How to lose weight in a month: manual

Doctors warn that rapid weight loss is dangerous, and dropped weight almost always come back "appendage" because of the drastic reduction in calories causes the body to "think" like this:

"Help, we on a desert island! Stock up!" As soon as you quit the diet, he begins to stock up with redoubled zeal.

manual to weight loss

Physiological weight loss of 1.5–2 kg in a month: this allows you to keep in shape and smoothly with no stress to enter a new power mode. We'll show you how to reset the size (which, incidentally, is still more than 2 kg) and will not agitate for the dubious mono, Express weight loss and so on.

Let it "weight loss in a month" is only the first step to a life where there is no place on excess weight. Here are a few ways, each of which works on its own, but it is best to combine them.

Refrain from "junk food."

Two news: good and even better. Good: you have a full Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (and optional yogurt for the night in the resort), fasting will not have.

The second is the need to improve the quality of food and carefully selected products.

The task is difficult: a month (and if you like, continue) is there a good meat, fish, bread from a flour or whole grains, more legumes, vegetables and fruit, pasta from durum wheat, olive oil, fresh herbs, cheese and natural yoghurt with a fat content of 2-5%, and for a little bit — dark chocolate, honey, nuts.

You've probably heard of "junk food." It is that which gives nothing useful, and only load the body with calories, bad fats, fast carbs, and excess amount of salt, which retains water in the tissues.

If your diet is chips, crackers, sweet drinks, milk or white chocolate, cookies from the store, ready-made sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.), meat or similar products (sausages, frankfurters, nuggets and so on), sugar more than 6 teaspoons a day — you are familiar with junk food. The first step here is to stop clog the stomach.


If you can't resist potato chips or a coke, go to the nearest trash can and discard. It is a pity money? Throw with an effort of will. Next time don't buy.

Walk at least for an hour walk

The regular walking could be an alternative to the gym, only to walk quite a lot and daily. Walking gives increased load on the joints (such as Jogging), walking burn more than 200 calories in 1 hour.

People with a body mass of 65 or 75 kg while walking at a speed of 5 km/h spends 239-240 calories and 275-276, respectively. The more weight, the more spending: consumption of calories increases along with speed for every kilogram of mass.

If you go with weights, for example with a backpack — the number of consumed calories will also be more. Well, if inventory such as Nordic walking sticks, or uphill some more.


If all your path from work to work or from school to school — it's just travelling, then go for 2-3 stops from their and walk their walk. You can gradually increase the number of stops: the first one, then more.

Try not to use the Elevator, if possible. For example, on the third or fourth floor better to climb on foot.

Find a hobby and occupation for joy

Often we overeat when trying to "seize" a bad mood, stress and dissatisfaction.

Think about what you wanted to do for yourself? Maybe learn to knit or draw, or start to learn Italian? To go to yoga? Treat yourself to a new hobby, invest in self-development: now a lot of opportunities to do it without spending a dime: online courses and lectures, video tutorials, everything. Just have to choose what you really like about the dream.


When the hand reaches for anti-stress biscuits, ask yourself: "am I really hungry?" If not, if it's just filling a void, just write 5 new Italian words, select the model for the future of batik or watching a lecture.

Choose foods with "negative calories"

proper nutrition

Eating foods with low calorie and high in fiber. It is almost any cabbage, zucchini, parsley, celery and some other vegetables.

They are sometimes called foods with "negative calories": ostensibly for their digestion needs more calories than they contain. This, of course, it is not so: rather, the body work "to zero". Recover from these products, indeed, impossible: you can eat plenty, so it is popular "soups for weight loss," based on green vegetables.

Just do not think that it is possible to eat cabbage and French fries: these products are not able to burn your calories.


Plan out a menu and buy groceries in advance: this saves you from random junk food and making their diet. In General, practicing mindfulness!

Reduce portions

Even if you reduce each serving by 20%, this will help not to overeat. It is possible to consciously put less, you can start to use plates of a smaller volume.

To deceive ourselves, not only eat a smaller portion, but do it slowly. Eat small bites, chew thoroughly, savor.


Forget about "society of clean plates" to leave food for you is clearly superfluous (question from the previous exercise: "I still want to eat or eat for nothing?") Throw away or store in the refrigerator under the film. Next time you put less.

The opinion of a specialist

"I have deep skepticism relate to "diets for a month." After great difficulty the pounds will come back as soon as you leave the Spartan mode.

Change your eating behavior and physical activity gradually and permanently. When you eat, try to listen to the inner signals of the body — feelings of hunger and fullness — and to be guided by them to start food and a comfortable saturation," advises Helen, dietitian, author of nutrition and feeding behavior of "My best friend's stomach. Food for smart people".

If you like to walk, the advice to play more for you. If not, look for other, comfortable for you ways to move more, recalls the expert.