an effective menu for weight loss

Before you sit on different diets, should wisely examine what they can bring. Not all will benefit. Today we will try to understand what you should consider when choosing diet and give a sample menu for each day for effective weight loss. You will just have to weigh the pros and cons and choose what is right for you.

The basics of the diet

the menu for each day-to-effective-slimming

Almost every person has ever thought about what it's like to lose weight.

In the first place to these thoughts effectively pushes the desire to look like both themselves and the opposite sex. But few people think that excess weight affects not only social engagement, but also throughout the body as a whole.

It should be noted that the issue of getting rid of extra pounds is purely individual. It is not necessary to rely on the experience of your friends. The organisms are different, as a reaction to a particular diet.

So it is not necessary to spend big money, promising trusting advertising. All can be achieved by. The main thing to want.

Therefore, if you decide to lose weight, be ready for a big change. They will affect not only the physical side of your life, but also moral aspects. You have to completely flip your mind.

Also note the fact that the process of losing weight is very time consuming and in most cases to achieve the result you have to acquire patience.

Sometimes we dream that when I Wake up in the morning, all the excess fat disappear like magic. But, unfortunately, this is not happening. So you should have patience and endurance.

Take a diet as a game. If you have the right attitude, you can do this. Challenge yourself, if it comes to that. After all, in addition to non-favourite food, you have to deal with physical exertion. Unfortunately, without them the result will be different.

Ask yourself the purpose of self-education, to accustom themselves to the discipline. And safely move to its goal.

Also keep in mind that it is not enough just to estimate how many pounds you need to get rid of. You should consider body proportions.

Don't forget that during physical activity fat is gone you will have to appear muscle mass. This can negatively affect your figure.

It is therefore very important to treat this process carelessly. On the advice of experts in the field of dietetics should start a food diary. This allows you to clearly define your diet.

For a start, you should determine the amount of food and frequency of its use.

To set the clock supply to be followed.

About exercise, water and victories


And again on the exercise. In the fat burning process due to the loads you will have to decrease the volume of the body, but to achieve the balance necessary to help increase the muscle mass. This is a great way to promote products enriched with proteins. So, making a diet, try to keep it protein foods.

Don't forget about the water. Discipline yourself to drink at least two liters a day, not counting all the other beverages.

Whatever you are a fans of fast food and sweet, I advise you strongly to eliminate from your diet.

And if you at some point are going to seem under the seductive clicking of cake, think of how slim and beautiful you will become to not bend under the pressure of their desires.

As we have already talked about the psychological mindset, try to choose the healthy food that you eat.

Do not have to eat one buckwheat, which you can't stand. The right food can also delicious and aesthetically pleasing look. Think about it.

Record your victory. Even if at first they will be very tiny. Noting the weight loss in your diary, you'll never forget these figures. You can either praise themselves or to understand that making little effort.

What prevents us to lose weight?

  • The first is the sugar and salt. Like drinking tea without sugar, and meals just to add salt in case, if you can't pass it up. Remember, salt retains moisture in the body.
  • Muesli and white bread varieties
  • Fig. If you intend to use in cooking stop the choice on brown rice
  • All confectionery products
  • Favored by many Mayo and ketchup
  • Sausages, sausages, a variety of semi-finished products
  • Hard cheese varieties. This product increased the oiliness that will play against you
  • Give preference to natural milk products without sweeteners and fruit additives.
  • Broths based on meat. Even if you think that the use of them and boiled meat will not bring harm. This is a misconception
  • Fast food
  • Soda
  • And, of course, alcohol.

How to start eating healthy food?


Do not try to drastically change your diet. It will bring your body of unnecessary stress. To start with the usual meal, up to of cookies. Record, don't be lazy. It helps you to soberly analyze the situation.

Change the menu gradually. Do not rush to a whirlpool with a head. Replace fried foods for steamed or bake in the oven. Piece of cake substitute fruit or a small spoon of natural honey.

Understand that if your body will start to starve, they'll fight back and Vice versa to accumulate fats. You should carefully prepare him for the change of diet.

What are the challenges of proper nutrition?

  1. You need to recuperate body energy in the form of food
  2. It is not necessary to select only one product in the diet. The body is a complex mechanism that requires protein, carbohydrates and fats. So you should make your diet varied.
  3. Established office hours. If you program your body to a certain food it would be beneficial for metabolism.

At home lose weight: basic diet


There are many different techniques for weight loss. They are full pages on the Internet. But choosing a particular do not forget about the stress your body and damage.

Consider the main types of diets

Protein diet

The advantage of this diet is considered a positive effect of protein on burning excess fat cells. Everything else it reduces the feeling of hunger to a minimum. But the disadvantages are large.

You may experience irregular pressure. Will have an impact on the productivity of the liver, kidneys and stomach. It depends on what you need that body carbohydrates and fats you minimizes.

Extreme diet

One name already speaks for itself. By choosing this diet, you should be aware of how you can use it to injure the body.

Weight loss in this case occurs quickly due to moisture loss, because you are limiting not only the nutrients from food, but also receiving water. Last this diet should not more than three days.

Drinking diet

In principle, this method of weight loss will not only help you to cope with excess fats, but will also cleanse the body. Its essence lies in the reception solely of liquid food.

The disadvantages include its considerable duration within 30 days and possible digestive problems due to the lack of solid food.


In the case of a correct choice of the absorbing product, great damage to the health of this diet will bring. But still it breaks the usual metabolic processes. The key lies in the consumption of one product that can be eaten in any quantity.

Three components: fats, proteins, carbohydrates

It is worth noting that if you decided not just to lose weight but to start eating healthier, not excluding from the diet of the three pillars important to the body, you should understand their meaning.

  • Proteins. This is what in fact builds our body. As mentioned earlier, they must be present in the diet for balance in muscle tissue. These include dairy products, eggs, fish and meat without fat layer.
  • Carbohydrates. These include sweet foods and pastries. But eliminating carbs is not enough to replace the simple to the complex, such as cereals.
  • Fats. They are responsible for the structure of cells, and therefore completely exclude from the diet they should not. Can for not a lot to eat seafood and olive oil.

Foods that promote fat burning


There are a number of fat burners from natural origin. These are some types of fruits and vegetables, and spices.

For women best natural fat burner is fruits, green tea. It also can include ginger, cinnamon, figs, red wine, grapefruit, Apple, any kind of cabbage, celery.

Especially useful for weight loss women to eat oatmeal. It is slowly digested, so for a long time numbs the hunger. Oatmeal helps to remove cholesterol from the body. Eating a Breakfast of porridge, the body will be filled with fiber that will not fall of the glucose level.

Lean chicken breast is an effective fat burner for women, metabolism.

Red wine consumption of not more than 1 Cup a day will give effect to the female body.

Effective fat burners for women, grapefruit, pineapple, ginger.

The basics of proper nutrition

If you have decided to lose weight using the correct nutrition, then maybe over time it will become your habit. Because thanks to him you will not only become more attractive but also healthier.

What to consider with a proper diet?

  1. Eliminate fried foods. Now you should give your preference to such methods of cooking like braising, roasting, boiling. Can enlist the help of a double boiler.
  2. Vegetables and fruits should make up 1/5 of the total daily diet
  3. In the first half of the day you can afford to enjoy a sweet fruit. But after lunch we should replace it with sour.
  4. Eat fats in the form of trout, nuts, avocados
  5. Start the day with carbohydrates
  6. Proteins as a daily requirement for the success!
  7. Limit the main food intake to 400 grams.
  8. Try to chew slowly, slowly. Remember that feeling of fullness comes only after 20 minutes.
  9. If you have a place to be pasta from durum, it is necessary to combine them with vegetables instead of meat.
  10. Don't let your body get hungry. To do this, but the main course let light snacks. This is perfect nuts and fruits.
  11. The last meal should be around for a couple of hours before you went to bed. Dinner is better to eat fish or dairy products.
  12. Plan your Breakfast so as to begin only half an hour as your body woke up. To do this, cook porridge or eat cottage cheese with fruit.

The first option is a healthy diet

dining options

Once we understand the basic aspects of healthy eating, then it's time to move on to concrete examples. Next, we analyze the menu for each day of the week.

Breakfast: Apple, rice porridge, coffee. Lunch: toasted wheat bread, egg, tomato Dinner: baked Pollock, cauliflower salad Afternoon snack: Apple, green tea, cheese 5% Dinner: vegetable stew, boiled chicken breast.
Breakfast: Green tea and whole wheat bread with cheese Lunch: cottage Cheese fat content of 5% Lunch: lean Meat soup and Chinese cabbage salad Afternoon snack: Apple green 2pcs Dinner: herbal Tea, a couple of cucumbers and boiled Turkey
Breakfast: Tea with lemon, oatmeal with honey and banana Lunch: Green tea, walnuts and Apple Lunch: Brown rice with steamed vegetables Afternoon snack: Coffee, casserole with cottage cheese, banana Dinner: Salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, cooked shrimp
Breakfast: Buckwheat, green tea and all berries Lunch: Yogurt Lunch: boiled hake with green salad Afternoon snack: Salad with tomatoes and cucumbers Dinner: Roasted pork tenderloin, cheese, cucumber
Breakfast: mashed potatoes with egg and tomato Lunch: Herbal tea and grapefruit Lunch: Soup without meat, rye toast with cheese Snack: Pudding with cheese and raisins, sour cream with fat content not more than 15% Dinner: Baked Pollock with green salad
Breakfast: Boiled egg, tea with a slice of lemon Lunch: a couple of oranges Lunch: Baked potato and chicken breast Snack: low fat yogurt and pear Dinner: Cheese 5% and baked apples
Breakfast: Porridge of millet, coffee Lunch: kiwi 2 PCs Lunch: boiled beef with vegetables Afternoon snack: boiled squid, tomato juice Dinner: fish cakes with steamed tomatoes.

Sample diet menus

Benefits diet personally, is obvious. You can rely on their own preferences and financial resources. To facilitate the compilation of personal diet will help you online calorie counters that you'll find on the Internet or smartphone applications, what is missing in the app stores.

Given our menu on a diet is regarded as the clue to the diet does not just bring you the desired result, but no harm to General health.

It is also important to consider another rule — despite the flow of all necessary nutrients, it is still necessary to do a restriction in calories. Their number should not exceed 200 units.

How to make the process of losing weight not only effective but also delicious?

In order to achieve their goals and not feel much discomfort either physically or mentally, you can make some amendments to the above-quoted examples.

For example, a couple of times a week can afford to eat boiled potatoes or pasta durum wheat.

Or treat yourself to three times in seven days, a small piece of dark chocolate.

Well, by the end of the week you can relieve stress with a glass of red wine!