TOP 5 cocktail recipes for weight loss

In the minds of many of us, the word "diet" is something sad, sad and make sure tedious. Therefore, as a general rule, the majority of diets end in the same way - terminate. How to make a diet comfortable, diverse, and most important - a delicious? Help homemade cocktails to lose weight! In this article, we will discuss what exactly they are good, but also to explain how to prepare the cocktail for weight loss at home.


How they work these cocktails?

Many athletes use after a workout nutrient shakes for weight loss. These beverages help to quench, but if you do not put it to the sides, because they have very little calories. They can be complement absolutely any diet.. Detox shakes for weight loss and still emit toxins from the body, and those that contain fat burning products and speed up the metabolism. We'll teach you how to cook, and the others, but about that a little later.

In general, there are three main ways of using diet shakes, weight loss:

  • If you are willing to relieve the weight slowly but surely - to drink the fat burning cocktail about thirty minutes before the ingestion of food or use them as a snack.
  • For the elimination of the hated fat ran faster - replace cocktails, breakfast or a dinner. The lunch in this case, must also be correct: the meat or fish steamed, salad, fresh vegetables or fruit.
  • If you urgently need the part with the extra two to three pounds -is organizing a day of fasting in cocktails.

A cocktail for the weight loss home: revenues of thinness

There are various types of cocktails for weight loss, depending on what you want to achieve: clean, fat burning, nutritious, and so on. Let's examine in more detail how to work each type, and share the corresponding revenue. Five recipes in each section there are plenty to choose from!

Fat burning

The main feature of giraud burning cocktails - the acceleration of the metabolism. Eat addition, they improve digestion. Generally, the composition of the cocktail for the fat burning includes products such as ginger, grapefruit, celery and other components, which are similar to the property. Contraindications to the acquisition of such cocktails do not, in addition to intolerance of individual components.

A cocktail for weight loss with ginger

Composition: two apples (in the summer, you can replace the watermelon or cantaloupe), a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of ginger powder, a glass of water.

Is preparing for such a cocktail for weight loss in a blender: all the ingredients are crushed before a homogeneous mass, and immediately you can drink!

Cocktail of celery

Composition: two Hundred grams of celery (only the stalks), two medium-sized apple, juice of half a lemon, one hundred grams of water, half a cup of ice.


Stalks of celery need finely. Peeled rind of an apple, lemon juice, celery finely chopped and need, as if you must grind in a blender. Then, add the water, once again, to beat and at the end pour in crushed ice. If to you it is very "cold" option " - instead of ice, add one hundred grams of water.

Cocktail of grapefruit and pineapple

Composition: a quarter of a litre of kefir, four rings of pineapple, thirty grams of pumpkin seeds, thirty milliliters of coconut oil, quartered grapefruit.

All fruits need to peel, chop finely, load it in the blender along with all the other ingredients and beat well.

A cocktail for weight loss with cinnamon

Composition: wand of cinnamon tea would you recommend honey, a glass of water, a teaspoon would recommend apple cider vinegar.

According to the tradition, cooking is easier, than to describe all the components are loaded in a blender and macerated. In addition to cinnamon - it needs to be added at the end, already ready to drink.

Kefir cocktail for weight loss

Ingredients: 200 grams of low-fat yogurt, a teaspoon would recommend cinnamon, a couple of teaspoons of the fresh soup of ginger, a pinch of fiery red pepper.

Recipes party for slimming is simple, like all brilliant: you have to mix all the ingredients and ready. In fact, there is a small nuance: to prepare this cocktail strictly immediately before use.


All the popularity lately winning detox shakes for weight loss, and testimonials from those who have already tried it, confirm its effectiveness.

How do they work? The whole secret is in the title: "detox" is short for "detoxification". That is, the main purpose of this cocktail to clean the body of all the accumulated hazards type of toxins and waste. And purified the body is a fast metabolism, good digestion, and, as a consequence, there is no excess weight. We offer five elegant recipes detox cocktail for weight loss.

Cucumber cocktail

Composition: a cucumber, a stalk of celery, one hundred grams of berries (cherry, cherry, or kalina - choice), a small apple and a bundle of fresh spinach, as well as a yogurt cup (or water, if the kefir does not or cannot consume dairy products).

All the components of the first, you'll need to grind and then puree in a blender until the state of the cereals.

Fresh green

Composition: the beam of any vegetation, that the soul is, for example, spinach, parsley, basil, cilantro, and chestnut and so on. Still need to take the green banana and a glass of tangerine juice.

The recipe for the green party for slimming is simple, as all the other components of cut and puree in a blender, the dough with the pleasure of applying for the appointment.

Energy cocktail for slimming

Composition: bundle of green onions, two with radish leaves, a cucumber large, based on garlic, a piece ginger, grated on a grater, and multiple "pepper-the-kingdom" peas.

All beat in a blender, if it worked very thick - you can add the yogurt, green tea, or water.

With carrot and orange

Composition: two carrots, two oranges, a tablespoon of grated ginger, two of flax seeds.

From plants need to take out the juice, add the rest of the components and puree in a blender.

Cocktail mint

Composition: two green apple, two medium-sized cucumber, some mint leaves, mineral water.

Cooking as well as the previous one - from the vegetable-fruit squeeze juice, add the all the rest, and carefully beat.


Are good because they help satiate the feeling of hunger, with a small calorie. Those who use their constantly, with the practice of sports, they notice that such cocktails is really a two-in-one: give energy and contribute to fat burning.

Chocolate cocktail for slimming

On the internet recently, the popularity is gaining sports cocktail slimming chocolate-based Slim, but our version is not worse. And only more affordable and natural - it is exactly that!

Composition: 100 grams of cottage cheese zero fat, a couple of cups of thin milk 300 grams of any fruit or fruits, 50 ml of water, 50 grams of cocoa, 30 grams of milk powder.

The cocoa and the milk powder needs to dissolve in water, add the ricotta cheese and fruit, puree in a blender. Then, mix the dough with the milk, mix until cool.


Berry cocktail

Composition: 80 grams of raspberry and blueberry, a cup of low-fat yogurt.

Chop all the ingredients in a blender, as it must be beaten, and with the pleasure of consuming!

With the banana and avocado

Composition: half a banana, quartered cup of blueberries, a tablespoon of the finished product proteins feast, a glass of water.

As in all other cases, is to use the indispensable tool-the blender. If you want, you can add crushed ice before serving.

With the yogurt and oats

Composition: 300 milliliters lean yogurt, three teaspoons of hercules, two of cucumber, any green to taste.

Cucumbers grate on a grater, place in a blender, there also add all the other components. Whisk, add ice before serving.

Egg cocktail

Composition: two egg whites, one hundred grams of low-fat sour cream, a tablespoon of flaxseed or olive oil, half of carrot and green apple, a little lemon juice.

The proteins, cream the butter and the lemon juice, stir, vegetables, fruits, grind in a blender and add to mixture. Mix well and with a will to consume.

Sure, among these recipes, you will surely find the one that has to prove it is you. Good luck!