Foods that promote weight loss

Every person who ever in your life sat on a diet, knows the simple truth: if you want to lose weight, you need to eat right. There are products, the use of which leads to a rapid increase in weight, but there are foods that promote weight loss – it is about we and we will talk.


So you are determined to get rid of extra pounds and inches. Important to remember that what determines the weight loss of the human body, is the acceleration of metabolism (metabolism). If you're not eating anything metabolism slows down which in no way brings you closer to the desired result.

The conclusion is: don't actively practice fasting for weight loss. But day after day we read a theme for the theme "Sit on drinking diet (this means eat nothing and only drink, I even can't imagine how you can live an active and something to do!) The first/tenth day of fasting, how do you want to eat something" and many other topics.

Here's a recipe for how to gain weight doing that lose weight! And thereby harm your health

  • In the morning, to starve. You can only drink coffee without milk but always with a spoon of sugar.
  • In the middle of the day to start the process the evening munchies, you need to eat liver and drink tea of course with sugar.(just one spoon)
  • After a food break for 4.5-5 hours.
  • To open the apartment door and immediately go to the fridge. Then You know what to do.

If You recognize yourself in this scenario, the problem is not only in products for weight loss or weight gain. A very important diet, combination of products, their composition and quantity! To say, eat more carrots and You will lose weight quickly and easily, because it is low in calories, it will sound one-sided. I think everyone had a good sat on such a carrot-watermelon diets. As a result, have come and gone, because we are not rabbits who steal the cabbage fields. We have a refrigerator in each apartment in a prominent place. In that case to do? — eat food that promotes weight loss.


All kinds of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, bell pepper, and all types of legumes. Most vegetables are low in calories and contain fiber, which is essential for weight loss. Tomatoes and peppers contain carotene and ascorbic acid, the latter also present in cabbage. Carrots are considered a valuable source of vitamin A. Legumes and corn are rich in vegetable proteins and b vitamins, they are useful to use in combination with herbs and vegetables. Combining different types of vegetables you can prepare delicious and healthy salads for weight loss.

Colorful SALAD — mixing vegetables of different colors you will receive healthy food, we need rich in fiber and vitamins. Starting lunch with a salad, dressed with a drop of vegetable oil and lemon juice, you fill your stomach without excess calories, leaving less room for more nutritious food that also promotes weight loss.



Apples and pears – the first product for weight loss. They are rich in pectin. Well fill the stomach and cause a feeling of satiety at almost zero calories, contain essential vitamins and minerals. Well suited for snacking. They help to purify the bowel and also contain the vitamin of their properties as antioxidants. Apple fasting days for weight loss diet considered a classic for many years.

Pineapples contain lots of enzymes, vitamin C, iron, calcium and potassium. Despite the assertion of some manufacturers of dietary Supplements that pineapple actively burns fat, it is not. The pineapple really helps weight loss, but not at the expense of fat burning, and due to the active absorption of proteins. It is important that the pineapples have bromelain – it breaks down protein into amino acids, thereby helping to burn excess fat in the body. In addition, bromelain reduces the pressure and helps to improve blood circulation. Pineapple reduces blood viscosity, making it useful for varicose veins, for the prevention of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, as well as in hypertension and atherosclerosis. The pineapple – low-calorie product, 100 g of fruit contains less than 50 kcal. Pineapple it is better to take before eating, then it will lead to a more rapid saturation from the intake of protein.

But we should remember that pineapples should not get involved in gastritis, hyperacidity and stomach diseases!

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons – a great vitamin Supplement to any dish. They release fat and stimulate protein metabolism. And of course they have a lot of vitamin C and b vitamins, necessary for growth of cells.

GRAPEFRUIT OR GRAPEFRUIT JUICE lowers insulin levels, which is want less. If you eat half a grapefruit or to drink 150 ml of juice with each meal, for two weeks the weight reduced by 2 kg. the Bitter taste of the juice can be diluted with orange or other juice.

But we must not forget that orange, grapefruit and lemon for weight loss not use if you are allergic to citrus, and with a healthy liver and stomach.

FIGS — promotes digestion. In figs a lot of valuable ballast substances. Enough to eat 2-3 figs and hunger will recede, there is little calories and no fat. Figs can be added to muesli.

Berries dietary variety to the table. The most popular for weight loss raspberries and blueberries – they also affect the breakdown of fats contain antioxidants and substances that help to preserve youthfulness of skin.

Nuts contain vitamin E, proteins, fats, minerals, fiber and fatty acids omega-3, responsible for the work of brain cells. But the nutritional value of nuts is quite high, so you should limit their use. Nuts are useful to add in the fruit and vegetable salads.

PEANUTS — perfect for snacking between meals. It improves the metabolism, thanks to nuts speeds up the metabolism, and fatty acids lower cholesterol. Peanuts are high in calories in 100 g peanut — 560 calories. So it is enough to eat 10-12 nuts per day (not more than 50 g per day, because due to the fat it is hard to digest.). The peanut contains 45% of vegetable fat, 25% protein and 15% carbohydrates, rich in vitamins b, PP, vitamin D. Nuts are good for the body and promote weight loss, only eat them in small quantities.

PINE NUTS — they contain pinolona acid, which is well reduces appetite, in addition they have more protein rich than other types of nuts. Roasted nuts can be used in addition to vegetable salads or as a snack between meals.

ALMONDS — rich in vitamins, calcium, dietary fiber, phosphorus, iron and fatty acids. Despite the high fat content of almonds helps weight loss because of the fat out of the body, bypassing the stage of digestion and absorption. Only 23 nuts a day (about 30 grams) reduces the number of lipids, normalizes the level of cholesterol in the body and promote weight loss.

Porridge for weight loss


The most useful buckwheat and oatmeal. In buckwheat a lot of protein and little carbs, so it gives a long feeling of satiety. It has a lot of vitamins, amino acids, iron and minerals. And oatmeal contains fiber, which helps cleanse the intestines and normalize digestion. To improve the taste of porridge will help muesli, cinnamon, berries or chopped nuts.

Cold soups

They can quickly fill the stomach and keep feeling of satiety. To digest cold soup uses much more power and it burns extra calories! Soup recipes for weight loss are pretty simple – mostly they include foods from our list. Very popular among women celery Soup for weight loss. It includes celery, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and spices. Not less common diet, which is based on onion soup for weight loss – it also contains vegetables and celery. In strict compliance with this diet you can easily lose up to five pounds in a week.

VEGETABLE SOUP-PUREE of broccoli or cabbage to cook the soup without adding cream, flour or semolina, and adding other vegetables, except potatoes, and herbs and spices, such diet food helps to lose weight... the Cabbage fiber output "bad" cholesterol and heals the body.

Lean meats and fish (preferably sea)

Nutritionists recommend eating poultry meat – Turkey breast or chicken without skin – it contains more protein and less fat compared to pork or beef.

FISH is very useful for the figure. Fatty fish supply the body with essential fatty acids omega-3 and iodine who care about the heart and the thyroid gland, fish products contribute to burning fats in the body. Weight loss method of cooking fish and other food matters. Fish (or chicken breast, lean meat) is better to prepare on pair. If no double boiler, take a colander and place it in the pan with a little water, put the fish pieces, cover with a lid. Fish feed plenty of greens and spices (no preservatives). The body will be grateful for this food because it is easily digested and excess fat is not delayed. Helps to burn fats and protein foods. Proteins — the basis for formation of muscular weight, and the better your muscle mass, the more fat you burn, even at rest. For example, even if you are resting, the person has more muscle will burn more calories. To digest proteins, the body is forced to spend a large amount of calories than for the assimilation of carbohydrates and fats. Thus protein food helps burn fat. This is the basis of many diets, such as the Kremlin diet.

Milk and milk products – low fat milk, yogurt, low fat cottage cheese – also contribute to weight loss, they should eat a little, but every day. They are nutritious, low in calories and help to restore the intestinal microflora. No less useful for eggs, which give the body complete proteins are necessary for regulation of metabolism.

Low-FAT cottage CHEESE AND YOGURT contains a lot of easily digestible protein and long saturates the body. To digest protein the body consumes more calories than the digestion of fats and carbohydrates. You can't beat the cheese with sparkling mineral water, the cream can be spread on toast, will make a great low calorie Breakfast. In the stores large selection of products with low fat content. Useful calcium is ingested, the body produces the hormone, causing to lose weight our cells. Yogurt should choose unsweetened, and without fruit additives. In the yogurt is sugar a pinch of cinnamon.


GREEN TEA — promotes weight loss and green tea — in its composition there are substances that contribute to the active fat burning. Asian nutritionists advise to drink 4 cups of green tea, it will give the greatest effect for fat burning. It is believed that drinking five cups of green tea per day, you lose 70-80 calories. But he is still and prevents the formation of cancer cells, protects the heart and blood vessels. But only to drink it a lot should not — it provides a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

GINGER — not so long ago we have been devoted to this wonder root is a whole big topic. It includes a substance which removes toxins, regulates metabolism and normalizes digestion.

Ginger tea for weight loss you can cook Bay, one teaspoon of grated ginger, pour boiling water, let stand and strain. Ginger root contributes to the rapid digestion of food, improving blood flow to the stomach and its secretion. A faster metabolism will help to lose weight faster. American scientists have compiled a list of foods that will help to make the stomach flat. Include them in your diet along with the daily crunches and in 2-3 weeks will see the result.

Spicy seasonings

Helps to burn fat burning of Cayenne pepper and all its varieties. Of course, this is possible only for those who have excellent health, and who are not contraindicated acute and condiments! And remember that women are very often sharp and seasonings provoke the appearance of thrush! If you have these problems, you should be very careful and not to get involved in this kind of food.

Ground black pepper, pepper "pepperoni", mustard, the darker, the hotter. Hell, all the spices are Indian and Thai cuisine. Every time we add to food spicy seasonings we lose weight. Spicy foods promote weight loss, as this type of food accelerates the production of energy in the body (thermogenesis process) and burns the excess fat cells, decreases insulin. For example, chilli, which contains the substance capsaicin "melt" the extra calories for 20 minutes after eating. If you don't like spicy too — remove peppers from grain. Capsaicin, the substance that gives the sharpness of the pungent red pepper speeds up the metabolism for three hours after a meal, literally melting the fat cells.

Summing up in this thread, it should be noted that even products this category that can really contribute to your weight loss can be approached as a lifestyle, not for everyone! Many diet without carbohydrates can cause constipation, to disrupt the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and cause inflammation in the skin.

However, light "carbohydrate" diets have their drawbacks, including constant weakness, fatigue, anemia and a bad mood from the constant lack of food.

That's why, when choosing slimming products, it is very important to take into account the peculiarities of the organism. If you really like fatty foods and can not feel full, sitting on porridge and vegetables, it makes sense to think about "heavy" diet.

If, however, you prefer light food, and products that contribute to weight loss, it is better to choose appropriate. And you can be sure that if you are seriously, your body will quickly reward you with, getting rid of the fat that you are so annoyed!