The best exercises for slimming the abdomen

The best exercises for slimming the abdomen

A little fat on the belly and the barrel is in each of us, even those who have absolutely flat tummy and hourglass figure. And that's fine. However, too much fat is already alarming Wake-up call, because in a large amount of body fat negatively influence health. It is important to remember that fat can be placed directly under the skin – subcutaneous fat – a much deeper (near the heart, lungs, liver and other organs). This deeper fat is called visceral. And it is a big problem even for very thin people.

So, some amount of visceral fat is required for proper functioning of our body. In this case, it provides the correct cushioning of organs. However, exceeding this permissible limits entails a risk of high blood pressure, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other serious problems. Fat doesn't just "sits" in your body he is an active part of that creates a lot of "trouble". And, the more these the most trouble. So, some people are so full that the fatty tissue is literally not fit in the areas designated for storage. As a result, the fat is stored in organs and around the heart.

How much fat in your body?

The most accurate method of determining the amount of visceral fat is CT or MRI, but these methods are quite costly and complex. There is a more simple alternative. It is enough to arm a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist above the navel, and then, commit the changes. This should be done while standing, making sure that the tape is positioned correctly.

According to experts, a normal waist size for women is less than 35 inches and for men less than 40 inches. At the same time to have the body of the "pear shaped" with wide hips is less dangerous than to observe how the figure takes the form of "Apple". After all, if your waist size is over the accepted norm, the likelihood that the fat no longer fits under the skin in the abdominal area and the sides and gradually turns into a visceral, surrounding internal organs, is very high. Conclusion: getting rid of subcutaneous fat, we are much "deeper", not only to make the figure more attractive, but to prevent some dangerous effects of accumulation of excess weight.

Exercise for weight loss sides of stomach

Famous fitness trainers has developed a very effective exercises for slimming the abdomen, each of which is designed and adapted to work on certain muscle groups.

Exercises for belly slimming women suitable for prepared, and for those who have recently engaged in physical activity in gym class.

The complex consists of several levels, depending on how difficult it is to perform the exercises for slimming the abdomen. If technique is too fancy, there are easier variation. Conversely, if you find that exercise for weight loss belly lungs, there is a way to complicate things.

Solely exercise for weight loss belly enough, you need to follow the diet and give up bad habits.


Includes warming the muscles required for a quality workout.
  1. A simple twist of the

    Location — horizontally, feet need to tighten, bent, hands behind head. The shoulders are raised, the ribs are directed to the hip area. In this position you need to count to two, then return to the horizontal position.

  2. Leg lifts

    Great exercise for slimming belly at home.

    The location of the body is horizontally, legs bent, hands at sides. The pelvis is raised, keeping the location of the lower extremities, the score to two and back.

  3. Curl with leg lift

    The source is horizontally, legs bent, hands at sides. The chest and knees simultaneously rising in the direction towards each other.

  4. Lateral twisting

    The location of the body ;— horizontally, feet on floor, hands behind his head. Shoulder stretches to the opposite leg.

  5. The twist with lunge

    Lie on the floor, hands behind head, elbows out to the sides. Legs need to be tightened to the pelvis by bending. The shoulders rise, his knee drawn to his chest, and then leg completely.

  6. Bike

    The location of the body is horizontally, legs bent, heels close to hips, hands behind head. The shoulders come off the flooring, one leg is straightened at a slight angle. The far shoulder should reach the knee of the opposite leg.

  7. Wiggle toes

    Original position on the floor with legs must be lifted, knees together, hands behind head. The shoulders rise, the toes of one foot, it has to touch the floor covering her back.

  8. Circular rotation

    The location of the body — horizontally, feet to place on the floor, hands behind head. To rise at an angle of about 45 degrees and rotating the housing in both directions.

  9. Deflection

    Position on the knees, elbows must be put on the floor, legs abut socks. Knees off floor coverings, the deficit to three, return to the starting position.

  10. Reference position of the

    The position on the abdomen, relying on the elbow part of the arms, legs, toes. In this position you need to rise and keep the body straight. One leg rises to the level of the pelvis, the score to two, initial position, change of foot.

Warm-up – end of workout

Stretching for about five minutes.

There is another practice that involves 7 exercises for slimming the abdomen. The complex does not operate less efficiently and can help in correction.

  1. Twisting

    The implementation is similar to the first assignments of the previous complex.

  2. Lateral twisting

    Similarly, paragraph 4 of the previous complex.

  3. The rise from the subject

    Lie on the floor, between the feet clamp the ball. The legs are at a right angle to the floor. The legs lean in towards the torso, the ball needs to be in person.

  4. Bend/unbend

    The location of the body horizontal, legs bent, hands behind head. On the exhale, legs straight without touching the floor covering on the inhale bend.

  5. Bike

    Similarly, paragraph 6 of the previous complex.

  6. The bridge

    The location is horizontally, legs apart, hands palms down near the neck/ears. Relying on the hands and feet, the body vygeboom, torso off the floor. Then return to the source.

  7. Cat

    Position on the knees. When you inhale the abdomen to be drawn out and round to the maximum back the deficit to five, return to its original state.

If there are no forces to carry out a set of 10 or 7 jobs that you can try out 5 exercises for slimming the abdomen. Training designed for the lazy, but still want to have a slim figure ladies, the most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen.

  • Lateral stretching

    The location of the body — standing, feet on the floor to bend, the arms lock above the knees. Right leg out to the side straightening the weight of the body to move on the opposite leg. Right hand to raise and guide it to the left. Account to 8, repeat to the other side.

  • Diamond

    Starting position — standing, hands in front of chest, fingertips together, with the force necessary to press a finger at each other.

  • Abdominals

    Any exercise of the previous complexes.

  • Scissors

    Lie on the floor, legs raised, then made the swing to the opposite side crosswise.

  • Cat

    Method execution is similar to the previous complex.

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Don't forget that charging should be performed at the same time. And indeed, strict routine is very important. Determining when is the best time to exercise for weight loss belly and sides, guided by the individual characteristics of the organism. As a rule, the best time to workout is between 10 and 11 hours a day. At this time your body is fully awake and ready to start home exercises for weight loss belly, ensuring maximum effectiveness of such training.