Meals for weight loss every day

Over time, food for weight loss and healthy recipes for every day become key in our lives.

During the period of restrictions we think about it quite often, even browsed all sorts of sites with mouth-watering photos with the same fervor I used to dream about branded accessories and unique gadgets.

Diet meals for weight loss every day: an ultra gentle soups

Liquid healthy recipes for every day for weight loss nice warm and full of energy.

In addition, the food in this form is absorbed much easier. Indulge in a delicious lunch even during the period of sublimation.

Soup "Cheese Paradise"

  1. Processed cheese — 2 PCs.
  2. Carrot — 1 PC.
  3. Potatoes — 3-4 PCs.
  4. Greens
  5. Onion — 1 head
  6. Spices
  7. Olive oil

Pre-heat the water and go do zazharku of carrots and onions cut in the usual way and fry with oil.

Half ready, add to the pan chopped potatoes, favorite spices and 50 grams of water. Last pour the grated cheese and greens.

Mix thoroughly to a uniform consistency and give a good brew. This diet recipe is designed for weight loss on every day of the week, very fond of his children.

The soup is "Tomato fat burner"

  1. Tomatoes — 6 PCs.
  2. Carrots — half a
  3. Greens
  4. Celery root — 1 PC.
  5. Onion — 1 head
  6. Oil
  7. Spices

Clean the celery from the skin, cut into smaller pieces and fry in a pan until it get a lighter shade.

Do the same with the onion and half the carrots. Cut each tomato and mash through a sieve.

For these purposes, perfect ripe, juicy fruit.

In a prepared pan of boiling water stir in the vegetables. Add salt, bring to a boil, keep on heat for about 7 minutes.

Before serving, decorate with greens. These vegetarian recipes for weight loss are suitable for every day, they are light and will bring only benefits.

Cream soup Green

  1. Potatoes — 1 PC.
  2. Vegetable broth — 5 cups
  3. Cauliflower — 0.5 kg
  4. Onion — half head
  5. Oil
  6. Broccoli — 0.5 kg
  7. Seasoning

Similar recipes for weight loss every other day — a great way to force yourself to eat unloved, but these useful vegetables.

Cauliflower disassemble on inflorescences. Potatoes and onions clean, chop, fry in oil.

Heat the broth, stir in roast, cabbage and inflorescences.

Don't forget to add seasonings. Cook for about half an hour. Turn off the heat and let the dish to cool. All grind in a blender.

Vegetable soup "Beans"

  1. Cabbage — half of head
  2. Sweet pepper — 3 PCs.
  3. Beans (canned) — 250 gr.
  4. Tomato paste — 50 grams.
  5. Onion — small head
  6. Carrots — half a medium
  7. Greens
  8. Vegetable broth or water — 2 l
  9. Seasoning
soup beans

For such meals for quick weight loss every day, simple and quick recipe of seasonings you will need are the most common: salt and black pepper.

If you're a fan of spicier dishes — we suggest adding red pepper or a little curry.

Consistently chop all the vegetables, put them in the pot.

Add water, beans, tomato paste. Boil until tender. Fire while save a little. Decorate with greens and add hot peppers for spice.

Soup "Lentils+rice"

  1. Onion — 1 PC.
  2. Brown rice — 200 gr.
  3. Celery — 3 pieces
  4. Lemon juice — two fruits
  5. Tomato — 500 gr.
  6. Garlic — 2 cloves
  7. Green lentils — 200 g.
  8. Vegetable broth — 8 cups
  9. Carrots — 3 PCs.
  10. Thyme
  11. Pepper
  12. Salt

Similar recipes for weight loss every day will fit perfectly into your menu and delight in a new, unusual taste.

Lightly fry the garlic with the onion. Add a little vegetable broth and simmer until tender.

Then boldly join the remaining chopped ingredients.

Only lentils before it is better to pre-rinse. After boiling, reduce heat and cook for about 40 minutes.

Focus on the readiness of the bean. Lemon juice is added just before eating.

Tip: to prepare the vegetable broth, boil 6 litres carrots, parsnips, onions, celery and add the spices.

Vegetarian recipes for every day for weight loss: juicy salads

These diet meals for easy weight loss your family will beg you to cook for every holiday.

They are lightweight and are also an excellent meals on weekdays. Demonstrate attention to detail, and you will not have to suffer from the limitations of fasting periods.

Salad "Sunny"

  1. Pineapple (fresh) — 5 pieces
  2. Cabbage — small head
  3. Homemade yogurt — 4 tbsp
  4. Corn (canned) — half a tin
  5. Garlic — 1 clove
  6. Lemon juice
  7. Spices

Chop the prepared cabbage and pineapple. Drain juice, add the corn here though.

In a separate bowl, combine pressed through garlic and homemade yogurt. Add seasonings and juice.

All of these recipes for weight loss you want to cook for each meal, it's tasty and takes little time.

In the modern rhythm of life — is indispensable.

Salad "Grilled cheese"

  1. Adyghe cheese — 200 gr.
  2. Salad (leaves) — 150 gr.
  3. Tomatoes (small) — 150 gr.
  4. Dijon mustard — 1 tsp.
  5. Shrimp (peeled) — 150 gr.
  6. Olive oil
  7. Spices
  8. Lemon

Cheese plays a key role, because you can take him in the first place.

Cut it into small cubes and lightly fry on both sides. Salad chop into small pieces, you do not bother, and to break it.

Put layer by layer: seafood, tomatoes, soft cheese. Dressing: mix oil, salt, mustard, and lemon juice.

Salad "Slim"

  1. Apple — 2 PCs.
  2. Homemade yeast — 4 tbsp
  3. Orange — 1 PC.
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Honey
  6. Carrot — 1 PC.
  7. Nuts, raisins (optional)

Carrots and apples RUB on a large grater, and the orange cut into small cubes.

Spice up this beauty with cinnamon, honey, nuts or raisins. Pour in the yeast.

Salad "Beet"

  1. Rice — 150 gr.
  2. Beets — 300-400 gr.
  3. Greek yogurt — 3-5 tbsp
  4. Zucchini — 1 PC.
  5. Oil (hemp or olive)
  6. Spices

Boil the rice in slightly salted water, it will get about 200 grams. Season with oil.

With beets do the same, grate, add yogurt.

Thin strips of zucchini keep in the boiling water, but immediately then refrigerate them so the color is not faded. Put the bottom layer of beets on top neatly which can be Fig.

Salad "Apple"

  1. Juicy Apple — 1-2 PC.
  2. Sweet pepper — 2 medium pieces
  3. The yeast — 4 tbsp (no slides)
  4. Carrots — 2 PCs.
  5. Dill

Apple clean off all the excess, cut them into cubes. Grate carrot, chop pepper and dill. Pour all the yoghurt.

Tip: eat foods with a low GI (glycemic index), the slimming effect will appear better. Apples, beets, cabbage fit perfectly.

Meatless meals: lose weight with double speed

Do you think they can't be tasty? Wrong!

This is the most "clean" foods cooked without a drop of excess fat.

Pepper stuffed with Vegetable

  1. Carrot — 1 PC.
  2. Red cabbage — 150 gr.
  3. Tomato — 1 PC.
  4. Sweet pepper — 4 PCs.
  5. Garlic — 2-4 cloves
  6. Dill, Basil, celery — a couple of sprigs
  7. Cabbage — 200 gr.
  8. Seasonings — to taste

Wash, peel the pepper, cut it in half. Two kinds of cabbage, carrots, a clove of garlic, salt and sprigs of crush, then a lot of stuffed peppers.

For the sauce, grind the tomato, remaining garlic, salt, oil, spices. All mix well.

Put the finished peppers and pour the sauce.

Baked carrots "With a twist of lime"

  1. Carrots (young) — 550 gr.
  2. Zest of lime — 2 PCs.
  3. Garlic — 7 cloves
  4. Oil
  5. Sea salt
  6. Black pepper
  7. Chili powder
with the zest of a lemon

Bake until Golden brown at 200°C. After sprinkle with lime juice.

Stuffed mushrooms

  1. Brown rice — 3 tbsp
  2. Mushrooms — 14 PCs.
  3. Sweet pepper — 1 small
  4. Onion — half head
  5. Sunflower oil
  6. Spices

Remove each mushroom stem, fry in a pan with butter on both sides.

Dip obtained with a paper towel. Excess water needs to drain. Legs mushroom, onion, bell pepper chop and fry too.

Cook the rice and add it to the composition, mix and fill the mushrooms.

Chickpeas with mushrooms

  1. Onion -1 PC.
  2. Mushrooms — 150 gr.
  3. Chickpea (dry) is a little more than a Cup
  4. Greens
  5. Spices

Previously in the evening soak the beans, and the morning — boil. Onions and mushrooms peel and fry with spices until Golden brown.

Add the chopped greens and chickpeas.

Citrus almond salad "sprout"

  1. Grapefruit — half a large
  2. Orange is one fruit
  3. Wheatgrass juice — half Cup
  4. Orange juice — half Cup
  5. Almonds — a handful of petals

Chop the grapefruit and orange. Put it in the blender with wheat germ and mix. All mix, sprinkle with almonds.

Tip: always boil the chickpeas in several waters. He will have a pleasant aftertaste.

Desserts: the little joys without the extra inches in the waist

It is impossible to completely give up sweets! There's nothing wrong with a small dependence on the sweet, the main thing is to keep the inside of the "dragon" in check, preferring only natural meals.

Ice Cream "Low Calorie"

  1. Cottage cheese (1%) — 70 gr.
  2. Fresh banana — 150 gr.
  3. Raisins — 15 gr.
  4. Kefir (1%) — 140 gr.
  5. Berries
  6. Dried apricots
  7. Berries
  8. Cocoa

Whisk all with a mixer until the same consistency, place in the forms and place in freezer until fully cured (approximately 4 hours).

Don't leave for the night, the fruit may freeze and lose their useful properties and taste.

Diet chocolate cheesecake

  1. Milk 1% — 100 gr.
  2. Gelatin or agar-agar — 15 g.
  3. Cottage cheese (low-fat) — 350-400 gr.
  4. Cocoa — 50 gr.
  5. Honey — 20 gr.

Forty minutes soak gelatin in water, then drain excess liquid and leave on low heat.

Add all the remaining ingredients, beat with a blender, fill the forms and put in the fridge.

After hardening, you can eat!