Ginger for weight loss: how to drink ginger to lose weight fast?

Whimsical in form, with the unforgettable aroma of ginger is able to replace an entire pharmacy: it relieves headache, helps to survive the poisoning and even increases attraction to the opposite sex. It is not surprising that among the many talents of exotic spine revealed next. Recipe of ginger tea for weight loss — one of the most popular folk remedies. So, how to drink ginger to lose weight?

Ginger for weight loss — ancient inventions


Ginger is a herbaceous plant, a close relative of not only a beautiful Orchid but also other well-known weight watchers spice, turmeric. As in the case of turmeric, the commercial interest is only large juicy rhizome of the plant, in which are concentrated all the beneficial properties of ginger.

About the origin of the Latin name of ginger, Zingabera, the researchers argue: according to one point of view, it derives from a word in Sanskrit meaning "horned root", according to another opinion, the ancient Indian sages used to refer to ginger, the expression "universal medicine". It seems that the second option, if not confirmed linguistically, it is true in fact: pungent aromatic roots are used since ancient times in folk medicine and cooking all over the world.

Russian ginger is known as simply "white root", known since the times of Kievan Rus. His powder ran sbiten and improved baked goods, and tea was for treating colds, stomach cramps, and even a hangover.

Speaking about the benefits of ginger for weight loss, hardly a malaise in which it will be useless. Unique components of ginger are of particular terpenes, volatile compounds tsingiberen and borneol. They not only give ginger its unique smell, but are carriers of anti-inflammatory and warming qualities of the root.

How to drink ginger to lose weight fast? Choosing the right product

Ginger, a diet which healthy diet Supplement ginger drink — a well-known remedy for weight loss. Ginger tea recipes instruct you to cook it from raw fresh root. In recent years, this exotic product has become a familiar denizen of the vegetable shelves of almost any supermarket, buy it easy. However, it is important to follow a few simple rules of choice.

The most valuable from the point of view of composition and active substances is a young ginger root, in addition, this ginger is easier to clean, his skin had a chance to harden. Visually, young ginger has a pleasant beige-Golden color, to the touch it is smooth, without knots. At the turn of the fibres of the root of light, from white to cream color.

Old ginger root can be found at the dry, wrinkled skin, often with nodules - the "eyes" and greenish. The peeled root is yellow, you'll be hard rough fibers. Chop and grate the ginger old significantly harder.

Fresh ginger is good, preserving its wonderful quality for at least a month. Dried chopped ginger is also quite useful, but the pickled ginger, familiar to fans of sushi bars, a lot of flavor, but, alas, the minimum benefit.

Ginger for weight loss: the four main talent

Ginger stimulates thermogenesis

The main visible effect of ginger for weight loss due to the ability of the root to enhance thermogenesis — the production of heat that accompanies all the processes that occur in the body. Of thermogenesis, in fact, depends on their success, and that it spent from food and stored in the "depot" energy. Thermogenesis is accompanied by food digestion, and mitosis (cell division), circulation. People with excess weight thermogenesis by definition slowed down, so their metabolism is poor and the food is, roughly speaking, instead of turning into heat, is deposited as fat.

Ginger contains unique bioactive chemical compounds shogaol and gingerol, which is similar in effect to capsaicin, a component of hot red pepper. These alkaloids are known for their ability to help weight loss by stimulating thermogenesis, the gingerol (derived from the English name of ginger, ginger) is from the fresh raw ginger root, and shogaol (named for the Japanese name of ginger, shoga) is formed by drying and heat treatment of the root.


Ginger helps in digestion

The Roman nobility valued ginger for its mainly properties and is readily used as a means to improve the condition after eating too much. Since ancient times, the talents of ginger has not changed — it facilitates the digestion and, according to scientific data, accelerates the absorption of nutrients by the intestinal wall.

In addition, pronounced antiseptic properties of ginger may reduce the risk of intestinal infections, and the ginger ale helps with nausea and is often recommended by doctors as a means to facilitate the state in irritable bowel syndrome.

The ability of the root to neutralize the accumulated in the digestive system gases also increases the value of ginger for weight loss, helping to achieve a feeling of a "flat stomach".

Ginger regulates the level of cortisol and insulin

Steroid catabolic hormone cortisol — an integral part of the normal hormonal levels of a healthy person. Cortisol plays an important role in the optimization of energy consumption by the body: he orchestrates the breakdown of proteins, fats and glycogen, contributing to further transport the resulting products into the bloodstream. However, in conditions of stress or hunger (the combination of these two factors has an even more devastating effect), cortisol becomes the worst enemy of someone who follows figure. It is no coincidence that cortisol is called stress hormone as its level bounces along with increased anxiety and elevated cortisol breakdown of fats does not just stop there: upset the body begins to turn in the stocks literally everything that falls into it.

Characteristically, cortisol likes of extremities — at high level of development it stimulates lipolysis, but only in the hands and feet. Therefore, for those who suffer from the tyranny of cortisol, characterized by a complete torso and face with a rather fragile limbs (including why ginger was known as a glorious fighter for slimming stomach).

If you use ginger for weight loss, the ability of the spine to suppress the enhanced production of cortisol will be a great help.

It is important that ginger also affects the hormone-an antagonist of cortisol — insulin and helps to level the glucose level in blood. This prevents outbreaks of famine and the accumulation of "bad cholesterol".

Ginger serves as an energy source

Scientists proved that the consumption of ginger stimulates cerebral blood flow, which actually means the vigor of mind and quickness of thought. The quality of the enlightening impact of the doctor from the medical centre of Maryland has compared ginger with coffee. According to their recommendations, the optimal daily dose of ginger — about 4 g; pregnant women should eat no more than 1 g of raw ginger per day.

In addition, ginger is known for its ability to ease muscle pain (which is important if for weight loss you are using not only diet but also physical activity), and, with the ability to enhance blood circulation and to equalize the level of glucose in the blood, successfully fights with the syndrome of loss of strength (which is particularly relevant for office workers in sedentary work). Ginger also can relieve nasal congestion, and spasm of the respiratory channels, which also positively affects the supply of oxygen to the cells and, accordingly, further "animates" them, giving you new strength.

How to drink ginger to lose weight in the summer? Refreshing recipe

Ginger tea

Summer ginger tea for weight loss good as fresh-brewed (if you spend the summer in air-conditioned office) and chilled (if you love the cool refreshing drinks). White or green tea in its composition also is among the popular home remedies that help losing weight: it contains the accelerating lipid metabolism theine (tea caffeine) and the antioxidants catechin, which inhibit oxidation processes in the cells of the body.

To prepare 1 liter of ginger summer drink you'll need white or green tea (3-4 teaspoons), 4 cm of fresh ginger root (scrape like carrots or new potatoes and cut into thin slices), ½ lemon (scrape off the zest and add to ginger), to taste — peppermint, and lemongrass.

Ginger and the zest, pour 500 ml of water, cook on slow heat for 15-20 minutes, add sliced lemon, lemongrass and mint, to insist 10 minutes, drain the vegetables with a spoon. In a separate bowl to brew tea (a specified number pour 500 ml of water, cook for 3 minutes (otherwise the tea will taste bitter), also drain and combine with the ginger-lemon infusion.

How to drink ginger slimming in what amounts? Small portions throughout the day, between meals, but not immediately after a meal and not on an empty stomach. The optimal dose is 30 ml at a time (or a few SIPS if you drink from the bottle, thermos, tumbler) — so you will help optimal absorption of fluids and avoid enhanced diuretic load.

How to drink ginger to lose weight in the winter? Warming recipe

When it's cold outside and everywhere scurrying insidious viruses, ginger drink for weight loss honey improves the immune system, provide antibacterial effect and soften the cold air irritated his throat. Honey contains 80% sugar, the bulk of which is represented by glucose, so this natural product is quite high in calories. But of course, this does not detract from its merits: the composition of honey vitamin B6, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, amino acids. Moderately adding honey to ginger, you will get a fragrant, delicious and effective slimming cocktail.

To cook winter ginger drink for weight loss, RUB on a small grater, slice the ginger root length of 4 cm, pour 1 liter of hot water, add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and insist in a thermos for at least an hour. Then strain, add 4 tsp lemon juice and ¼ teaspoon of red hot pepper. Honey based ½ tablespoons per 200 ml healthier stir in the beverage immediately prior to consumption and when the infusion has cooled to 60 and the doctors believe that the contact of honey with hot water changes its composition for the worse.

During the day, drink no more than two liters of ginger drink for weight loss. It is advisable not to consume of ginger tea daily for more than two weeks, although the effect is most likely you will like: infusion with ginger is not only invigorating, refreshing (or, depending on composition and temperature, on the contrary, it keeps you warm) but also helps to control the appetite. Due to the energy properties of ginger avoid to drink it the infusion or decoction just before sleep time.

Ginger for weight loss: who should refrain

The benefits of ginger for health and harmony is unquestionable, and his ability to become like an exotic seasoning for food, and successfully participate in the formulation of support diet for weight loss drinks make a fragrant root is a popular and affordable product. However, ginger cannot be considered a panacea: its action and composition suggest a number of limitations. Do not use ginger for weight loss if you:

  • pregnant or breast-feeding a baby;
  • suffer from gallstones;
  • complain of instability of blood pressure (this is typical, for example, hypertension, vascular dystonia);
  • have a history of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly those associated with excess production of gastric juice and violations of its acidity;
  • often faced with manifestations of food allergies;
  • don't know what swelling.

Any, including all-natural funds are to be used as active aides for weight loss, require the approval of your doctor, and ginger is no exception.

How to drink ginger for weight loss: along with the coffee!

Miracle root

Green coffee slimming with ginger over the past few months was undoubtedly the most popular of the products, which aid in getting rid of excess kilos is legendary. One can argue about natural or overvalued the effect of a drink made from ground beans raw not roasted coffee with ginger, and it is possible to use the tool, which is noticeable from the very first seconds of application.

Recipe for cellulite scrub with green coffee, ginger and red pepper

To prepare the mixture, take ground green coffee (weak), powder of ginger and powder of red hot pepper at a ratio of 100 grams coffee — 30 g ginger — 20 gr pepper, mix thoroughly. Apply the scrub every evening to problem areas and massage thoroughly. Do not use this product if you have sensitive skin, wounds, allergic to any of the components. In that case, if you well transfer the scrub particles with green coffee will help not only mechanically affect the "orange peel", but also tighten the skin, giving it a more manicured appearance due to the caffeine content and fat-soluble substances, and shogaol ginger and red pepper capsaicin will increase blood circulation and will create favorable conditions to smooth irregularities of the skin due to cellulite.