Home weight loss

Home weight loss – the easiest and cheapest way to put in order the figure and to normalize metabolism. But you need to assemble a force of will in a fist and force yourself to "work" on the result. If you lie on the couch and think about a beautiful figure, your dreams will remain dreams.

Home weight loss

Willing to put up with ugly body rolls, shortness of breath, fatigue? Then you should not read this article.

Not ready? Please continue reading and be healthy and beautiful.

First of all, diet is not a strict refusal of food, and equivalent replacement of some products by others or to reduce the portions. And fans to snack between meals may be advisable berry (low calorie) cocktail or an Apple.

And remember, lying on a sofa it is best to replace the dance to rhythmic music and relax, and excess folds get.

But what if to put himself in order, it is faster and all the diet long-term? There is a way!

Home weight loss

Thus, the first about diet.

Option 1 (if you want to quickly lose weight) – a 3-day diet

Day 1: baked chicken, divided into three parts – this is your Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 2: beef (preferably grilled (without fat)) – 300 g - into three parts.

Day 3: only black coffee (from 3 to 5 cups).

Option 2 (suitable for 2 – 3 days)

Start the day with one boiled eggs, next two times with an interval of 3 hours 150 g of cottage cheese, with tea. The rest of the day only drink mineral water (in any amount). Remember, this diet is quite difficult for the body. Apply it not more often than once in 1, 5 months.

Option 3 (2 – 3 days)

Small portions (100 g) five times a day, do not eat salty boiled fish (with vegetables (tomato, cabbage, cucumbers)), twice you can drink tea (without sugar), coffee (with lemon) or a decoction of rose hips.

To strengthen the effect of diets using the body wraps. Do not rush to the salons – a little bit of work, and you are beautiful.

Before house wrap well clean the skin, using a scrub (suitable for your skin type).

1st method: not candied honey lubricates the problem areas, wrapping film, blanket and lie for about an hour.

2nd way: add in a small amount of honey 5 drops (not more) essential oils (orange, rosemary, cypress, lemon), spread the mixture, it pulls the tape and perform simple exercises (if you are very tired, you can just sit) for about an hour.

Body wraps for weight loss

3rd method: milk and honey (1 : 2) mix, apply and in a film under a blanket for an hour. Milk can be replaced with juice (preferably freshly squeezed).

4th method: very effective honey wrap with rubbing alcohol (two parts honey, one part alcohol), because improves blood circulation. But after the procedure it is advisable to apply a nourishing cream, especially if you have dry skin.

Use honey wraps not only in weight loss and improving the appearance of the skin (which for women is important), but also in the reduction of cellulite and fat deposits, improve the metabolism, eliminate toxins.

Dear ladies, take time for yourself – follow our advice and luck!