Calories for weight loss: way to lose weight or self-deception?

Some say that you can lose weight only on a specially formulated diet, and calories, others argue that without restricting calories to lose weight impossible. Let's try to understand whether to still count calories for weight loss, and if the answer is Yes, then how to do it?

calories for weight loss

Effective calorie counting?

Repeatedly heard the opinion that counting calories is the last century in reducing weight. And I don't agree with it. Why?

You can count calories or not to count them, but to lose weight, you need to get them less than you spend.

For example, the nutritionist prescribes you diet and pleased that you count calories you don't need, and you just need to eat according to the menu. My head cut off that this menu is low-calorie.

And this menu proves the rule: if you eat food with fewer calories than you spend, you will lose weight.

And the most interesting – in this case you will not need to limit yourself to food composition, but only in its quantity. For example, you can eat cake or chips, but only a little.

By the way, in the second part of the article you will find valuable practical advice about how to consume enough calories and be full, and the rules will make calorie counting for weight loss still effective.

Than counting calories better dieting?

In principle, you can literally eat anything you caught in the calorie limit you define.

Agree, this is much easier than going on a diet and deny yourself many of the products at all. Yes, on a diet of nothing no need to count. As a rule, there is clearly painted when, what and how much you should eat.

But diet is easier to break, and not only because the products are taboo, but because you just do not eat. When counting calories, this disadvantage can be excluded, because there are many nutritious and low-calorie products.

How many calories should be?

Really, how many calories you need to lose weight?

No less than 1200 calories. In some cases 1000, but different people of the lower limit of the calorific value different, and this can hardly guess, without conducting relevant monitoring and research.

If you eat less than this limit, then your body will start to conserve energy and slow down metabolism. As a result, you'll not only eat less but also spend less, and over time, this effect will only increase.

So you do not unnecessarily reduced calorie diet and really lose weight, and is safe for health method, is better not to eat less than 1200 calories.

As it is low in calories and be full?

To lose weight, you need to keep within the 1200-1500 calorie calories. At first glance it's not much calories, and stay satisfied with this amount of calories is impossible.

But there is a small trick that will help you to do this.

Thus, to help meet the calorie, follow a few simple rules:

  • Vegetables, fruits and berries in your diet should be at least 800 grams, and at least half of them must be fresh.
  • Every day eat at least one portion of porridge.
  • Every day, eat dairy products low in fat.
  • Often in the diet include eggs, lean poultry and fish.
  • Try to reduce the amount of fat in any food.

Vegetables and fruits have an average calories 50-60 calories, so 800 grams – about 500 calories a day (if you eat them boiled, baked, fresh or steamed).

A small bowl of cereal without butter contains 200 calories, and if liquid porridge – a total of 150.

The rich dairy product for losing weight is cheese. Choose a cheese with a fat content of 2-5 % (it has a caloric content of no more than 130 calories). 2 servings of cottage cheese 80-100 grams – ideal for those who want to lose weight.

By the way, the cheese is still valuable protein product, and the role of protein in weight loss cannot be overstated.

It is a hearty and low-calorie protein products. The caloric value of eggs depending on the size and 70-100 calories, lean fish and poultry – 100-150 calories.

Do not fry, bake, salad dressings add a minimum of oil, remove all visible fat from meat products, and if you cook soup with meat or poultry, drain the first broth.

How to count calories for weight loss?

calories per day

If you still want to meticulously count calories, the easiest way to do this is to keep a food diary. It's quite simple.

Every day, write down when, what, how much and what kind of calorie you eat, and why you did it.

By the way, after some time, the need to keep a food diary will disappear, because you will automatically count calories without any records.

Another advantage of this method – you figure out the reasons why you eat. This is priceless information.

Small tips for best results

I want to tell you about some of the properties of the products, given that you will be able to lose weight easier and more effective. These properties are NOT a SUBSTITUTE for calorie counting, as some have argued, but COMPLEMENT it.

Examples of such properties:

  • lean protein gives a long feeling of satiety and if eat it without adding oil and (or) simple carbohydrates that are not deposited in fat;
  • greens and light vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin) we can eat how much and with anything (just don't stretch the stomach too much!);
  • fruits are best eaten separately from everything or in combination with dairy products;
  • if during weight loss you'll avoid sweet and starchy foods, you probably will lose weight;
  • carbohydrate foods are best to eat in the morning;
  • the perfect dinner for weight loss – protein or protein combined with light vegetables.

And remember that frequent eating in small portions will let you lose weight faster than the traditional three meals a day.

These rules are not a dogma. Just try to follow them whenever possible. And about the calories do not forget.

Still, counting calories is one of the most effective and safe ways to lose weight. And, most importantly, it does not deprive you of your favorite dishes, and enriches the knowledge of healthy eating – you'll be looking at sweets, flour and fat in the same way. Easy and comfortable to you weight loss! Stay slim, beautiful and healthy!