Proper weight loss – stages. How to lose weight?

Let's examine what a proper weight loss? What should be the proper diet? What to do to weight did not come back?

Tasks diet for weight loss

  • To lose weight without feeling hungry.
  • As quickly as possible.
  • Stabilization weight. If the diet is not designed to stabilize the weight, it is better not to start.
  • Better health. You should not lose weight at the expense of health.
proper weight loss

Proper weight loss — steps

  1. A preparatory stage.
  2. The very weight loss.
  3. Plateau.
  4. Stabilization of the body.
  5. Supports mode.

Today tells a lot about weight loss, but few stops of stabilization, which should follow later. Many experts on weight loss not even talking about the stabilization! And support mode, which is also very important! Proper weight loss includes all these stages. Plus the psychological acceptance of these stages, as well as support the regime. As soon as you will lose weight and then go back to the old food, immediately return the former weight. Another thing, do I need to limit myself, holding a "tight rein". No. Here are some important laws and algorithms of an exit from current situation. Look at these stages.

We don't lose weight like robots! But in the process of weight loss forget about it. This means that if the first week we lose weight by 2 kg, then in the following weeks we are going to lose weight with such speed. Weight loss is completely different that depends on many factors. The phase of the moon, from the power supply. You will lose weight continuously, but in different quantities. For example, a woman loses weight from 100 to 80 kg, continuously, but with a difference each week on the basic diet. Within 3-4 months, carrying out all the recommendations she has lost weight up to 80 kg. She lost 2 buckets of fat, bought new clothes and got a lot of compliments.

And what happens then? Weight stops, although she's doing all right. Achieved weight 80 kg and he is standing. The girl was upset because she wants to weigh 65 kg! Maybe he won't decline?

What is a plateau?

Definitely there is a stage when the weight stops. This stop is called a plateau. Plateau – is to stop the weight during weight loss. It is the body needs during weight loss. Our body is gaining weight a period of time, maybe several years, and believed that it is right. But when we begin to lose weight, take liquid fats. We have this physiology. But then comes the moment when the weight stops, and that's fine, though psychologically difficult. The body "talks". It restores muscle tissue. The plateau lasts at least 14 days! And you need to give the body to stand up this time, because there will be stabilization.

At this point, it is necessary to use additional flash rations, which "persuade" the body to go on average of fats. Such diets are characterized by the fact that you need to eat even more than on the basic diet. In our example, the weight will decrease, but in small quantities, as we get to the middle of fats. This period is very important "anti-insulin" hormone that gathers us in the exit phase liquid fats. And the next plateau will come before moving in cellulite, that's when we achieve our desired 65 kg. They are not so easy to practice, but still possible. It uses several diets. And then there is a stabilization of the weight.

Stabilization – what is it?

Our body is a system that is constantly in motion. If the first body is configured to weight gain, then we create the conditions to allow your body to give fat and we lose weight. However, this can not last forever! Because then it will be a very strong return! When we got to an acceptable weight, you can see that got cellulite, you need to stabilize, increasing the amount of food with a certain momentum. So we come to the support mode to consume 2000-2500 calories with this for years to come. It is important that the vector of the body is stabilized.

Here is the diagram of harmony, provided that you want to lose weight properly.