Slimming massage: what better than to do at home and what is offered in salons

This question often respond positively. But denial is also common. So, the question requires a detailed study. You can find quite amusing explanations of how massage affects weight loss:

  • subcutaneous fat in problem areas is broken up into small fragments, which leave the body with blood and lymph;
  • subcutaneous fat is released through pores;
  • the lipid layer dissolves (as an option – melts), and the whole.

If we think about such explanations, it becomes clear how they are funny and inertibus. Does this mean that massage is useless for weight loss? Not just here other mechanism.

Little niceties

The main consumer of fat in our body is muscle. For sitting/lying in front of the TV, typing, or reading books energy. But any significant fiznagruzki require significant energy costs. First the body draws strength from recently eaten food. And only if there is "charge" start to dry up existing fat reserves.

It is important to know that before the processing savings may not be reached if the daily diet contains a lot of "fast" refined carbohydrates and fats. The first group of substances gives a lot of power, though for a short time. But this is enough time to fat "left in stock".

If the carbs with food comes predominantly "slow", and refined fats – at least, the body ceases to store fat and begins to use them with every exercise.

The second conclusion: need a diet which is limited to the "fast" refined carbohydrates and fats.

What does physiology? Certain amount of subcutaneous fat necessary for each of us. The lipid layer protects the muscles and blood vessels upon impact, retains heat, supports the forces in the period of forced fasting. Absolutely not aim to completely get rid of the subcutaneous fat!

Use the slimming massage, not invented. Imagine eating has become rational, and physical activity – regular. While these utilitates done something that significantly improves the flow of blood and lymph and metabolic processes.

In this case, the body will not burn fat: the decay products of the lipid layer will quickly appear. Muscles that may fairly unaccustomed to regular stress through massage less sick and better hold the shape. And another nice bonus: significantly improves skin condition. It vanish wrinkles, imperfections and other flaws, not many except odio "orange peel".

Main conclusion: weight loss through massage is not fiction. However, requires a triad of effort that is diet + fiznagruzki + massage. Last procedure itself isn't that slow the accumulation of new fat deposits, high – will give short and not too impressive.

Now is the time to figure out which massage for weight loss better.


Conventionally, the types of massage for weight loss can be divided into three groups:
  1. Only available in specialized shops/clinics.
  2. Feasible at home.
  3. Such that you can do in clinics and at home.

There are other possible classifications. So, all existing procedures can be divided into manual when exposure need only the hands (or minimal supporting tools) and hardware, which are conducted with the help of equipment.

Sometimes the massage gets an extra name. It gives an explanation about the tools or the characteristics of the effect. In this case it might be honey, INCILE lympha, water, ultrasonic, spot and so on.

Slimming massage in salons

Here is necessary specialized equipment, facilities and trained, certified professionals. If we are talking about chiropractic methods, the contractor procedures must be physician by training, knows the anatomical features of the human body and metabolic processes.

Equipment providing slimming, also can not control anyone. Requires knowledge of the Assembly, the intricacies of its settings, change modes (if applicable) and all the same human anatomy.

Often massage parlors offer to lose weight with the help of following technologies.

  • Cavitation

The impact on the problem areas is made by ultrasonic waves. The effect is visible immediately. The procedure requires careful maintenance of water balance in the body. As a rule, requires a long course of ten sessions a week (at least) interval. cavitation</1_img>

Correction using ultrasonic cavitation
  • Pressotherapy

Refers to the influence of air, which is supplied under pressure to a special suit and simulates massage manipulation. Available for both body as a whole and for individual problem areas. Can be used as lym drainage.

  • Massage device "Endosfera"

The procedure is performed by a device with a rotating roller, which consist of bubbles of small size. The depth of influence depends on how a specialist cushion close to her body. There are devices of very small size, they perform massage, slimming face.

  • LPG

Requires not only special equipment but also special costume. He needed to protect the skin as exposure in LPG-procedures has a high intensity. Already for a couple of weeks to achieve noticeable positive results.

  • cryolipolysis

A good complementary treatment for chiropractic massage techniques. The effect is achieved by exposure to a relatively low temperature. In the most favorable cases, missing two sessions.

All of the above methods and hardware. Other salon treatments include the hydro massage (Charcot's douche, underwater shower). You might argue that working with your own body with the soul can be at home. However, power shower"to reflect" the private bath is impossible in principle because the technology overcomes the stream of water from the nozzle of the hose to the body of the recipient is three to five meters. And the conventional hydromassage shower or even in a special bath (shower stall) is a procedure still of a different order.

Must be in institutions of medical orientation with a good reputation. Ideally, if there is not a "roll out" immediately for the full course of anything, and the first is ready to conduct trial procedure. In this case, you can evaluate their feelings and to understand how the body perceives any impact.

Various clinics and health centres sometimes vying promise of fabulous changes, lifelong results and a pleasant feeling. There are other instances when recipients need to endure discomfort and even pain, explaining that "so effectively". However, pain should not be in principle. And discomfort must come under the definition of "insignificant."

At home

As a rule, this method of massage is most interested in. The key question is how to do massage for weight loss at home? Each technique is a separate topic in a few words to describe. But you can give General guidelines:

  • when using the devices, both mechanical and electrical, it is important a careful reading of the user;
  • do not make a peeling before a massage, not to create on the skin double load;
  • if you plan to use honey, as it thickens, not liquescimus it in the microwave, slightly warm in a water bath or RUB with vegetable oil;
  • never increase unauthorized doctor recommended ;
  • be attentive to your feelings: nausea and dizziness require immediate interruption of the procedure;
  • abdominal massage is best done standing, straining the abdominal muscles — this increases the effect of any impact.

Council. Home massage needs to take place in a relaxed atmosphere. If desired, the procedure can give a special charm with the lighting and/or music.

Intermediate techniques

As for the salon/clinic and at home massages:
  • honey;
  • point;
  • lym drainage;
  • manual;
  • hardware.

The effectiveness of massage for weight loss, if you compare home and professional performance, always higher in the second case. Of course, if you are running a real expert. But independent action of the house is not tied to the schedule of the clinic or salon. In addition, after the procedure you can afford a good holiday – after all, to go, or at least to go home already do not need.

In a home embodiment of the intermediate methods sometimes there are some "but". For example, lymphostimulation (this is a more correct name for lympha INCILE procedures) requires a good knowledge of the directions of flow of lymph. And because the house can afford to work only with limbs because they are always moving the lymph from the toes. On hand to axillaribus lymph nodes, and legs to inguinalis abdominalis.

The last item the list above is referring myostimulation. This is one of the known methods, simulando physical activity. When myostimulation of the muscles is reduced due to the weak current is typically drawn through the electrodes. Salon equipment of this type generally is a bit more complicated, with a large number of different functions. Home appliances, like the well-known massager-"butterfly", usually very easy to handle.

Tips, limitations and restrictions

Pressotherapy</2_img> In the following list summarises the most important information. It concerns the different "possible", "necessary" and "impossible", which refer to massage for weight loss.
  1. Any form of massage should begin with medical advice. If the excess weight is triggered by some Vicia narbonensis disease without therapy weight loss is not achieved.
  2. History of a disease, which is accompanied by dysfunction of the internal organ/system? The approval of a physician is vital.
  3. Massage banned for women, cupiditas incubandi pinnula or who are nursing, as well as during menstruation.
  4. Skin diseases, wounds, abrasions (even minor), quam varices, thrombosis of blood vessels, rosacea on the face is incompatible with massaging, especially intense. Moles and warts you have to carefully get around.
  5. Joints and lymph nodes – a taboo for any manipulation.
  6. Even the most gentle and relaxing massage can not be done on a full stomach. After food prior to the procedure should pass an hour and a half.
  7. At the end of the mandatory massage a relaxing stay. At least a quarter of an hour, though preferably twice as long.

Remember that in case of non-observance of contraindications and important recommendations in each massage session can present the benefits and harms at the same time. Well even if they give only a lack of effect. In the worst case can cause deterioration of health and General health.

There is only one question: what kind of technique deserves the title of "the most effective slimming massage"? Answer: the one that you like available, suitable and helps.