portion of chicken soup 2 boiled eggs;
  • dinner (100 calories) – 100 g of boiled chicken breast with greens.
Day 4:
  • Breakfast (195 kcal) – a portion of oatmeal, salad with radish;
  • lunch (85 calories) – Apple, 200 ml of water with 1 tsp of lemon juice;
  • lunch (200 calories) – 200 grams of boiled shrimps, 200 g of seaweed;
  • dinner (90 kcal) – 0, 5 liters of yogurt.