Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home

Slim waist, no stomach protrusion, parties are considered to be the dream of every woman and even men. At home you can quickly achieve the desired result, if we approach the matter responsibly and seriously. Will have to revise their physical activity, diet. When the effect of it is fixed periodic training.

exercise for weight loss belly and sides

What exercises should I do to remove belly and flanks

Beginners in the world of fitness may not know is what exercises for weight loss belly and sides is best to use. Simple, but effective exercises are divided into categories:

  • Physical – easy to conduct at home to strengthen your abdominal muscles, they help to burn fat and tighten muscles. They include crunches, crunches, planks, exercises with your body weight. They are executed in combination with a balanced diet and aerobics, so the effect was more pronounced.
  • Respiratory – includes classes bodyflex or occisis, which are based on special breathing.
  • With the use of the cargo – increase the load by lifting weights. Combine them with onere better cardio for effective weight loss.

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides lying

The most popular and simple as home use is considered fat burning exercise for stomach and sides, which are performed lying down. Here are some effective methods and systems that can be used in addition to the standard recommendations of the "rock press" or "make a mill":

  1. Twisting – lying on back, bend knees, keep feet flat on the floor, raise the body and touch your left elbow to the opposite knee, to swap sides. Hands must be fastened behind the head. Should repeat until the burning sensation in the muscles.
  2. The bike burns up the sides, the belly fat "ears" on the hips. While it is lying on the back with concatenated to the back of his head with his hands, in the extracted position off the legs, performing a rotational movement. The execution lasts 2-5 minutes.
  3. Broken scissors – lie on stomach, legs to raise the low, to dissolve in hand, beats them against each other. During class work the oblique muscles, the internal lower part of the thigh, get out of hand.
  4. Strap – helps raise the tone of all muscles of the body. For this you need to stand, leaning on the part of the hand from the wrist to the elbow, the tips of the legs, keeping your back parallel to the floor, eager to suck in her stomach that it was flat, without saggings, sagging, voltage. You need to stand just how much will exposure.

Breathing exercises to reduce waist and sides

Used breathing exercises to remove belly and flanks. There are 2 types of equipment. For getting a flat belly effective bodyflex, occisis. In the first embodiment, the technology provides oxygen to the place of burning fat. To do this on an empty stomach, perform exercises, during which special attention is paid to breathing. The exhale is replaced by a deep breath again then exhaled sharply, the breath. Exercises are performed while holding the breath. It takes up to 10 seconds. that helps to lose fat.

Effective exercises bodyflex lasts 15 min, during which carried out effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back:

exercise for weight loss belly and sides of the house
  1. Workout – legs apart, slightly bent, body slightly leaning forward, hands rested slightly above the knee. Start to breathe deeply, hard to push the air to the complete liberation of the lung, quickly to inhale with a strong nose, inflating a belly. Strongly exhale air through the mouth, vzhimat stomach, to stop breathing for 10 seconds. To repeat the complex.
  2. Put feet shoulder-width apart, macilentum knees, hands to put just above the kneecaps, to make breathing exercise. Lower left hand, put the elbow on the left knee, right leg raise to the side with a long sock without rejection of the foot. Right hand to raise the head, hold until you feel the stretching on the side. To conduct a cycle of 5 repetitions, change hands.
  3. Sit on the floor to put your feet on the other, to bend. Right hand to hold the opposite knee, left hand throw behind the back. Make a respiratory exercise, pull up left knee for themselves plus up to body retorta, feeling the tension in the waist. Look back to stretch the waist, the outer side of the thigh. 5 reps, swap sides.

When using the system occisis no sharp exhalations, instead of them short Dudki. Proper technique: 1 deep breath, a short 3 devdaha, deep exhale 3 light post exhalatio. Repeat effective technology can be up to 30 times after a meal. This technique stimulates the obliques, abdominals, which reduced a quarter of an hour up to 250 times. It helps to get rid of fat unsightly wrinkles, makes your tummy flat.

Classes for weight loss belly and sides with cargo

In the gym common effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back, during which you apply the goods:

  1. Lessons on the simulator-rider rider – during use are leg press, bringing the hands to the chest, which gives effective weight loss. Under my feet is cargo, the weight of which can be adjusted.
  2. Cardiologist load obliques, slim the waistline, press, back. The footwork is similar twistings used movable pedals with the load and handle.
  3. Bench press has a built-in cargo under my feet, the maximum is working the whole body. Twisting with rapid amplitude forms the waist, takes the sides.
  4. Block simulator – presented in the form of a metal structure, where there is rope for a hand or arm, the weight can be adjusted. Works the stomach, back without increasing mass.

Charging slimming belly and sides

If you want to lose weight, you should periodically (up to 4 times a week) undertake intensive training daily to do effective exercises. In gymnastics, you can include exercises that help to hold weight loss belly and sides quickly:

exercises for slimming the abdomen and back with a load
  1. Lying on your back, straighten your arms, palms resting on the floor. Slow to get feet combined with heels belly, quickly straighten legs.
  2. Lying on back, bend knees, and heels don't tear, hands on the back of the head with a divorced elbow. Exhale, lift the torso to the knees, to lie down with arms extended along the body, move the legs to touch the toes of the Mat above his head. To return to Yip, to raise the legs to a height of 20 cm, hold 10 seconds.
  3. Sit down, keeping your back straight, hands at the hips to stretch the abdominal muscles, slowly lie down back with the observance of the 90 degree angle between body and straight legs.
  4. Shallow squats with a load – slowly sits back on an imaginary chair, stand in a position to straighten up. To complicate it is possible to squat on one leg, twist the Hoop.