Effective weight loss

Effective weight loss

Effective weight loss is possible, if you wonder why I get fat? That is to begin to investigate the causes that contribute to weight gain.

Where to start

First of all, start with power, drawing attention to the intake of foods, beverages, cooking methods.

And ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What products predominate in the diet? Does your diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, seafood.

  2. What drinks are present in your diet: harmful – soda, coffee, packaged juices, etc. or useful — pure water, water with lemon, freshly squeezed juice and t.. D.

  3. Your favorite sweet light desserts with fruit or cake, a tart?

  4. Various your diet? A healthy, varied diet is something like this:

Breakfast: fresh fruit,

Lunch: soup or any other first hot dish

Snack: dried fruit,

Dinner: vegetable or fruit salad.

  1. Your method of cooking: frying or boiling, stewing or baking, steaming or grilled?

After analyzing the answers to these questions, you'll learn how helpful your diet does the body need it for normal operation, vitamins, minerals.

Think about what products can give undesirable deposits of fat.

For effective weight loss you will need to review and change the diet, but, gradually, at the same time, you need to understand and realize the need to change nutritional habits is the first step on the path to healthy weight loss.

Also, we need a comprehensive approach to weight loss: proper nutrition + motivation + exercising, selected you individually and consider your wishes to lose weight in some specific region and condition.

Causes of weight gain

1. Overeating – especially we want after dieting to eat "unhealthy" — rolls, cake, potatoes, chocolates. And again we have to go on a diet. Common causes of overeating also: skipping meals, eating on the go, late dinner.

2. Harmful eating habits: fast food consumption, carbonated drinks, beverages containing caffeine, foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates or fats. These habits contribute to weight gain. If you have: replaces meals snack, eat on the go, drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, little sleep and lead a sedentary lifestyle, you will gain even more extra inches in unwanted places.

3. A sedentary lifestyle is now are many, as our work contributes to this, because many people working behind the computer in the office and at the end of the day, we are already thinking about how to get home, redo chores, more eat a delicious dinner and lie down to watch TV. It means we walk a little, run only when you are late on the bus, and walk rarely — only to the Bank or store, and sometimes remove the apartment. And all this physical activity ends.

4. In our life there are stresses, depression, chronic fatigue. It is now very difficult to live with and not get tired mentally and physically, contribute to this: stress at work, stress in the family (many families, unfortunately, people find out the relationship with abuse), depression due to the fact that the person is unable to perform mandated responsibilities, cannot achieve their goals, he often dissatisfied with the quality of your life, a way of life. In addition, many people do not know how to rest, but a lot of work — all this leads to weight gain.

5. Many people just the metabolism and therefore they add weight. This can happen due to improper lifestyle, surgeries, long-making hormones, the presence in humans of diseases such as: obesity, thyroid disease, diabetes, etc.

6. Some people have a hereditary predisposition to weight gain. But even in this case, you will be able to get rid of excess weight if you develop the healthy habit + eat right + will lead an active lifestyle.

7. In women during pregnancy, after childbirth, when hormonal imbalance, menopause, after breastfeeding the body is hormonal changes, which increases the appetite.

But even during pregnancy and lactation need to increase the amount of food you need to eat fatty foods that contains a lot of carbohydrates which increase your weight and volume. And especially don't need to eat more during menopause, when the metabolism slows down.

8. Deficiency of sleep is important. Because proper sleep helps us to look good and feel good. We need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day, especially useful to go to bed from 21:00 to 24:00 is the time of maximum relaxation of the body. When the sleep deficit appear: depression, lethargy, fatigue, which contributes to weight gain.

9. The large number of daily chores, the lack of "free time" (especially Housewives). Many women just don't have time to do them". But this is wrong, because if you're not going, at least occasionally, in a beauty salon, fitness club, and occasionally at least to lose weight. or diet, any person might leave you for a woman more groomed and slim.

10. The presence of certain diseases, which you need to follow a sedentary lifestyle, because in this case the composition of your diet includes foods containing many fats, carbohydrates that are not consumed by the body and turn into fat.

Tips for effective weight loss

Follow these tips and you won't gain weight:

  • fasting morning drink a glass of still mineral water and the day drink more plain water (at least a liter a day, with the first dishes of green tea, fresh juices, fruit drinks). Drinking water twenty minutes before each meal, then you eat less.

  • eat small portions five to six times a day. Plus, eating a variety of foods: vegetables, fruits, lean fish, seafood, cereals from whole grains, sprouted grains.

  • eat slowly, chew food well, savoring every bite. In this case, the food to digest faster and it is better absorbed, and the brain receives a signal of saturation, and you'll eat less. And the stomach will spend less energy on digestion, and the intestine for digestion.

  • Choose natural products, remove from the diet: canned food, pickled products, smoked, salted. Please enter in the diet: fresh fruits, vegetables, fish.

  • Do not eat before going to bed only four hours before sleep, while at dinner, eat only easily digestible foods, for example salad vegetables with vegetable oil or fruit.

  • Properly cook food (minimal heat treatment to preserve a large amount of vitamins in food).

  • Don't treat yourself too harshly, sharply, don't limit yourself in food, just limit the amount of common dishes in the diet, reduce them to a minimum, and then completely turn off.

  • Change eating habits: Breakfast — instead of a Cup of coffee, drink fresh Apple juice for lunch instead of soup eat a soup with broccoli instead of cake — eating pineapple MIA a snack instead of chocolate or cookies, eat a handful of dried fruit or nuts for dinner instead of pizza eat vegetable salad (tomatoes, zucchini, cheese).

  • Indulge yourself sometimes (if all week, not overeat, do not eat at night, not skip a workout) – eat a small piece of cake or pizza. In this case, you will not feel deprived, you will avoid depression, and then go on a healthy diet and lose weight fast.

The Express diet

The Express diet

Effective rapid diet help you lose weight quickly, securing the result.

The effectiveness of Express diets depends on their correct compilation. And how you mentally prepared to limit yourself to food during the diet and after it.

The duration of these diets — from three days to two weeks.

To consolidate the results of the Express diet, you should repeat them after a certain period of time, but remember — they are not designed for frequent use.

Varieties of Express diets

  • mono (Apple quick diet watermelon Express diet, soup diet, etc., buckwheat-kefir diet Express),

  • balanced rapid diet (Italian, Mediterranean Express diet,etc.)

  • the Express diet with a predominance in the diet of carbohydrates, proteins or fats.

The Express diet allow you to pick a diet that restricting the use of familiar food, you can easily carry without feeling hunger while losing weight.

Attention: before you perform any of the Express diet, make sure you have no contraindications to it.

To get the same from obsessive thoughts about food will help the sport, it helps effectively to lose weight.

You can do not only physical exercises at home, you can work out at the fitness center step aerobics, callanetics, Pilates, bodyflex, etc.

Rules for effective weight loss

Rules for effective weight loss

In order to effectively lose weight you need to lose weight correctly and without risk to health.


  • Clear the weight slowly, no more than a kilogram per week, t.. Zn. three or four kilograms per month. You will lose weight slowly, but the result of weight loss will be sustainable, no harm to health.

  • For effective weight loss pick the opportune moment in life, determined to lose weight.

  • To weight loss must be approached responsibly, not to give out to sway you from your path of losing weight — believe in success, start to feel as if you've already lost a few pounds.

  • People who have health problems should lose weight under medical supervision.

  • Do not eat after 18.00 (max drink a glass of low-fat yogurt before bed).

  • Eat only natural foods that are freshly prepared.

  • Do not use semi-finished products, substitutes.

  • Drink about two liters of water a day.

  • Removed from diet: baked goods from flour, cake, pastry, refined sugar, fatty meats, lard, fat dairy products, foods containing TRANS fats (margarine, it is also present in sweet baked goods, cake, cakes).

  • Add in the diet: lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh juices.

  • Once a week, do the fasting day. Also, arrange fasting day on the water once a month — this allows you to remove toxins from the body.

  • Sleep at least seven hours a day – this allows you to have a normal metabolism.

  • Try to move a lot, take a walk.

  • Combine diet and exercise for weight loss (order weight loss you've lost fat, not muscle).

  • A nutritionist can help you create an effective personalized program for weight loss. If you do not have the funds — use our tips to produce an effective weight loss program:

  1. Find out your ideal weight (with the help of special calculators). To clarify — how many pounds you need to lose weight and for how long, given the principle of slow weight loss.

  2. Calculate the rate of calories (and protein, fat, carbohydrate) you need per day (with a special calculator). But the daily intake of calories should not be less than 1200 kcal per day – otherwise you will undermine your health).

  3. Begin to make an individual diet, taking into account daily intake of calories, protein, fat, carbs, choosing healthy foods based on their caloric content.

  • Eat more chicken rustic, because it has a lot of amino acids, which stimulate the production of "happiness hormone".

  • You can not skip main meals. With the shortage of food by day, blood sugar drops, and you want to eat something sweet.

  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, but less of foods that contain protein (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) and less bread, potatoes.

  • Consumed food at a time, not more volume, which fits in your hands, folded Cup.

  • Include in the diet a little favorite food.

  • Do not eat meat more than three times in a week that the body does not accumulate toxins. Plus three days a week and eat fish.

  • Model sweets, nuts, seeds.

  • Foods that promote weight loss: soy sauce, white wine, ginger, garlic, vegetable oil.

  • Eat less: butter, sour cream, cheese.