Weight loss for men: men's diet for weight loss

We've learned that on the television, radio and on the Internet advertised weight loss products designed exclusively for a female audience. You would think that the extra weight is a lot of extremely weak half of humanity. And, meanwhile, men also suffer from overweight (according to statistics, about 20% of Russians). The representatives of the stronger sex is much more complicated to choose the right diet, as all recipes for weight loss intended, as a rule, ladies. Is there a mens diet? Today we will talk about what type of food you should choose the representatives of the stronger sex to achieve weight loss.

weight loss for men

Why do men diet?

Men are less likely to be overweight — it's a fact. However, adverse environment, passive lifestyle and poor diet lead to the fact that in recent years, among the male population there has been a surge of obesity. However, as a rule, the representatives of the stronger sex do not think about how to use diet as a weight loss. Many people choose recipes for weight loss associated with physical activity. Of course, sport is very useful in the fight against obesity, but experts insist that diet will lead to faster and long term result. That's why diet for weight loss for men are very useful. A new type of food will help to restore metabolic processes in the body. Improve health by reducing cholesterol and blood sugar. This means that the representatives of the stronger sex will be spared from such unpleasant phenomena as impotence, diabetes, heart attacks and other ailments.

Male weight loss: eating habits for men

It is believed that recipes for weight loss for men must necessarily include all meals with a high content of vegetable foods rich in fiber — this will allow longer maintain satiety. Useful and products that contain carbohydrates, as they give the energy required for activity during the day. The men's diet will not lead to the deterioration of health and loss of strength to lose you only weight.

If you carry big breaks between meals, we recommend drinking tomato juice or yogurt, or eat a couple of spoons of low fat cottage cheese with a piece of rye bread. The you subdue appetite, not eating by being there.

Diet for men includes a variety of fish dishes, which it is proposed to replace meat. Fish and seafood will give the body the necessary amount of vitamins without weight gain. Of course, if you are doing heavy physical and mental work, to give up meat should not be — preferably only eliminate meat from your diet in the batter, since it contains in its structure the so-called empty calories that do not satiate the body, but on the contrary, cause a feeling of hunger. Also in observance of the male diet you will have to give up alcohol, strong coffee and tea. However, from time to time you can afford to drink a glass of dry wine or cognac, but it must not enter the system.

Men's diet: helpful tips

So what is a male diet, and what foods are included in this type of food? Informed nutritionists talked about the fact that the most simple for the stronger sex is the Kremlin diet. More recently, however, experts have developed new, more effective type of food which helps men lose weight much faster and to make the result permanently entrenched. Men's diet involves the intake of about 1500-1800 calorie per day. On this basis, and built up its diet. We advise men to drink more than 2 liters of water daily. Water can be replaced with juices and tea.

eating for weight loss

It is very important to ensure that in the process of dieting for men for weight loss you have achieved is not obesity, and saturation. Anyway, even if you eat healthy foods, overeating can not in any case. Discard the pork, salads use lemon juice instead of butter, soups and sauces pripravljena mashed potatoes to make these dishes dense. Alas, in observance of men's diets have to forget about the eggs on the bacon, fried sausage, French fries, and other delights.

Example men's diet and menu for weight loss

If you want to lose weight male diet, female site DietaClub offers to your attention a few types of food for weight loss and sustained energy. To begin with, some General tips. Drink plenty of fluids, including tea and coffee but milk try to eat the minimum. Naturally, all the drinks should not contain sugar. Vegetables advisable to eat raw or boiled, salads, it is recommended to season with vinegar, lemon juice and garlic. Forget about the mayonnaise — while dieting for weight loss for men to eat forbidden.

Breakfast options for men diet:

  • fresh fruit, 200 grams of oatmeal without sugar;
  • toast from bread with bran, a glass of yoghurt, 2 teaspoons of honey;
  • salad vegetables and fruit, toast with apples, 25 grams of lean ham, 90 grams of tuna or cheese 25 grams, 50 grams of chicken.

Lunch options for men diet:

  • 200 grams of potatoes in "uniform", 75 grams of any lean meat, 40 grams of grated cheese;
  • 100 grams of beef liver, baked greens, mushrooms and tomatoes;
  • 50 grams of spaghetti with tomato sauce, 100 grams of lean ground beef, herbs, onions and garlic.

Dinner options for men diet:

  • 125 grams of cooked beans, 1 toast bread with bran, 25 grams of lean ham or 90 grams tuna;
  • 150 grams of any white fish, grilled, ½ grapefruit;
  • a bowl of soup with vegetables, slice of bread, steak, bread from wheat flour.

As an epilogue...

correctly to lose weight

Try to eat diverse — so men diet will not cause discomfort. How much time is necessary to observe a diet for weight loss for men? It is advisable to practice a similar type of food at least 2 weeks. The body becomes accustomed to the new diet and after the diet, the man will continue to eat approximately the same style. Needless to say that the extra weight does not come back? Dear representatives of the stronger sex, men's test diet for yourself and make sure of its effectiveness!