The most effective exercises for weight loss parties

Same story with parties and other problem areas of the body.

Seem to adjustments the coaches spend a lot of time and effort, and a man with a large amount of hassle just no time to do sports.

Rest assured, it's all excuses: affordable ways to change the shape of your abdomen and back exist.

Today we elaborate on each of them, and you follow our guidelines and apply them in practice.

The result of our joint efforts is exactly like you!

exercise for weight loss

The main reasons for the obesity of the abdomen and flanks

Obesity is the scourge of modern society is a fact, not disputable.

Just look around, be attentive to passersby on the street, colleagues at work and even his closest circle of friends.

With high probability you will find a lot of people who have acute weight problem. Cardiovascular disease, cancer and obesity is the main epidemic of the XXI century.

What is the reason of mass character of these phenomena? In fact, historians and anthropologists have found that our ancestors ate much more than we do and tried to do it as often as possible. The answer lies on the surface: it's all in the way of life.

We have become too sedentary, passive, a little time in the fresh air. "Where to find it, that fresh air, living in the city?", — you will ask.

Indeed, such an objection is quite true. The deplorable state of the environment strongly influences an epidemic of obesity.

Our body is under constant exposure of toxins, which in large quantities are absorbed through polluted air.

Even a trip out of town does not bring such use before the invention of the Assembly line and the steam engine.

Third in line the cause of obesity — poor diet.

The word "wrong" we mean the following things:

  • Low quality products;
  • Lack of or too a small number of greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • The lack of consistency in the meal.

Only if you reconsider your attitude towards all three points, you will be able to tell that your food is balanced and correct. So the unit can boast.

In addition to the above reasons for obesity such problem areas as the stomach and hips, influenced by other factors, which, unfortunately, depend on us.

We are talking about heredity and hormonal disruptions. In the first case, man is powerless that can stop the progression of the disease sports or moderate food intake.

Sooner or later the disease will appear again. But don't give up with excess fat it is possible to fight if you have the desire and zeal.

Hormonal disruptions, especially in women, is quite common.

The reasons for these dysfunctions are stress, pregnancy, puberty, hormonal medications — the list goes on and on.


In the event of a failure to deal with obesity is somewhat easier than in the presence of bad heredity, but it is very time-consuming process.

Also the appearance of belly fat depends on muscle tone. With age it weakens and the sides and belly become soft.

Select the proper exercise

Before you actively start training, you should determine their character.

You should clearly see the goal, and based on the desired result, choose the way to achieve it.

Very important to manage and paint exercise. The force on the muscles may have a different effect depending on speed, intensity and types of exercises.

Your goal is to get rid of the sides, belly and excess body fat.

For this you need to combine cardio with exercises to return muscle tone.

Gone is the lethargy, tendency to tire quickly, the body will begin charging useful energy and get rid of excess weight.

Basically you need to focus on abdominal muscles. You can use the means at hand: balloons for aerobics, weights.

It is also very important to regularly run and go for long walks over long distances.

No program of training or method of weight loss with exercise is not complete without them.

Running is the strengthening of the muscular fibres of the whole body intense exercise the cardiovascular system, the development of the musculoskeletal system and, very importantly, the development of the press.

Experts in the field of physical training noted that regular Jogging for short distances is able to adjust the shape, especially the sides and belly.

Most likely you heard a lot of good things about yoga.

Proper connection of the mental, spiritual and physical started ensures versatile development.

It's okay if you have little interest in the question of spiritual enrichment, to correct the shape using yoga will still work.

Moreover, this method is probably the most effective, as evidenced by the experience of thousands of people.

Also pay attention to these types of rhythmic gymnastics

  • Aerobics;
  • Shaping.

They can be used to clean up the notorious body fat, even in the most neglected situations.

The latter type was designed specifically for figure correction.

Rhythmic gymnastics suits women of all ages, as it takes into account age-related changes and consists of exercises that will fit your goals and body features.

The shaping is aimed at fat burning, "sculptural modeling" body shape and her fixation.

Moreover, the method does not mean the use of bulky equipment and other hardware than is also very attractive.

Aerobics is the most optimistic and exciting method to lose weight.


It does not use too heavy strength exercises, as its aim is to support muscle tone, without which it is impossible to get rid of the sides and belly.

In addition, this form of gymnastics has a cosmetic effect and helps to maintain healthy skin.

Next we will talk about exercises that are easy to do at home, but the best effect you will achieve if you work holistically — combining a trip to the gym with practicing at home.

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Finally, move on to the fun: practice. Arm yourself with patience and diligence and you will surely succeed!

In the first place before any of the exercises, however simple they may be, start with a warm up.

It is necessary to warm up the body, bringing the muscles into the "combat readiness" and minimize the risk of injury.

Stretching exercises are simple: head turns left-right, forward-backward, tilt the torso a circular movement with your elbows or hands, stretching.

Can do them in a convenient order. The main thing — do not exert too much effort, just to properly prepare the body for exercise.


So you warmed up and dragged the body and is ready to perform specific actions:

  • Accept the initial position — sit back lying on your back. Bend your knees, and hands interlock in the neck. Slightly tighten your stomach muscles and focus on the job.
  • Slowly lift the shoulders, keep abdominal muscles tense. Slightly stretch towards the bent knees and lock this position is not relaxed for a few seconds.
  • Descend on the inhale. Pay attention to hands and feet — they must be in the same position.
  • Do 10 reps, rest a minute and again 10 reps. During the break between sets, try to relax and breath.

The rise of the pelvis

A great exercise to strengthen and develop muscles and press lower belly.

The video will help to understand if something is not clear.

  • Lie on your back, bend and raise your legs so that the feet were parallel to the floor and the knee — pelvis. Stretch your hands so that they were perpendicular to the torso.
  • Slowly lift hips off the floor, not forgetting to strain the abdominal muscles and without changing the position of the knees and feet.
  • Fix this position for a few seconds, down on the exhale, relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times, then take a minute break and another approach.

Lateral twisting

Popular exercise slimming belly at home and a thorough study of the oblique muscles.

An improved version of the conventional twisting.

  • Initial position: it is convenient to lie back and concentrate. Legs still bent at the knees, foot confidently resting on the floor at a distance apart approximately shoulder width. Thighs slightly apart. Hands behind his head.
  • Severing the left elbow off the floor and slightly drawn to the right knee, straining press. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the right elbow and left knee.
  • One elbow should always be in contact with the floor so you don't lose your balance.
  • During the break between the two turns, to relax the abdominal muscles and breathe.
  • Enough to start 2-3 approaches on 10 repetitions.


We are confident that your school physical education teacher just loved this is an effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides.

And not for nothing: it's very simple, but simultaneously strengthens several muscle groups.


  • Lie on your back. Lift your legs and pull the heel closer to the pelvis. Find the optimal position and fix it. Keep your hands behind your head, fingers linked together.
  • Slowly lifted from the floor, tense the muscles of the abdomen. Raise one leg at a slight angle, simultaneously extend your elbow to the opposite knee. Return to the starting position and repeat all with the other leg and elbow.
  • Do 10-15 reps, then pause lying on the floor and relax. Taking another approach.

Circular rotation

slim figure

Effective exercise for strengthening and training of all the muscle groups of the abdomen.

  • Lie back comfortably, put his feet on the floor, knees bent at a slight angle.
  • Not much straining of the abdominal muscles and make a complete circular rotation of the pelvis 5 times to the left, same on the right. Watching that in the course of the exercise, the pelvis was permanently pressed to the floor. Of your hands linked behind his head.
  • Rest between two full circles of rotation and repeat.

Easy exercise for stomach and waist

  • Take a stubborn position on his stomach. Become comfortable on the elbows and socks, torso should be perpendicular to the floor. Do the exercise on a carpet or put under your elbows soft.
  • Raise one leg to hip level, fix it. Count to two, lower the leg and raise the other. Follow the correct position of the torso relative to the floor.
  • Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

If you will daily perform all the above exercises, the result will come quickly.

A train 3-4 times a week, but it's not your option.

The advantage of training at home without the use of iron is to avoid overload as all the exercises are purely restorative, tonic and corrective in nature.

Try to do at the same time. If you feel that the body is too used to the load, start to increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

Many are advised to do the exercises faster, but in the case of turns (this is the main weapon to eliminate excess fat on the abdomen and flanks) is not only ineffective, but can harm.

For purposes of clarity, we also attach a video of exercises for weight loss belly and sides.

Just follow our instructions if something is unclear- see, as do the instructors and repeat themselves.

Believe me, to adjust the figure at home, there is absolutely nothing complicated!