Diet for weight loss menu for a week

The human body is difficult to force to burn your own body fat. Suppose that we manage to start the fat burning process, and the desired result was achieved. But for some reason, the extra pounds after a fairly short period of time came back again. Unexpectedly? No, nutritionists will tell you that all natural. The slimming process is not instantaneous, it is important not only to reduce weight but also to prevent his possible return. For this there is a diet to lose weight, which are not simply sample menu for a specific period of time (week, month), and which also includes a number of rules that must be followed. With them, and it is proposed to start.

Six important rules

Diet for weight loss

Diet for weight loss suggests that it is necessary not only to observe certain dietary restrictions, but also to follow some other rules. What about the rules is it?

1) upon waking do not immediately eat food. Much more useful after waking up to do low-intensity exercise for 15-20 minutes. This rule, of course, is for those people who are not used to do light exercises every morning. Under low-intensity physical activity refers to slow walking, slow running, exercises on simulators, and more. Can be overcome the way to work on foot, but to use this walk as a low-intensity physical training is possible only under the condition that the first Breakfast will be at work.

Note: following this paragraph, you need to be very careful, because not everyone can run, jump or engage in any other kind of physical activity.

2) Breakfast should be nutritious, but this does not mean that you need to eat a lot. The fact that after physical activity in the morning, as well as in its absence when the night people "hungry", the body will try to save fats. And if they will come with food, the body will not just be able to save them, but multiply.

Tip: it is likely that hunger would be too strong and will cause some discomfort. In this case, it is possible to compromise with the body, eating an Apple or other fruit.

3) you need to Eat small portions 4-5 times a day. Nutritionists quite often said about this rule, because food should be enough to maintain blood glucose at normal levels, restore glycogen and provide the body with the necessary vitamins and elements. To achieve this goal requires a lot of food. Another thing that diet for weight loss should be varied. That is why, if you eat a lot, the body not only copes with the task, but also performs another: convert the excess calories into fat.

4) keep a food diary, because it is easier to control yourself, it is convenient to analyze the healthy diet for weight loss, to make the necessary changes and additions to it.

keep a food diary

The diary to reflect the menu for the week that will help, for example, to make the necessary purchase on Sunday. No less important is a food diary and to control the amount of food eaten. Quite often people who want to lose weight, don't consider eating a full meal. But they don't know what nutritionists call the snack food "on the go" uncontrolled intake of calories. Here the experts attribute the situation when a person eats, but not sits down at the table, don't put food on a plate, and when it operates on the principle that ate a spoonful of soup, a piece of sausage, a spoonful of salad. In that case, if journaling becomes a habit, like snacking will also be made, as if automatically. This, in turn, will allow to estimate really, how many food eaten during the day.

5) healthy Diet for weight loss needs to be based on individual norms of consumption of food. It is calculated quite simply using a special formula. Nutritionists believe that weight loss in the body should consume no more than 40% calories than calculated on individual normal.

6) Diet for weight loss for a month (or other period) needs to be balanced. To comply with this rule will help point number 4, offering dieters to keep a food diary. But the diary can not be restricted. So, there are nutrition calculators that will help automatically be considered a fault and (or) excess of vitamins, elements. They are ideal for determining the daily calorie consumption.

Menu for the week

Menu for the week

To make a proper menu for a week can be difficult. Of reasons there is quite a lot. First, differences in age, weight. Second, the calorie consumption per day, which is also affected by a number of factors. Thirdly, individual food preferences, since the process of weight loss largely depends on the psychological state of the person. And if you constantly have hated oatmeal, it is unlikely that the pounds will go as fast as we would like.

Sample diet for weight loss for the week as follows.


First Breakfast: salad from vegetables, buckwheat porridge on the water, tea (it is better to stop the choice on green).

Second Breakfast: fruits (pear, banana), yogurt (one or two - day).

Lunch: chicken fillet boiled, stewing vegetables (any), fish soup, stewed fruit.

Dinner: vegetable Salad (you can substitute stew), bread made of bran, tea.


First Breakfast: cereal with yogurt with no fillers, Apple sour-sweet (you can substitute pear), natural coffee.

Second Breakfast: cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream, a decoction of berries, such as rosehip.

Lunch: soup of vegetable broth with the addition of any cereals, brown (!) rice, baked fish, salad, juice or compote.

Snack: figs or apricots with yogurt with no fillers.

Dinner: steak, vegetable salad, tea.


First Breakfast: oatmeal in milk or water, baked apples, organic coffee or tea (again, tea is better to choose green).

Second Breakfast: yogurt without toppings, nuts (very few, because they are useful products, but also high in calories).

Lunch: soup in meat broth with fresh cabbage, mashed potatoes, fish cakes, juice.

Afternoon snack: salad from any fruit, crackers unflavored.

Dinner: stew of vegetables, ham, tea.


First Breakfast: casserole of cheese with candied fruit, toast, drinks – tea, juice or organic coffee.

Second Breakfast: Apple, yogurt, no fillers.

Lunch: buckwheat on water, chicken cutlet, soup, juice.

Afternoon snack: some nuts and dried fruit, yogurt with no fillers.

Dinner: salad, filet of chicken, a Cup of tea.


Breakfast: rice cereal with milk (she should be sweet) in the cereal, it is advisable to add dried fruit, drinks – tea or organic coffee.

Second Breakfast: fruit – banana, yogurt (one or two - day) or a yogurt with no fillers.

Lunch: vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, stew, vegetable salad, juice or compote.

Snack: low-fat cottage cheese, toast, crackers, cocoa.

Dinner: vegetable salad, boiled fish, yogurt, with no fillers.


First Breakfast: salad from vegetables, scrambled eggs, toast (you can substitute multi-grain bread), natural coffee or tea with milk.

Second Breakfast: yogurt with no fillers, a little marmalade or several rings of pineapple.

Lunch: chicken soup with vegetables, chicken breast, salad, compote or juice.

Snack: cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream, dried fruits.

Dinner: boiled chicken breast, salad, juice or tea.


Breakfast: oatmeal, any sweet fruit, organic coffee or tea.

Second Breakfast: biscuits, cookies, crackers unflavored or toast, juice.

Lunch: soup with buckwheat, baked meat with vegetables, compote or juice.

Afternoon snack: any fruit, yogurt with no fillers, tea.

Dinner: vegetable salad, brown rice, some boiled fish or meat, tea.

In conclusion

sample diet for weight loss for a week

So maybe look sample diet for weight loss for a week. It cannot be used for a longer period (a month), because it is violated one of the principles of diet for weight loss, namely: it needs to be balanced. The application of the same products can lead to the formation of lack in the body of a particular element.