The most effective folk remedies for weight loss:foods, herbs, baths

And not in vain, many people's methods of weight loss based on natural ingredients, according to this, folk remedies not only help to lose weight, but will also be able to supply your body with vitamins and minerals. As well as to enhance immunity and still have a beneficial effect on the condition of your skin.

folk remedies for weight loss

Another bell that folk remedies for weight loss, rather methods to strengthen the body, improve metabolism and establish the digestive functions, not just the goal of weight loss, is that the current standards figures previously considered something that is not beautiful, and not even acceptable. A woman of those times had to be with a good figure and have quite a curvy shape, in any case not smooth and complete, namely lush, because it was necessary for procreation, for tough work and endurance. And the word "lean" was used as synonymous with "bad". According to this, all of the following people's tricks were fixed it is to strengthen and improve the functioning of the body, and even our modern ladies chose the ones which would have rendered efficient service in the process of losing weight.

Fresh juices for weight loss

Receivers of folk remedies for weight loss actively used the juices from fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and even juice of some trees. Substances fresh juices actively affect the body in General, whether the acceleration of metabolism, or the withdrawal of toxins from the body, or the banal suppression of hunger, all of these properties will help in the fight against excess weight.

  • cabbage juice – contributes to increased fat burning and metabolism. Cabbage juice prevents the formation of fat from "fast" carbohydrates, improves digestion and removes accumulated body toxins and wastes;
  • pumpkin juice improves the work of gastrointestinal tract and liver, as well as removes excess water from the body, preventing swelling;
  • celery juice – can accelerate metabolism, reduce cholesterol in the blood and improved the immune properties of the organism. Celery juice has a light diuretic properties that eliminates excess water in the body;
  • tomato juice – can reduce the appetite and cause a more rapid feeling of satiety. It improves the metabolic processes in the body and enhances immunity;
  • cucumber juice – stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, is a light diuretic;
  • grapefruit juice can affect a more rapid disintegration of fat, removes toxins from the body and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • eggplant juice reduces appetite and hunger, and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • watermelon juice is able to reduce cravings for various sweet and causes a feeling of satiety, removes excess fluid from the body and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • beet juice – removes toxins from body, improves bowel and thyroid, and cleanses and strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • birch juice – significantly increases the metabolic processes in the body, improves the work gastrointestinal tract.

As you can see, the influence of the juices of the various processes in the body quite significant and necessary. However, this does not mean that you should juices replace regular meals, on the contrary, it may serve to development of various disorders and malfunctions of the body. For that would natural fresh juices affect the process of losing weight, they should Supplement your daily the right diet. If you decide that drinking cabbage juice French fries or a huge oil cake, he will in no way affect your figure, you are very wrong. Grieve you not yet found a safe means to ensure that you could have a bad high-calorie foods and not get fat. According to this, to lose weight using juice, you still have to review your diet and change it towards the correct power. Moreover, by deciding to complement their menu of juices, you need to know a lot of nuances about each juice, because each of them has soy purpose and contraindications, as well as the daily rate.

Effective herbs for weight loss

Since we're talking about effective folk remedies for weight loss, here is simply can not do without a variety of herbs. There's someone on that much, and various herbal teas for weight loss and tincture, single herb, or a collection of various herbs. For some reason many people believe that if it is the grass of the Seine, for example, then it absolutely useful and has no side effects and contraindications, it is certainly not the case. Yes indeed, there are herbs that promote weight loss, but this feature is due to the influence on various processes in the body and to answer the question of what herbs for weight loss, you need to understand their effect on the body. Divide the grass into the following groups:

  • diuretic herbs for weight loss burdock, chamomile, plantain, UVA URSI, horsetail, chicory, cowberry leaves, URSI, and others. These herbs help to eliminate excess fluid from the body and consequently eliminate toxins, this mechanism leads to weight reduction. However, avoid diuretic herbs to lose weight, it can lead to dehydration, kidney failure, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and poor blood circulation.
  • laxatives herbs for weight loss – buckthorn bark, rhubarb, fennel, licorice, caraway, nettle, Senna, anise, clover, sea buckthorn. Laxatives herbs cleanse the intestine and normalize its work, stimulate the entire digestive system, remove toxins, this leads to weight reduction. However, the use of laxatives herbs for weight loss, especially over a long period is fraught with addictive body for easy emptying that after completion of the reception of such herbs entails constipation. Moreover, the development of vitamin deficiency and dehydration.
  • choleretic herbs for weight loss – the immortelle, dandelion, barberry, tansy, volodushki, milk Thistle, corn silk. Choleretic herbs improve fat oxidation, which in consequence are more easily absorbed and converted into energy without being deposited in problem areas and various organs. Normalize the secretion and excretion of bile, improves the gall bladder and liver. This is the influence of choleretic herbs the process of losing weight. However choleretic herbs have a number of contraindications which cannot be disregarded. Do not take this kind of stuff if you have the following diseases: pancreatitis, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as those whose tests show an increased amount of liver enzymes.
  • herbs suppress the appetite for weight loss – flax seed, marshmallow root, Angelica, spirulina (algae). Apparently, this kind of grass is most suitable for weight loss. Through the use of tinctures, teas and herbal teas using the herbs you can consume much less calories that a natural way can lead to weight loss. Herbs such as would deceive the body, reducing hunger and increasing the rate of saturation of the body during eating. But again it should not be too carefree about folk remedies, the root of the marshmallow in some cases can cause individual intolerance, but flax seed is not recommended for a long time, moreover, it is contraindicated for people with hepatitis and cholecystitis.
  • soothing herbs for weight loss Valerian, motherwort, Dong Quai. Known fact that during stress, many ladies simply begin to eat away their sorrows and problems, and that is the beginning of weight problems, this, taking, so to speak, soothing herbs, you will be able to prevent inappropriate meals.
herbs for weight loss

Herbal baths for weight loss

Herbal steam bath this is another popular tool that is borrowed modern ladies to perfect figure. Moreover, with the help of herbal baths you can not only fight excess fat deposits, but also to improve the condition of the skin of the whole body.

Birch bath for weight loss. Birch bath will help you restore the water-salt metabolism, improve capillary blood supply. Also birch bath can break down the fat deposits which is the direct effect on the process of weight loss. The bath can be prepared from the leaves or young stems, so you can use birch SAP. And so for birch bath you will need 600 g of raw material (leaves, stems, juice), which you must pour three liters of boiling water and bring to boil. After that, the broth should be slightly cool, strain and add to bath.

Lime bath for weight loss. Lime bath has a diaphoretic action, and removes from the body salts and promotes faster burning of fat. A course of such treatments is 14 days, it is better to run in the evening before bedtime. The time spent in a tub should not exceed more than 15 minutes. To prepare the lime bath, you can use any parts of lime (dry buds, leaves, seeds, bark, buds). And so you will need 300 g of raw material of lime, which must pour five liters of water (boiling water). Put on fire and bring to boil, then cool slightly, strain and add to bath.

Bath with oregano for weight loss. This bath improves blood circulation, including problem areas, causes perspiration, by means of which the body gets rid of toxins. For a noticeable effect, the course of the adoption of such baths should not be less than 10 to 15 times. In order to prepare a bath with oregano you'll need 400 g of oregano (dried) that you need to pour five gallons of boiling water, then put on fire and bring to boil.

As you can see, folk remedies can have quite a significant impact on the process of weight loss and to improve work systems and organs. However, don't forget about the sense of proportion, after all, a folk remedy doesn't give you the guarantee of full security, of naturalness, but not security. Each ingredient of traditional medicine has its contraindications, on this, all of the above ways of influencing the process of losing weight effective and useful, and if you use them wisely. Complement them your proper diet and exercise. Applying this range of impacts, you will achieve the desired results, and never face the problem of excess weight.