If extra pounds are tired of hiding behind thick clothing, there is a solution, and it's very simple: the excess pounds need to get rid of. First assistant in this without a doubt fitness. And beside him stand on one step low calorie diet. Lower the bar more than 1100 -1200 calories a day is not worth it.

Menus for weight loss for a week


Day 1

Breakfast:100 grams oatmeal porridge boil and add a tablespoon of raisins, black coffee or green tea. Sugar is not laying (360 kcal).

Second Breakfast:kefir 1% - 1 Cup grain bread – 2 pieces. (157 kcal).

Lunch:boil, bake or cook a chicken breast without the skin – 100 g boiled rice – 100 g tomato – 1 PC., mineral water. (246 kcal).

Snack:yogurt without any fillers, 1,5% fat – 125 g kiwi – 1pc. (133 kcal).

Dinner: tuna in its own juice with a salad of lettuce and mineral water. (196 kcal).

The number of calories per day:1192 kcal

Day 2

Breakfast: boil 100 g of buckwheat, add the vegetable oil – 1tbsp. teaspoon, black coffee or green tea. 356 kcal.

Second Breakfast:Apple-1 PC., lean cottage cheese – 150 g, tea or mineral water. 148 kcal. Lunch Beef steak with vegetables, mineral water. 364 kcal.

Snack:carrot or pumpkin juice – 1 Cup grain bread – 1 piece 152 kcal.

Dinner: Lean fish (steamed or grilled) – 200g, green salad, dressed with lemon juice, mineral water. 155 kcal.

Day 3

Breakfast:boiled egg – 1 piece, grain bread – 2 pieces, coffee or tea. 368 kcal.

Second Breakfast:a pomegranate, a pear and unsalted nuts – 10 pieces, mineral water or tea. 162 kcal.

Lunch:soft cheese – 60 g, octopus salad, mineral water. 162 kcal.

Snack:natural yogurt (fat content 1,5%) – 125 g, a green salad seasoned with lemon. 148 kcal. A dinner Of milk (fat content of 0.55) and 2 proteins, green onions and tomatoes to fry an omelette, mineral water. 169 calories.

The number of calories per day: 1185 kcal

Day 4

Breakfast:Grapefruit 1pc,oatmeal (recipe on Monday), coffee or green tea. 345 kcal.

Lunch:lean cottage Cheese -200 g, mix it with greens, radish and parsley, tea – green or black. 172 kcal.

Lunch:Beef (boiled or steamed, grilled) – 200 g green peas – 200 g salad-fresh greens and lemon juice, Apple 1 PC., mineral water or tea. 134 kcal.

Snack:Mushrooms (200 g) was put out together with tomatoes and onions and season with 1 tbsp. of sour cream (fat content of 10%), one Apple, mineral water or tea. 134 kcal.

Dinner:Salad with vegetables and Parmesan cheese, mineral water. 182 kcal.

The number of calories per day: 1185

Day 5

Breakfast:dried Apricots – 60 g, corn bread – 2 PCs, cheese (fat 17%) -30 g, green tea or coffee. 336 kcal.

Second Breakfast:Egg, fruit vegetable juice – 1 Cup. 114 kcal.

Lunch:Mineral water and risotto with mushrooms. 395 kcal.

Snack:Apple, 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, tea, green or black. 148 kcal.

Dinner:Steamed fish-200 g, salad with lemon, mineral water. 155 kcal.

The number of calories per day: 1148

Day 6


Breakfast:porridge 100 g buckwheat-1 tbsp. spoon vegetable oil, green tea. 356 kcal.

Second Breakfast:Breakfast: mozzarella cheese – 100 g of ripe tomatoes and Basil. 148 kcal.

Lunch:lean fish (steamed or grilled) – 150 g, one boiled potato, a green salad and a lemon and mineral water. 335 kcal.

Snack:orange, yogurt - 125 g, mineral water. 148 kcal.

Dinner:peeled shrimp – 200 g greens and mineral water. 168 kcal.

The number of calories per day: 1155.

Day 7

Breakfast:Easy cheese – 200 g berries (fresh or frozen) 100 g, coffee or tea. 254 kcal.

Second Breakfast:Yogurt (2,5 %) – 1 Cup grain bread -2. 129 kcal.

Lunch:Beans, green salad with lemon, mineral water. 454 kcal.

Snack:boiled Egg, tomato, Apple, tea. 141 kcal.

Dinner:beef – 150 grams, 100 grams of salad from fresh cabbage, water. 163 kcal.

The number of calories per day: 1141