Fasting days for weight loss

Rich meal, tasty but not always healthy food, sweets, alcohol and fizzy drinks leave behind not only a pleasant aftertaste, but the extra calories that get stored on the body. In weight gain some people start hard exercise or looking for a diet for emergency weight loss, others sigh and reach for another muffin, and some are looking for a way to get rid of excess fat without putting much effort.

Fasting days for weight loss - the ideal solution for those that don't especially like fooling with difficult diets and gyms. For such a way to bring the figure in order only need one or two days a week performing on a small diet. One day, limitations in food are able to tolerate.

Why do we need fasting days?

fasting day for weight loss

Familiar to many the food is often harmful to the organism infests the human body. Very frustrating to watch as on the sides, belly, arms and legs appear additional body fat. Such a sight is depressing.

You can enroll in a dedicated room, where for a decent amount of money will be to cleanse the body of various devices and means. But does it make sense to throw away money, if you can purge the body completely free and at home? This requires only a little patience.

Unloading to the body comparable to exercise - takes a little time, each practice strengthens the previous result and adds new advances in weight loss.

Fasting day for weight loss stomach is needed by all. These days focused on internal cleansing of toxins, toxins, water, and other products that are stuck in the body in human life.

Despite the fact that on this day a man may feel some discomfort due to the changes in diet, the next day observed the following results:

  • inner ease;
  • not worried about the digestive system;
  • the Shine and healthy look of the skin;
  • the gleam in his eyes;
  • decreases the volume in problem areas;
  • the abdomen becomes soft.

One-day meals one or two products without salt is worth the results. The weekly repetition of such diets to improve overall health.

How to arrange fasting days?

the day before unloading

Before starting any important work you need to psyche yourself up for the upcoming work. Unloading of body is an important step for which you want to ripen . Mentally to help yourself may be the fact that it's a one day change of diet, not long-term diet. One day hold.

If this is the first practice of losing weight with food, it is better to have a rehearsal for this. Try any day after 12:00 to eat a single product, which is going to conduct the offload. Difficult? Try to enter a restriction in food with 15:00 or 16:00 to the end of the day. Happened? Then you can gradually increase the time of abstinence from sweets is not going to raise a temporary bar until 12:00. if managed to stay half a day, and all day. It remains to choose the date for holding the diet a little.

For purification of his conscience, a few days before the expected day need to clean your fridge and harmful temptations, restock products, which will eat in the day and when you exit it.

Rules of carrying out unloading

There are a number of recommendations to correct the discharge of the day:

  • You need to motivate yourself that these limiting food you need and thanks to them you get close to your dream or will be able to wear your favorite dress, skirt or jeans that are gathering dust waiting until you can fit in them.
  • Day diet is best done in a busy day, if not a lot of extra time thinking about food, but fasting in this day.
  • At home fasting days should plan a long walk, during which you'll be away from the refrigerator with food.
  • Allowed to clean the body 1-2 times a week. More frequent use of the menu is fraught with deterioration of health.
  • This day is stressful for a body. To aggravate the condition of intense physical exertion in the gym is not worth it. Maintain fitness and strength exercises leave for another day.
  • If you want additional procedures or a pleasant exercise for the body, stop your choice on the pool, massage or sauna. Nice external stimulation helps in better cleansing of the body.
  • To Supplement your diet on this day, laxatives or diuretics is not worth it. Depending on the chosen method, the body to be cleaned that day. Intervention cleaning drugs will only increase the burden on the intestine and kidney, that can hurt.
  • Be sure to drink 2 liters of water. Some days are allowed to drinking green tea without sugar or broth hips, which also help eliminate toxins and excess moisture.
  • On this day banned the use of salt and spices. Soy sauce is also banned. Because salt retains fluid in the body, because of this there is excess weight and are swelling.

The day preceding the day of discharge, it is better to end a light dinner and a glass of water or low-fat yogurt before bed.

The options of fasting days

In addition to these rules must take into account a variety of fasting days for weight loss. The options depend on the selected group of products:

  • protein - yogurt, cottage cheese, meat, eggs, fish;
  • carbohydrate - rice, buckwheat, watermelon, apples, all berries, fruit and vegetables;
  • fat - sour cream, cream, milk.

The thick band is suitable for pregnant and breast feeding. The restriction of food in this food is: sour cream - 500 g milk - 1 liter.

Carbohydrate foods in the body act as a sponge , which gently cleanses the intestines and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract, along the way taking with him on the way out all the excess that was there and complicate our lives.

And proteins required by the body daily. The day on them, the most difficult tolerance to the organism, but the result is stable.

Besides fasting days are divided into well-fed and hungry . In a famine period, you can use only one product. During the fed allowed to eat a day for 2 products, mix them. Fed fit fasting days pregnant and suffering from diseases of the digestive system.

During unloading, it is important not to abuse the amount of food. Vegetables, fruits, berries permitted volume of up to 1.5 kg. the exception is the watermelon, its rate starts from 3 kg and it is recommended to take this berry at the rate of 1 kg of watermelon per 10 kg of weight. Fish and products of animal origin - 500-600 g, eggs - 6 pieces.

Benefit, harm, and contraindications

Even the most healthy diets can harm under certain circumstances. Despite the fact that the results of fasting days for weight loss positive, but they also have all these sides.


The use of such diet it is possible to highlight the following main advantages:

  • fasting days safe for the body;
  • stimulated acceleration of gastrointestinal tract;
  • easily transferred;
  • weight loss can be a few pounds;
  • the body is cleared of harmful substances;
  • Your digestive system;
  • there is a cleansing of the filters of the body - kidneys and liver;
  • no need to cook;
  • this kind of training before the diet or switching to a proper diet.


As with any situation related to limitation of the body, is the wrong approach when unloading also can bring harm, which is expressed in the following

  • painful feeling of hunger;
  • bad mood and well-being;
  • stagnation in the stomach;
  • the lack of delivery of necessary quantity of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Please note! Stagnation in the stomach can easily occur if not enough liquid is used. For example, this can occur when unloading buckwheat, grits if used in large quantities, is soft but too dry.

a positive result will not, and the day will be spoiled. So make sure you drink more water, green tea without sugar and yogurt (if there is one menu).


  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding (hungry unloading);
  • individual intolerance of certain foods;
  • disease in the acute form or phase.

Proceeding from the above, we can conclude that the fasting days in the diet of modern man to be! Adhering to this diet, you can lose weight from 1 to 3 kg.

The most effective fasting days

Even in this case, as a day diet is your rating, the leaders of which may surprise. It turns out that the most plain and familiar foods can have per day to get rid of a significant amount of pounds without causing harm to the body. The list of options for effective fasting days for weight loss is composed from the largest loss of extra pounds:

  1. cucumber - 3.5 kg;
  2. Apple - 3 kg;
  3. kefir - 2 kg;
  4. buckwheat - 1.5 kg;
  5. water, rice, berries, fruit, vegetable, fasting days at Malysheva - 800-1000.
  6. other diets one-day - up to 500 g;
  7. tea with milk - 0,5-2 kg.

Fruit and vegetable fasting days

Cucumber fasting day for weight loss the greatest amount of product absorbed (up to 2 kg of fresh cucumbers) and the highest number discharged as the result of weight 3.5 kg. it is also permitted to drink water.

The Apple menu is more modest in scope and is 1, 5 kg of sour apples. Do not forget about the mandatory use of 2 liters of water.

Generally, berries, vegetables and fruit every day is the same. For unloading it is necessary to drink 1-1,5 pounds of any fresh berries or fruit. Separately want to highlight a watermelon - the day he needs to eat at least 3 kg To vegetables, there is a special recommendation - they should contain fiber, not to be starch content. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked. Be sure to drink water and green tea without sugar.

Unloading on yogurt

Fasting days for weight loss yogurt is also limited in the amount of the main ingredient.

A day to drink 1.5 liters of yogurt with zero or one percentage of fat. And be sure to drink 1.5-2 litres of water.

Unloading by means of buckwheat or rice

buckwheat and rice

Buckwheat unloading the custom in the preparation. Before the diet you should take a couple of cups of buckwheat and fill with water overnight. Per night groats will absorb water, become softer and larger in size, swell . To use in its pure form, without adding anything.

In this mono is allowed to drink green tea with no additives and 2 liters of water. There is another version of this diet - buckwheat at night, pour the yogurt and throughout the day you should eat this buckwheat, drink low-fat yogurt and water.

For a day lose weight on the rice you need to boil a Cup of rice until soft and eat them the whole day without adding salt and spices. Also the rice is steamed for a night like buckwheat. Similarly, you can drink 2 liters of water and green tea without sugar.

Water diet

Water method of unloading is the most difficult to implement and sustain it can only be one. During the day you should drink 2-4 liter of water. Apply this day, only pure water at room or cool temperature.

Tea with milk - the way to lose weight, borrowed from the tradition of English tea with milk. In the morning I boil 1-1,5 liters of milk, add 3-4 tablespoons green or black tea, let it brew. It's food for the day. Weight loss may be as high as 500 grams and 2 kg.

If your body is not friendly with cucumbers, apples, yogurt or other product, when used, which is the maximum weight loss, stop your choice on a more reasonable menu. Losing weight this way will last longer but for you and your body it will not be a stress.

How to complete a cleanse?

Out of the discharge it should be smooth. Dinner boot of the day should not be later than 20:00. Somewhere an hour before bedtime can drink a glass of water. No more meals and fluids in the day should not be.

The next day, to lash out in harmful, nutritious food with spices or sweets, to replenish, released for the day, not worth it - it will bring harm to the body. And besides, will return spent weight and a new one coming from the shock dose of carbohydrates. As the body is one, it should be protected and not to succumb to stress.

So the next day you need to spend on food with minimal salt and little fat.

Menu of the day after unloading might be:

  • Breakfast: omelet with vegetables or porridge (oatmeal or rice) with dried fruit;
  • lunch: chicken soup with vegetables and salad no Mayo;
  • dinner: stewed, boiled or baked fish or chicken with buckwheat, rice or vegetables.

Itself decide the use of any fluid except alcohol. You can then return to a normal diet. But, it is better, therefore, to go to the correct nutrition to maintain the effect of the fasting day.

Useful tips

Fasting days for weight loss is a great way to clean the body and get rid of a few kilos of excess weight in a short period of time. We offer some practical tips to help survive the cleansing of the body with minimal losses in mood and General state of the organism.

Fasting days for pregnant women and nursing mothers

fasting days expectant and nursing mothers

I want to draw attention to the one-day diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mono these women in this condition is contraindicated. Solved mixed discharge, which combine multiple ingredients. A mandatory component must be yogurt or cheese. It is forbidden to consume citrus fruits, strawberries and other fruits and berries, which provoke allergies. Thus, they can unload every 7-10 days at most. Their body in this period works for the two, to worsen its condition is not necessary. Before this procedure is mandatory to consult a doctor.