Slimming tea: lose weight with the mind or with tea?

Ladies tempt to rash steps promotional offers with promises of rapid weight loss. The most harmless of them seem appeals to drink tea from special herbs and immediately prepare to enter the podium.

tea for weight loss

An offer hard to refuse

Tea with Lotus and forget about weight problems can, to use products brought from distant China. So say Chinese manufacturers. After reading about the magical properties of the beverage based on exotic plants, the shower and breaks curvaceous body in my haste to let him go.

The composition of tea can be as unknown to the Russians, the Chinese chrysanthemum flowers, and verified hawthorn berries, yarrow, peppermint, St. John's wort. Exotic names are hypnotic, home — calm and inspire confidence. Really, what could be the harm of medicinal herbs, since it is medicinal?

Toxins friendly crowd

All companies that produce tea for weight loss, insist on the harmlessness of their product. What could be the harm in removing toxins from the body? Laxatives and diuretic substances in the composition of herbal teas really do the task. That along with the toxins will leave the healthy bacteria of the intestines, prevent is not accepted. The highly polished body is without the indigenous inhabitants and not capable of independent full functioning. Goiter is a diagnosis number one for fans of instant weight loss. A potassium deficiency (and he also exhibited "on the street") faces more serious problems with heart and kidneys.

Further surprises will be chronic constipation. If the beginning of a passion lover of herbal mixtures restlessly stay close to the toilet, after they gut depressed. Affects unnecessary harm to the digestive tract and results in a lethargy of the intestinal and isolation.

There is a strong dependency, both physical and psychological. The euphoria of weight loss is changing irritability, fatigue, mood swings. After the cessation of the tea parties scared the fat resorts back and gets a favorite. The effect of the stimulant is over, the body returns to its shores.

Weight loss due to the diuretic effect leads to disruption of water balance. First and foremost, does the skin, it wrinkles. Human skin — not a harmonica, with impunity, to experiment with it will not work. "Wet" weight, the body gains immediately, the balance is a familiar figure.

Physicians flexing your profile

Herbal blends dull appetite, it's true. The question is the price that you are willing to pay for it. Research ingredients that reduce appetite, showed that these drugs can cause lung and heart disease.

Physicians that accept thin patients, unequivocally opposed to the practice of lightening fast weight loss. Arrhythmia is just one of the diagnoses that you'll get an uncontrolled consumption of tea. At best you will get sharp jumps of pressure for hypertensive patients is especially dangerous.

Grass allergies are other threats. Unknown components can cause a rapid worsening of the disease.

Those who cherishes the gallstones, you can try slimming tea is not recommended. Pregnant and breastfeeding this tea is contraindicated in principle.

If impossible, but very desirable

How to be ladies, decided to take a new shape, willing to take risks in the pursuit of a slim figure? The temptation to take away 5 pounds in one week is great. Know all about the need for physical exercise, balanced diet, but his hands are drawn to the "effective and harmless" means.

First, talk with your doctor. He fat? In this case, if possible, visit a nutritionist.

You have bought the cutest packaging? Look closely at the information about the country of origin, study the composition of tea for weight loss. Tea, certified on the territory of Russia, it is safer than imported.

Be aware that herbal teas for weight loss, containing the drug sibutramine banned in USA and European countries since 2010. The ban includes a number of popular brands, as revealed a direct Association between consumption of their products and the cases of heart attacks, strokes, hypertensive crises.

Regular Wellness herbal tea gives a more gradual decrease in weight up to 1.5 kg in a month, but the result is probably. Of course, if you support the tea party fitness and legible relationship with calories. Promiscuity with fatty and sugary products are guaranteed to be successful cellulite.

To accelerate metabolism good also green and ginger tea. They also have contraindications, but they are much smaller.

If you are sure that you can drink it tea for weight loss, check the date of your start of a bold red circle. More than two weeks this tea can not drink! Don't forget, you have yourself one.