Diet for weight loss

The fashion for slim figure has led to the fact that women around the world are looking for effective diet for weight loss. Unfortunately, not every diet helps to get rid of extra pounds, the choice should be individual, as everyone's body responds differently to products. Dietitians regularly carry out new menus to win extra weight. Therefore, popular low-carb, drinking, protein, French, "the Kremlin" and many other diets.

How to choose the most appropriate diet for weight loss? Some people choose the diet, which should be observed constantly, and others interested in quick ways to get rid of 2 – 4 kg for a few days. Perhaps you like the mono, when it is necessary systematically to use only one product? Or you prefer to count calories? In any case, it is important to know all the nuances of the chosen diet, as hard constraints can lead to side effects such as irritability, hair loss, skin problems and malfunctions in the female body. So before you choose a diet, you should get tested and consult a dietician.

List of effective weight loss diets

So, let's start investigating the best diets for weight loss and get rid of the hated extra pounds!

the Dukan diet

The Dukan Diet

Way of eating based on increased consumption of foods rich in protein. According to forecasts of the French dietician in a month diet to lose 20 lbs. you do not need to starve, just need to adhere to four phases: attack, alternation, consolidation and stabilization.

Dieta Montignac

Power method is based on the fact that the priority was products with good glycemic index, that is, with slow carbohydrates. This is necessary in order to avoid failures in the pancreas, and the produced sugar is not turned into fat. The power system is excluded from the diet of saturated fatty acids, caffeine, sweets, sodas, flour products.

The Japanese Diet

Effective diet for 9 days, based on the principles of food combining and mono-diet that allow you to use only one product. A day drink 2 – 3 liters of clean water to improve digestion and to prevent the deposition of excess fat. The whole period is divided into 3 stages: rice, chicken and vegetable. Stick each for 3 days and will be able to get rid of 6 – 7 pounds, and feel much better.

Drinking diet

Strict seven-day diet, which helps to get rid of the 7 extra pounds. Eat food in liquid or pureed in order to relieve gastrointestinal tract. The allowed list includes 1.5 liters of clean water, meat or vegetable broth, juices, tea, compote and jelly without sugar. A week before reduce your food intake to 1300 – 1500 calories.

Mono for weight loss

Fast method to eliminate excess weight – various mono for 1 – 10 days. In the period of the diet other foods excluded from the menu. As the main ingredient, you can use the fruits (preferably apples or watermelons), 1% -1, or 0% yogurt, cereals, beef, or chicken. Can even eat chocolate, but then stick to the daily caloric, because mono is designed to minimize daily calorie consumption and the production of energy needed for fat breakdown.

Kefir diet

An effective technique that allows for 4 – 8 days to lose 5 kg. it is believed that even 3 fasting day on kefir good for the body. If you connect physical activity, you get a great result. Larisa Dolina thin on this diet, thus I combined the yogurt with a small amount of fruit and cottage cheese.

cheese gietka

Cottage cheese diet

Safe diet for those, who are confused in many methods of weight loss. Since cheese contains a lot of useful components necessary for losing weight and easily absorbed by the body is the best solution for quick weight loss and improve the condition of hair, teeth, bones. Please note that people who have problems with digestion, allergies, diet contraindicated.

Diet avocado

Avocado is an exotic high-calorie fruit, in the composition of the pulp which includes dietary fiber, protein, easily digestible fats and complex of useful vitamins. The advantage of this diet is that it can be applied to all but the elderly, cancer patients and pregnant women. Fruit quickly fills the stomach, so long without experiencing hunger.

Watermelon diet

The best diet for the autumn period, as at this time the watermelons are inexpensive. Method helps to get rid of 10 kg weight loss in just a week. It is important to consult a specialist, as there may be serious consequences in the content of glucose in the body that can trigger diabetes. Suitable only for those people who have the daily caloric content was above 4000, in another case, the method is not effective.

Chocolate diet

If you can't imagine my life without sweets, you can give up everything except chocolate. But this is a dangerous technique because the body will no longer get the necessary material and may fail. Diet is attracted by the fact that in 7 days you can lose 3 – 7 kg of excess weight. Most importantly a day to eat no more than 1 chocolate bars, weighing 90 – 100 grams.

Barley diet

Pearl barley helps per month fractional power to lose weight 6 – 8 kg. If you add exercise, indicators will increase to 10 kg Plus diet is that porridge contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. But to use one only barley forbidden, as it will lead to micronutrient deficiency, blackouts and problems of the brain. Only porridge for weight loss you can eat during the week.

Diet cucumbers

A cool technique that allows you to adjust the figure for 7 days. In cucumber contains 14 calories and is 93% water, so it is an excellent dietary component. Diet suitable for people who have no health problems, because of possible fatigue and dizziness. Disadvantage of the diet is that it is difficult to get rid of feelings of hunger, so often there are breakdowns. To cucumber is not fed, add to it other low-calorie vegetables.

Markovna diet

Carrot diet

On this diet 3 days to lose 2 – 3 kg, it does not limit the intake of calories. In addition to losing weight, you will be able to improve the skin condition and also accelerate the metabolism. For maximum result it is necessary to abandon other products and thermal processing. Replace carrot juice can Apple.

Diet tangerines

Due to the large amount of fiber, tangerines are a good cleanse the body of toxins. You will be able on a diet to lose 7 kg weight, stabilize blood sugar, reduce cellulite and edema, to improve health and to normalize the digestive tract. Diet is contraindicated in people with allergies and chronic diseases, such as gastritis, ulcers, and hepatitis.

Water diet

The water diet does not mean that during the day you can drink only water and refuse to eat. Just eat healthy and increase intake of clear liquids. This is necessary in order to dull the feeling of hunger and normalize the function of internal organs and improve skin condition. If you have a problem with urinary system or kidneys, should abandon the diet.

Milk diet

To get a quick result in losing weight and replenish the body with the necessary components, you can use breast diet. But it is somewhat hard, so in the diet, you can add a small amount of yogurt, whey, sour milk or natural yoghurt. Extreme Express diet lasts 3 days, during which you need to drink 1 glass of milk after a certain time.

The cabbage soup diet

Cabbage is a healthy vegetable that in a week helps to lose about 5 – 7 extra pounds. The advantage of a diet that improves the metabolism and weight then does not return. After this power is easy to go on the right. In order not to dangerous complications, get tested. If you have high acidity of the stomach, cabbage is contraindicated for you.

Fruit diet

If you prefer fruit, you can reduce your weight by 3 to 5 extra pounds in 7 days. Plus diet is that you don't need to limit yourself in calories, and the body receives a large amount of fiber and vitamins. The disadvantages of the diet include lack of proteins, so if you feel unwell, immediately stop the diet.

Diet Ladder

A diet designed for 5 days (stages) during which daily we need only one particular product. On the first day of a kilo of apples, the second – low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, the third – dried, in the fourth to lean poultry meat in the fifth and cereal. 1 period you can get rid of 8 pounds.

vegetable diet

Vegetable diet

Vegetable diet harmless to body and suitable for prevention of vascular disease and atherosclerosis. Strictly track portions are not necessarily because a day is difficult to eat vegetables more than 1200 kcal. This allows you a week to get rid of 6 – 7 pounds.

Protein diet

Slimming diet you can eat only proteins, but not longer than 14 days. Minus the diet that the body displayed a large number of calcium, so heavy physical load restriction period is contraindicated. Diet the diet should contain at least 5 meals, calorie count is not necessary, as the feeling of hunger does not occur within a few hours, and eat often don't have.

Low carbohydrate diet

During weight loss on carbohydrate diet you can lose 6 – 8 extra pounds in 14 days. The main thing is to eat slow carbs, this means that you can have porridge made with water, legumes, fruits and vegetables with a small amount of starch vegetable oil for salads, tea, coffee and mineral water without gas.

Salt-free diet

Excessive use of salt leads to swelling of tissues, constipation, high blood pressure, weight gain. Limitation helps to achieve fast result. The main thing is to stop the diet, eat fried, smoked, dried and fatty foods, soups, prepared foods, marinades and sauces, preservatives, alcohol and confectionery.

Alkaline diet

With a proper diet you should control the acid-alkaline balance of the body. It needs to be in the range of 7.35 – pH of 7.45. If the figures are exceeded, a person begins to get sick, so it is important to clean the body to get slim figure. For this purpose suitable fresh cucumbers, green tea, apples and citrus fruits, milk and yogurt, peaches, carrots.

Diet for a month

All short-term weight loss diet low calorie it is an effective technique that allows just over a month to get rid of 7 kg of excess weight. The main thing is to follow the basic rules: do not skip meals, eat slowly, portions should not be large, night snacks are excluded, to limit all types of stress keep a food diary.

Diet for a week

It seems impossible, but the week on diet you can lose 5 – 10 kg, you will have yourself a hard limit in food. Good effect gives kefir diet, "Pet", soups, buckwheat, and lean protein. Do not forget to drink plenty of water to not to experience hunger and to cleanse the body of toxins.

Express diet

If you want to urgently to lose weight 3 to 5 kg of excess weight, strictly limit your nutrition up to starvation. Such diets for weight loss can stick to not more than 2 – 3 times a year. Remember that this is an emergency method, which removes fluid from the body, so fat is not broken down, and the weight quickly returns. The most popular are: protein-carbohydrate, buckwheat, protein, kefir, pineapple.

Chinese diet

Chinese diet

The best diet for weight loss not intended for the faint hearted, as it should be run honestly, smoothly and systematically. A description of the diet allowed only eggs, raw vegetables, green apples, lean meat and fish.

The French diet

A good diet that includes the three most popular in the world. The diet severe restrictions, but quite tasty. It involves increasing the amount of protein and reducing carbohydrates. The main thing that during the week the menu had at least 30 different diet products.

Hollywood diet

Menu diet not too hard, but limited. Diets for weight loss can stick to no more than 2 weeks. The main difference is that the Breakfast is completely excluded, and only lunch and evening meal. The drawback of a diet that is unbalanced diet, therefore nutritionists recommend taking a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet is a proven method of weight loss which is to count points. Glasses is the carbohydrate in 100 grams of food. This means, you can use sausage, but not to exceed the recommended number of points. 2 weeks you can lose 10 lbs.

Light diet

If you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, sparing diet for weight loss will help to improve the condition. The main thing is to stick to 5 meals a day, eat food at room temperature, to give a heavy meal. You should also follow the indications in protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Diet for men

To the man quickly get rid of the belly, he needs to stick to a daily caloric content of 170 kcal. While on the diet should give up alcohol and sweets. Spices can be added to dishes as they promote weight loss.

We have collected the most popular diets for weight loss, so you can choose the right option. Pay attention to terms of weight loss, contraindications and possible consequences. Try not to limit yourself to healthy dishes that promote energy and improve appearance. Remember that, despite the fact that the beauty demands victims, the diet should be fun, then you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and just be able to bring her figure in order.