Lose weight in 3 weeks: training program

The main girlfriend for all of 3 weeks should be intense circuit training (do not forget about the workout!), developed by our expert – the double champion of Europe in fitness, master trainer gym club "World Class Romanov".

exercise for weight loss

The training program for the first week

Monday: power + cardio
Tuesday: cardio
Environment: power
Thursday: cardio
Friday: power + cardio
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

CARDIO: pick of the week – brisk walking or slow Jogging on the pulse of 60-70% of maximum length of 1 hour. Incidentally, the upper limit of the pulse is determined by the formula:
(220 – age) x 0.7

The POWER PROGRAM will have to Deal with seriously, but still the proposed option the minimum is tedious and the most harmonious. Training is divided into 2 parts – 2 small circle.

First 3 times running the first of them (between "speed" is 60 seconds). Then 3 minutes going and start the second circle, acting in the same pattern: we pass it 3 times with a break between them in 60 seconds. All!

The first round

Lunges ago

  • Stand upright: feet shoulder width of the pelvis, hands on waist. Take a step back and fall into a deep lunge, bending both knees 90 degrees.
  • Push off heel of foot from the floor and return to starting position. Perform 20 repetitions on one side then the same on the other.

Deadlifts with dumbbells

  • To put feet on the width of the pelvis, slightly bend your knees and pick up the dumbbells weighing 4-5 kg (the shells are on the front of the thighs).
  • Keeping the curve in their lower back, take pelvis back and lower the body parallel to the floor. Dumbbells at this point, you have to kind of slide in feet – keeping the shells as close as possible to him.
  • To return to the starting position. To do 20 repetitions.

Thrust in the slope

  • Make the position "deadlift": the pelvis retracted, knees slightly bent, back straight, in each hand a dumbbell weighing 4 kg.
  • Keeping the small curve in the lower back and bringing the shoulder blades towards the spine, pull the shells towards the bottom of the abdomen. This is one repetition. To do 15-20.


  • Get in push-up position: feet on width of pelvis, body stretched in a straight line from head to toe. Down the whole body, not rotting lower back and without lifting a pelvis upstairs.
  • To do 12-15 reps. If it is difficult to perform the exercise kneeling.

The reverse twisting (bottom press)

  • Lie on your back: put your hands behind your head, and feet to bend to make two right angles in the knee and hip joints, lower back pressed to the floor.
  • Keeping the body stationary, due to the strain the abdominal muscles to pull the pelvis off the floor. To return to the starting position, knees do not bend. Do 20-30 reps.

The Second Round

Abduction of the arms with dumbbells in hand

  • Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width of the pelvis and slightly bent knees. A dumbbell (2-3 kg each) to keep at hip level, elbows slightly bent and unfolded.
  • Without changing the angle at the elbow, raise the arms up through the sides parallel to the floor.
  • Important: try not to pull the shoulders to the ears. The end point of the shoulder, elbow and hand should be approximately on the same level. To return to the starting position. To do 20 repetitions.

Extension arms with dumbbells in the slope (2 kg)

  • Make the position "rod in the slope": body parallel to floor, knees slightly bent, dumbbells tight to the bottom of the abdomen (A). Straighten arms parallel to the floor (B). To bring them back is one repetition. To do 20.

Abduction of the hip while lying

  • Put on ankle weights. Lie down on your side (one arm under his head, the second is conveniently rests on the Mat) and bend the bottom knee to sustainability.
  • Holding the abdominal muscles in constant tension, lift the upper leg parallel to the floor or slightly higher. Lower limb (not completely on the floor, just touch his toe) – and to raise again to the top.
  • Do 30 reps on this side. Further, in order not to lose time in vain, and proceed to the next exercise lying on the same side: now to work the lower leg.

Bringing the hip while lying

  • Straighten the bottom leg and the top to put in front of her, bending knee 90 degrees (Shin and foot on the floor). Without bending the lower limb to cheer her up. Perform 30 repetitions.
  • Then over on the other side and do it the same manipulation of the foot: the first 30 reps "of hip abduction", and the same to "bring".

Classic twisting (top press)

  • Lie on your back, hands bent in front of him, legs about 90 degrees – so that the lower back pressed to the floor. Slowly lift the shoulders and shoulder blades: removing one vertebra after another – to the waist.
  • Also mild to return to its original position. Perform 20-30 repetitions.

* In the gym these exercises can be performed lying down and on specially designed simulators. It is important to remember this:

  • In the first case (abduction of legs) to keep the back straight need, throws his hips to the side at the angle not more than 45 degrees (this is the limit of the joints), not to make movements in the lower back and not tear her from the back of the machine doesn't tilt the pelvis.
  • Completing the cast, abide by the same rules, plus return to the starting position don't jerk, but smoothly, otherwise there is a risk to stretch the inner thighs.

The training program for second week

Monday: power + cardio
Tuesday: cardio
Environment: power + cardio
Thursday: cardio
Friday: power + cardio
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

CARDIO: Now it is more – 5 workouts, 1 hour in average speed. In the days of power training work the same way as in the first week. The rest of you: raise the angle on the treadmill by 4-5 degrees. It is also important to adhere to the boundaries of the heart rate (60-70% of max) – movement speed slightly reduced.

POWER PROGRAM: Continue "spinning" on the plan of the first week (run first then second round). Plus you can complicate the load: instead of resting inside the circles to jump rope for 60 seconds. Moving from the first to the second part of the workout, also you can jump 1 minute: the time to relax and prepare the equipment will have 2 minutes.

The training program on the third week

Monday: power + cardio
Tuesday: cardio
Environment: power + cardio
Thursday: cardio
Friday: power + cardio
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

CARDIO: Change the concept. In the days of strength training can walk or run uphill – 4-5 degrees of tilt of the track (within 1 hour). In the other two to perform interval training. For example, this:

2 minutes: walking (warm-up);
4 minutes: run at a heart rate 70% of maximum;
2 minutes: add the tempo to a pulse of 80% of the maximum;
2 minutes: rest on the pulse 60% of the maximum.
Just have to beat 5 of such series (warm-up is performed once). And then go to download the press (we seriously).

POWER PROGRAM: Without the rope in between the wheels is not enough.