Soda for weight loss

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a valuable product, which is used as baking powder, and detergent in economy, aide in the fight for health. It can make a scrub for the face and body, deodorant against sweat, antifungal, antacid and from mosquito bites. For weight loss the use of soda is also practiced and is not unreasonable. You need to understand the methods and recipes that go not harm and only benefit. Again we specify that we are talking about food, not soda!


Useful properties

Sodium bicarbonate is able to break down fats, remove toxins, and to equalize the acid-alkaline balance. Soda stimulates the metabolism and normalizes the water balance in the body. Compensates the deficiency of oxygen in tissues. Prevents the absorption of fat and the appearance on the skin cellulite.

How to lose weight with soda

With soda, you can lose weight by two methods: taking inside and outside. Applying the inside, where it interacts with hydrochloric acid. This process increases the release of carbon dioxide, which begins to actively "work" with the gastric walls. The use of soda helps the stomach produce not only juice, but also hydrochloric acid, which leads to further irritation of the gastric walls, and fat burning.

External mounting is possible with baths and home-made scrub for problem areas. These baths increase perspiration, pores open and the body is freed from harmful substances (excess fat, toxins, toxins) and extra water. Have a relaxing, calming effect. After taking a bath not only reduces weight, the skin becomes soft and elastic.


Baking soda is a useful tool for the body. But the wrong dosage, failure frequency techniques can harm your health. It belongs to the category of aggressive funds. The use of soda has the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • open wounds on the body, dermatological diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • high blood pressure, varicose veins;
  • tumors/tumors of various etiologies, purulent inflammation of the skin;
  • individual intolerance to sodium bicarbonate;
  • at low pH, including blood. PH in norm should not exceed the figure of 7.47. The acidity level is determined by testing.

How to drink


Receiving means in its pure form is not valid! Used only solution. For positive results, take the remedy one hour before food or 2 hours after. More effectively start to drink water with soda in the morning on an empty stomach. During the day 30 minutes before meals or one hour after a meal. What matters is that the stomach was not of the digestive process.

Begin drinking soda, first typing it on the tip of the blade, gradually increasing the dosage. For the prevention enough to take 1/2 tsp in a glass of water only once a week. Therapeutic dose of a full teaspoon, the rate and frequency of reception is selected individually according to the chosen recipe.

Method # 1

Baking soda can be put in your mouth, just drink water. This method is not for everyone. If you swallow does not work, try method # 2.

Method # 2

The product must be dissolved in drinking water. The water should be hot (not boiling water), allowable temperature 50 to 90 degrees. A sign of the correct temperature during mixing with water, the hiss. During this process carbon dioxide is released, which helps the baking soda is better absorbed. You can wait until water cools down and drink in small SIPS.

It is undesirable to dissolve the remedy in cold water. Absorption into the blood occurs in the bowel before the water in the stomach, which has a minimum acid background. Accordingly, a portion of funds reacts with hydrochloric acid and neutralized. The intestine gets not effective cleansing drink.

Recipes for weight loss


We offer to your attention a few recipes.

Club soda on an empty stomach

Method # 1

Ingredients: 250 ml of water, 0, 5 teaspoon soda

To take 7-14 days. Is a break of 14 days and the course is repeated. Components of the mix and split the batch into as many parts, how many times a day you eat. Drink an hour before meals in small SIPS.

Method # 2

Ingredients: 1/2 tsp baking powder; 50 ml of hot water; 450 ml of warm water.

Dissolve soda in hot water, add all warm and drink the entire portion in the morning on an empty stomach. Apply 2 times a week. Of course there are no strict limits. Drink as long as it is needed by the body.

Soda and lemon for weight loss

Lemon juice speeds up the gallbladder, stimulates metabolism, "washing out" the remains of toxins after the oxidation of cells. It contains hydrocarbons, stimulating the lymphatic system and improves digestion. And of course, lemon is rich in vitamin C.

Ingredients: 250 ml water, juice 1/2 lemon, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.

To take 14 days, a break for 14 days. Squeeze the juice of a lemon, add a little baking soda and water. After sizzle, pour the remaining soda and add the remainder of water. Eat more times a day. Course – unlimited. It is advisable to drink after sports and/or 30 minutes before meals. This recipe is suitable not only for dieters but also to improve health, enhance immunity.

Milk with soda

Milk contains many nutrients: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin a, emollient properties (reduces aggression).

Ingredients: 200 ml milk, 1 tsp soda.

Heats the milk to 80-90 degrees, add soda and stir. Drink small SIPS every 2 hours after a meal. To take 14 days, a break for 14 days.

Kefir and soda

Recipe No. 1

Ingredients: 200 ml of kefir with fat content of 1%, 1/2 teaspoon soda, 1/4 coffee spoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ginger. Optionally, you can add fresh herbs (dill, celery, cilantro).

All the ingredients are mixed, apply immediately after preparation. Drink in small SIPS. Cocktail of yogurt can be consumed daily instead of dinner 2 hours before sleep. To take 14 days, a break for 14 days.

Recipe No. 2

Ingredients: 200 ml of fat-free yogurt, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp of ginger, dash of cinnamon, slice of lemon or 1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper, a pinch of soda.

All components of the cocktail mix, a slice of lemon cut with the rind. Drink 2 times a day 30 minutes before Breakfast instead of dinner (not less than two hours after the last meal) for 1.5-2 hours before bedtime.

Soda with ginger

Ginger helps the digestive system, accelerates metabolic process, detoxifies, stimulates blood circulation. The drink with ginger is taken 30 minutes before a meal.

Ingredients: 1 tsp of ginger, 1 lemon, 1 tsp honey, 1/2 tsp of baking soda.

Ginger root cut into strips and pour hot water, infused for 5 minutes. Add the other ingredients and the drink is ready to use. To take 14 days, a break for 14 days.

Bath with baking soda for weight loss


Integrated bath with soda solution enables you to clean the body of toxins, radionuclides, because these substances kill cells and contribute to the accumulation of fat. Accelerating the metabolism, the lymphatic system also begins to work faster. You can according to their preferences to add essential oils such as citrus. They contribute to the normalization of fat metabolism and just have a great flavor.

Any type of baths with baking soda, let's say once a day before bedtime for 14 days and make a break for a month. Contraindications are the same as in the recipes use the tools inside. The water temperature should not exceed 38 degrees, the ideal temperature is 36-37. If you feel weakness, fatigue or completed a course of intense cardio -- can reduce the temperature to 30-36. After the procedure, wear warm clothes, wrap up in a blanket and relax.

Soda and sea salt

The combination of ingredients helps to fight not only with overweight, but cellulite. The skin becomes more supple and purified.

Ingredients: water, 125 gr. of baking soda 150 gr. sea salt. Optionally, you can add lavender oil, about 5-7 drops.

Components dissolve in a bowl of warm water (38 degrees) and add to a bath filled. Water procedure is 20-30 minutes.

Soda and ginger

Ingredients: 500 gr. baking soda, 5 drops of oil of ginger.

Dissolve soda in warm water, then pour into the tub. Add ginger oil. The procedure lasts from 10 to 20 minutes, bedtime in 2 hours last meal. It is advisable to take a bath after a physical workout.

Scrub against cellulite

Recommended for use every 2 days after using the scrub – take a bath with baking soda.

Recipe 1: 2 tbsp of baking soda, 50 ml water, 3 tbsp of oat flour.

The ingredients are mixed, apply to problem areas and RUB in a circular motion for 10 minutes.

Recipe 2: 50ml shower gel, 1 tablespoon soda, 2 tablespoons of honey.

Apply in the same way as in the recipe means no 1.

How to lose weight with soda for 3 days

Weight loss with soda is a systematic complex. Recipes drinks reception with baking soda is designed for periodic use (each course is approximately 14 days). It is believed that with baths with baking soda can in one session to lose up to 200g. For the course – about 2-2,5 kg. In combination with the specified procedures it is important to avoid eating fried, salty food, flour products, sugar, alcohol. And, of course, do not forget about exercise.

The product helps eliminate fat and toxins, but without your help dozens of kilos will not go away. 3 days using only soda much to lose weight will not succeed, but it is a good start, which allows you to begin major a cleanse inside and out.