Real ways to lose weight for women after 50 and 55 years

With age, the woman's body slowing metabolism, hormonal changes, reduced physical activity. All this leads to the formation of subcutaneous fat and, as a consequence, excess weight. Fat is deposited not only on the abdomen and legs, but also on the internal organs, vascular walls, etc. the result is a lot of accompanying age-related diseases, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is a particular problem in menopause.

weight loss for women

Then, and many are beginning to look for effective methods on how to lose weight after 50 years old woman and at the same time keep healthy.

The reasons for excess weight

Before looking for ways to quickly get rid of pounds, you should understand why they accumulate. Thus, it is possible to identify and correct the cause of the problem, and not in vain to struggle with its investigation.

Overweight occurs due to certain factors:

  • Low physical activity. This is one of the main reasons. The majority of women lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary work, caring for children and friends and t.. d. All this leads to the fact that the body simply nowhere to waste received from food calories. As a result, they are deposited in the form of fat on different body parts and internal organs. Compounding the problem of slow metabolism.
  • Hormonal drugs. At menopause from hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, many women doctor prescribed hormonal. It is considered that they are also imprinted on the figure. In fact, the opinions of experts relative to this significantly different. According to many of the modern doctors, the hormones do not harm the figure. In fact, a thorough study of the subject was conducted.
  • Stress. Nervous tension leads to the formation of fatty deposits. Thus the body becomes in case of critical situations.
  • Bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine harm the body and negatively affect the figure. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, resulting in compromised blood flow, which leads to complication of the process of destruction of subcutaneous fat and its subsequent elimination from the body.
  • Sleep. With insufficient sleep also occurs weight.
  • Food. The abuse of fast food, chips, sunflower seeds, roasted, baked, salted, smoked, canned and other foods are bad to eat even in his youth, invariably contribute to the formation of fat on the sides.

Also, the reason why the formed excess weight, there are various disease.

Where to focus attention

Before looking for ways on how to lose weight quickly after 50 years a woman, you should carefully reconsider your diet and lifestyle.

It is important to add physical activity to at least the minimum amount.It should also focus attention on the health. The extra weight can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

weight loss for women exercises


Speaking about how to lose weight the woman in 55 years, the first thing to pay attention to lifestyle. In this case it is better to use the advice of experts:

  • When sedentary work is recommended every hour to do a five-minute break, during which to perform simple exercises. It can be tilt, sit-UPS, arm swing and so on. Thus normalizes blood circulation, prevents stagnation in the pelvis, swelling and other unpleasant consequences.
  • Job and job you can walk. Because of this body and all its cells are saturated with oxygen, improves metabolic processes, burning of subcutaneous body fat.
  • To accelerate metabolism can enjoy the garden. Digging the infield, transplanting of plants, weeding and other actions help to reduce weight, burn extra calories and improve blood circulation. Simultaneously with this work in the fresh air helps the maintenance of cells with oxygen.


To lose weight, the next step is the revision of the supply. To eat correctly. In this case it is better to follow certain tips:

  • In adulthood, the body does not need a huge amount of food. Moreover, the digestion he faces challenges. The serving size should be 250-280 grams or 2 stacked female fist.
  • You need to eat 5-6 times a day. The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. In the contrary embodiment, the organism will not have time to digest the food, and she postponed the fat on the sides. In addition, the morning the woman secured heaviness in the stomach, and General malaise.
  • In the diet of Mature woman a number of fresh vegetables and fruits should be 60% of the total. It is important to understand that any heat treatment leads to the loss of the fruits nutrients, so it is advisable to eat them raw. Meats, grains, and other fresh eating. Heating products leads to loss of nutrients.
  • Daily diet should contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber.
  • For Breakfast you need to eat carbohydrates that provide the body with energy. You can use different cereals. Exception – semolina. Meals are prepared on the water with a minimal amount of salt and oil.
  • Meals should be steamed, boiled, baked. You can also use the grill. Frying should stop. This method of cooking helps to increase the caloric value of meals accumulation of cholesterol and carcinogens that cause the development of cancer.
  • From muffins, white bread, buns, cakes and pastries — must be complete and irrevocable failure. Such products do not bring the body good at any age.
  • Animal fats, it is desirable to replace the plant. The best option is olive oil. You can add it to salads, to cook on it and just drink a tablespoon a day for the normalization of the bowel, detoxification of toxins.
  • From the strong meat broth will have to give. Soups are cooked on the secondary broth.
  • From the diet should exclude sugary sodas, fast food restaurants and similar food. From them, a person starts to get fat. In addition to the harm these products do not benefit.
  • Milk at this age is prohibited. It forms mucus in the body and does not bring any good. Instead of using dairy products, cheese.
  • The diet should be lean meats and fish, preferably marine.
  • As a snack is permitted the use of nuts and dried fruits.
  • Fresh fruit can be eaten only in the morning. They are rich in sucrose, which has the ability in the body to turn into body fat.
  • The amount of salt in the diet should be minimal. It is desirable to replace it with soy sauce. You can also use sometimes fish sauce. However, it has a specific flavor.

Allowed the use of a glass of dry wine once a week. Additionally, you should use vitamin complexes.

Such simple tips promote gradual not sudden weight loss. The result will not keep itself waiting. Talking about it true stories of people whose personal experience and the photo confirms the effectiveness of this approach.

A review of the diet

weight loss for women food

In adulthood to get rid of extra pounds without control over the amount of food consumed – it is impossible. To burn fat the body must get less calories than it spends during the day.

In this case, can be based on standard metrics. So, for example, in the sedentary lifestyle woman a day spending no more than 1500 kcal. With minimal activity of about 1700 kcal. With the active way of life – 2000 kcal and more. On this basis, it is daily diet.

Drinking regime

The day should drink about two liters of fresh aerated water. The basic quantity used in the first half of the day. Thus it is possible to avoid the occurrence of edema. 2 liters does not include soups, tea, coffee, etc. We are talking exclusively about the water.

After waking up you should drink a glass of warm water. You can optionally add the lemon juice. This will improve the metabolism and prepare the digestive tract to receive food.

With active exercises it is important to constantly drink water. This also applies to the tides. At such moments, the body sweats and loses fluid. It is important to restore the balance.

While physical stress is the destruction of subcutaneous fat, water helps to remove its remains. This is the main reason why you need to drink a lot. This achieves the maximum efficiency of the training process.


From the use of traditional diets in the elderly should be abandoned. Such methods are always the stress of the body, which can result in serious health problems. In addition, the effect of diets – short-term. After their abrupt discontinuation pounds back again, taking with him a few new ones.

Real history is full of people in which they share personal experiences, trying to lose weight with the help of various modern mono-diet, and show the pictures once again confirms the futility and danger of such methods.

It is much better to follow a proper balanced diet. It should completely replace the previous system and diet. For women after 50 – proper nutrition should become the norm. His hold on life.


To improve efficiency should be added to daily life activities. Every day in the morning, it is recommended to do at home exercises.

Sedentary life exercises are additionally made in between work or performing traditional household chores.

When performing any exercise it is important to breathe correctly. Hold your breath – is prohibited. Proper breathing helps to provide cells and tissues with oxygen, helps to lose weight.

Aerobics and other physical activity

To accelerate the fat burning process, you should use aerobic exercise or as they are called cardio. They are most effective and provide quick effect. This category includes walking, fitness, swimming, running, steps on ellipticis, Cycling.

When performing such exercises work virtually all muscle groups. As a result, improves blood circulation, burnt fat.

30 minutes of this intense training helps burn 600 calories. In an hour you can lose thousands of calories.

In addition to de cardio, it is recommended to do yoga, Pilates. Such methods can help to lose weight.

Strength exercises

To give the body a beautiful relief, burning calories and increasing muscle mass used weight training. This does not need to lift a heavy barbell. Moreover, this is not recommended. Significant weight and creates stress on the back, bones, joints.

At the initial stage recommended to do the exercises with their own weight. They are most effective. This is accomplished by performing pushups, the so-called "bar" and t.. D. you can Also use dumbbells or weights.

Special exercises

After 50 years, the most problem areas in women are the abdomen, flanks, and legs. It is in these areas they would like to get rid of fat and so-called "orange peel" or cellulite. Specifically for these areas designed individual exercise that will allow you to return firmness and relief.

Stomach slimming

The most problematic area is the stomach. Fat on it remove difficult. However, to concentrate on the exercises only for that area – is futile. To achieve results only possible with an integrated approach.

For getting rid of belly fat can at home to perform the following exercises:

weight loss diet for women
  • The rise of the legs. It is desirable to perform an exercise on the horizontal bar or wall bars. The body must be in vertical position. Next, the feet are raised at an angle of 90 degrees. Exercise repeat 10 times. The minimum number of sets – 3. In the absence of a horizontal bar exercise can be done lying on your back.
  • The rise of the body. It's a standard exercise for abdominal muscles. When it is executed it is necessary to take a position – lying on the floor on his back. Legs bent at the knees. Body rises towards the feet. It is important to keep the lower back during lifting do not lift off the floor. 10 times for 3 sets.
  • Strap. The position resembles the posture that a person adopts when performing push-UPS. During the exercise, bend the arms is not necessary. In this position, you must stand as much as possible. Start with 1 minute. Exercise not only flattens the tummy but also strengthens the back muscles.

For the oblique muscles of the abdomen, you can perform the twisting. The exercises are reminiscent of the lifting body. When running is added to housing rotation in one or other way.

Importantly – correctly and without haste to do all the exercises.

Slimming legs

To eliminate cellulite and tightening of the skin on the legs do the following exercises:

  • Lunges forward and back on the right and left leg. Each exercise is performed 10 times. 3 approach.
  • Squats. You can start with 3 approaches 50 times. Next, optionally, you can add a dumbbell or barbell. Thus it is possible to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Leg swings. In the standing position the weight on one leg. Second, it is moved back and back. Start with 10 times in 3 sets on each leg.

Also tighten the legs help orbitrek and exercise bike.


When combining proper nutrition and exercise in just a few months to achieve significant results and to shed pounds. On average, at this age normal weight loss is 1 kg a week.

To reduce weight faster is unlikely to succeed. Rapid weight loss in this case is not necessary, as it can lead to health problems. Much better for the woman's body is to lose weight gradually.

You can lose weight at any age. The main thing – to begin to engage in a comprehensive and smart approach to the issue. In this case, the result will not keep itself waiting.