To lose 54 kg in pork with mayonnaise: the real story of our reader

The problem of excess weight has haunted me since childhood, although, to be sincere, then the problem I have is not considered. Of course, classmates awarded me by nicknames, but friends has always been enough, but because of my childhood I don't really understand what a weight of 70 kg in the sixth grade is not normal. I grew up in a single-parent family: father left from us with mum in the US, and my mother, as they could have provided me a happy childhood: in her understanding it was impossible without pastries and cakes, and absolutely without measure. She was happy to join the daily feast; we had our own rituals — for example, when I was sick, we bought huge, as it was called, "healing cake" and was treated and when I went to a prestigious school hour, after school I bought at the bakery two or three puffs or baklava and ate on the way home, then, of course, was a complete meal. Now all this I remember with horror, but as a child a permanent holiday belly seemed self-evident.

Until adulthood I weighed it, and it was in my Teens I began to understand the scale of the disaster.

I came all the way which are typically full of women, and made timid attempts to lose weight — the two-day dieting with failures on the usual food, Thai pills and magic patches, but it did not give the expected result. I have remained friends and even got the groom, and now at the age of 19 I got married and decided to build his life anew — in his own family to instill good and healthy eating habits.

By happy coincidence, in the Internet, I came across an English article about the benefits and dangers of fats carbohydrates; written seemed full of fiction: where have you seen that on a Burger with cheese sauce and steak, and even in any time and in any amount, you could lose weight,but I have absolutely no risk and decided to try it. So on 1 June 2005 is the day of my first wedding was the beginning of my new life. At the time I weighed 114 kg with height of 173 cm

All week, I regularly consumed pork with mayonnaise, fried mushrooms and butter, sometimes eating a cucumber, and suddenly on Sunday the scales showed 7 pounds less. Even skeptical first husband ceased to grin and was regularly brings me from the store smoked chicken and brisket. For the first month I lost 14 kg, by the first of September was already 25 pounds less; the only topic of conversation at the Institute has become my new figure. I continued to follow the diet until the new year weighed 73 kg, so in six months I lost 40 kg and at that weight I stayed quite a long time — and in my first marriage and after the divorce.

However, the majority of women who are overweight face the same psychological attitudes: in the first place is related to diet as something temporary, though, after achieving the goal will be to eat as much as before. Not escaped this fate and me, I've always struggled between two desires: to eat childhood foods and the need to follow the diet. In the end I,unfortunately, in 2012 came to almost the same point where we started — my weight was 104 kg, and I realized that the situation should be taken under strict control.

heroic slimming

My heroic slimming

My full and final victory over obesity began with the realization of the immutable truth: as long as in my life are cakes and dumplings, thin waist it will never happen. Probably, there are those people accustomed to the fact that eat one piece of cake, but for me one piece has always been small, so the option of proper nutrition with his idea "everything," I dismissed immediately, because food needs to be changed and to limit right now, to abandon fat and tasty too, but losing weight does not occur immediately and is slow. Then I made my choice in favor of my usual low-carb nutrition because I already knew it worked well, and this is the system where you can live life.

In a social network "vkontakte" I left a random comment under the post about counting calories. I wrote that it is necessary to consider not calories, and carbs, and I immediately wrote dozens of girls with the request to tell, how and why to do it. Without exaggeration, this was the turning point of my further weight loss: not to copy everyone the same message, I opened the group, where he painted everything known to me the nuances of the lists of permitted and prohibited foods, and the rest of the experience that I have accumulated by that time. I began to lose weight in front of thousands of people — I couldn't et stillabunt clanger! And each week my weight continued to fall and fall, and the other girls also sat on this diet and also lose weight. Enormous responsibility before other concitatos calcaribus me, and for a couple of months I lost about 20 pounds, when suddenly pregnant. By the time I was married for the second time, my husband is always around to support, so the entire pregnancy I continued to lose weight. On account of I was up with a weight of 82 kg, the same weight I went into labor. By the way, the doctor in female consultation was very supportive of my dedication and spoke positively about the selected food. While my daughter was breastfed, I also strictly follow the diet; before her first birthday, I already weighed 68 kg.

All this time the band losing weight with me grow: first, we summed up the weekly weighings in the plate, I thought the results manually and announced the winners for the week, then my husband texted me a simple website, a kind of social network for losing weight on a diet Carbohydrates. not — so straightforward I called his system and the girls began to share experiences and recipes there. As theoretical base grow, we acquire new and interesting recipes — for example, we have "pea" soup with broccoli, fried Adygei cheese as a replacement of bread or a dozen recipes for pancakes without flour — we have also developed a free app for smartphones to always be on hand at losing weight, now it is three thousands of our own unique dietary recipes. So, all my weight loss and developments in open access and completely free, and has thousands of women used them and added to our "Gallery of heroes", and in 2015 I received a patent for his method of weight loss.

The essence of the diet

In a nutshell, the essence of the system is: if you do not eat carbohydrates and unlimited amount there fats and proteins then the body is easier to get energy from its reserves for a "rainy day" — those that deferred to the parties than to break down the consumed food. Carbohydrates — what is under the categorical prohibition: sugar, flour, various cakes and pastries, purchased sweets, juices, fruits, potatoes, cereals, beans, nuts and more. The basis of food: meat, fish and poultry in all forms — fried, baked, grilled, stewed or boiled, as well as cheeses, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, butter, mayonnaise. Also allowed spirits, dry wines, and soda without sugar. To Supplement the diet some vegetables are allowed in a limited number of cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, a little dairy and more.

Typically, this list terrifies fans of proper nutrition: as well, to limit the vegetables? And what about fruits, there are in fact vitamins? How do you let a fried, salty, alcohol? But again, my diet is not intended for those who due to willpower all day eating fresh vegetables, and a salad dressed with low-fat yogurt, and mere mortals who are not used to count calories and do not mind to arrange a holiday of gluttony — just now, removing carbs, they can lose weight. And if earlier people had dinner pork with potatoes and mayonnaise for a glass of vodka, but now it is enough to replace the potato, for example, cauliflower, everything else remains the same — to lose weight. Separate attention deserves the fact that at any party or celebration you can always find the allowed salads or hot, have fun along with all, and no one will even realize that you control the food — well, except that your which was three sizes too big dress will not reveal to them this mystery.

how are you doing now

How am I doing now

It has been 4 years since that time, as I changed the approach to eating, and I'm proud to say that during this entire period I have not had a single breakdown. Otherwise it can not be, because watching me now already 110 thousand girls Xanga, and I try to inspire them and make them believe that change is never too late. Now my weight is 63 kg with height of 173 cm, and I plan to have little to lose. I no longer depend on food, because, first, I always fed and happy and the food just doesn't think; secondly, I can always prepare diet analogue dish that I wanted — so even the cake "Pancho" already I have repeatedly worked without carbohydrate, and ready in half an hour. My beloved second husband — my own true support, he never laughed at me and always believed that everything will work out; in fact, he himself lost 25 pounds on my system. It is very convenient — I don't have to cook for him separately, although it is none of losing weight without causing problems. Even my mother was interested in my success and also lost weight, but unfortunately are unable to keep the result of the pressure of food habits; now she's trying to lose weight again — slowly but surely dropped 5 pounds in a month. My daughter is now 3 and a half years, and although my diet I take for the basis of its food, she eats fruit, cereal and bread made from bran. I always tell her how important it is for girls to follow the diet and have a good figure; of course, no cakes and candy floss it in principle is not.

For the first time in many years I'm really happy — happy that I finally look like I always wanted, I can wear short shorts and small bathing suit that my husband and I look a few years younger than their age (photos periodically sign comments that her daughter is more like our little sister than a daughter). I am happy that I do not depend on the sweets that I no longer depend on the loaves that I can easily pass by the table with cakes in the hotel; my daughter will always be proud of me, and I, for its part, will provide her a happy carefree youth not in shapeless robes, and any clothes she want, because she wouldn't need to "hide the flaws". All this happened not immediately, but it definitely can make any, you only start to move towards the goal, not just "believe", "try to diet" and "find the motivation".

Still a few questions that are of great concern to all

Sport. It is believed that to lose weight, it is necessary "sport and nutrition", but I had neither the one nor the other — and the weight loss was and is. Your first 40 pounds I lost literally lying on the couch. Trainers in fitness centers like to tell you that losing weight is "70% diet and 30% training", but this is fundamentally wrong: losing weight is a hundred percent power. My life was a period of very intense exercise just from an excess of free time and fanaticism; as soon as I stopped spending on fitness 4 hours daily, the weight is curled, which is logical. Now I don't do sports, but I weigh less than ever before - just by controlling your diet.

Cellulite: cellulite is just one of the forms of fat deposition when he was going in certain areas of blocks. To get rid of it you need a comprehensive and weight loss, and external effects: massages, exfoliation, creams and moisturizing. I now have almost no cellulite, because it is almost completely gone excess weight. Stretch marks: some women like to complain that they would be happy to lose weight, but then their skin loses its former elasticity. In fact, this is one form of self-justification in their unwillingness to change their diet. So, the skin will lose elasticity; but first, she will recover, and secondly, it is much better to at least look good in clothes than to always look bad due to the extra weight. I am now 51 pounds less than when weight limits, and think that I look quite well, and continue to work in this direction.