Proper nutrition for weight loss. Sample menu for a week

Women have always dreamed about having the perfect figure, wanted to look perfect and seductive, to have a slender figure and proud posture. Nowadays, the desire to be slim and beautiful still not lost its relevance. For the modern lady harmony is not only an end in itself, it is also an indicator of its sustainability and success.

These are probably no ways that women aspired to accomplish. They've been exhausting yourself with diets and fasting, exercising in gyms, sweating in the baths and saunas, take a dubious miracle pill, etc. meanwhile, the secret to keeping a slim figure lies in a certain lifestyle.

menu for weight loss women

There are many techniques to give the figure slim. But the most important among them is proper diet. What would we do, but if the diet is not balanced, and the diet has not been developed, the extra pounds will plague us and treacherously to bulge everywhere. It is important not only what we eat but how much. Knowing your own physiological needs, you can create a daily menu and try to stick to it. We need to learn to love healthy food.

However, the preservation of harmony does not mean that you have to deny yourself all. On the contrary, the ban imposed on any products, can lead to very serious consequences, such as reducing the metabolic rate. Also possible psychological "rebellion" on the part of the body.

The so-called universal power system, have been developed by nutritionists called balanced diet, which is probably heard everything. More business - all idea of what it is.

Rules of a balanced diet

Some rules of balanced nutrition applies to all, others apply to certain groups of people and should be chosen individually, it is quite clear that lactating women and professional athletes needs are different, therefore, their diet will vary.

Of universal rules included the following:

  • the ratio between proteins, fats and carbohydrates in products that are the diet should be 1:1:4. A significant proportion of carbohydrates due to the fact that more than 50% of the energy we use we get from them, and it is not a simple carbohydrates - cakes, sweets, sugar. Have in mind complex carbohydrates, which are contained in rye bread, wild and brown rice, buckwheat croup etc.;
  • the diet should include fiber - the so-called dietary fiber, which provide normal digestion and excretion products from the body of life, not allowing them to linger in the gut. Necessary to per day with meals received about 35 grams of fiber. Its main sources are bran, whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits, and seeds;
  • dietary calories should be rationally distributed between Breakfast, lunch and dinner. When triplex diet should have 25-30, 50 and 20-25%, respectively. Especially good if part of calories to take in the second Breakfast and afternoon tea, t Zn. to organize quinquies diet. When fractional diet, we can forget about overeating and hunger as the longer the intervals between meals, the stronger the appetite, the more will be serving;
  • a day to drink a certain amount of water, as has already been above;
  • should limit the use of sugar and salt - from the first spoil teeth affected skin and figure, and from the second in the body retained fluid and increased blood pressure, which can not affect the figure;
  • reducing the amount of fat in the diet, you cannot fall below a certain level, because without them, won't absorb fat-soluble vitamins are not will be the material for building new cells. Recall that cell membranes are formed from cholesterol (pingue substances), which so he fought, though you should know that fatty food comes approximately 15% of this substance, the rest of the body produces itself. But to get involved such food is not worth it;
  • you need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, add them to cereals, casseroles and other dishes;
  • if it is impossible to completely give up alcohol, you need at least to minimize the amount. This is important because this product very high in calories. For example, 100 grams of vodka contains 275 kcal;
  • not every day to eat the same food and dishes, so it is highly recommended to diversify the menu. In addition, it is necessary to practice such cooking methods as braising, roasting and steaming.

Sample menu for weight loss for a week

menu for weight loss women recipes

For adult women a healthy balanced diet of 2000 kcal per week will be something like this.


  • Breakfast: oatmeal with milk 1,5% fat with 2 tsp. honey baked cinnamon Apple, 20 g of nuts, tea or coffee.
  • Second Breakfast: 1 glass of yogurt, 1 fruit of choice.
  • Lunch: meat soup, fish or chicken cutlet with a side dish.
  • Snack: 20g dark chocolate, tea.
  • Dinner: boiled fish, fruit salad, dressed with natural yogurt or low calorie whipped cream.


  • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with chicken breast and tomato sauce, tea or coffee with 1 tsp of honey.
  • Second Breakfast: 1 glass of natural yogurt, marmalade.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, meat with stewed cabbage, toast and tea or compote.
  • Snack: 1 Cup of tea with biscuits avenae.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese 1 tbsp lowfat sour cream, 1 fruit of choice.


  • Breakfast: omelette with 1 egg and 2 whites, salad of pickled cabbage, a slice of bread bran, tea or coffee with 1 tsp of honey.
  • Second Breakfast: cottage cheese with 1 tbsp of low fat sour cream and dried fruits.
  • Lunch: fish stew with rice a side salad vegetable of choice (or salad), tea or coffee.
  • Snack: 1 Cup fruit smoothies, marshmallows.
  • Dinner: chicken or fish with sauce with broccoli, steamed.


  • Breakfast: muesli with milk or yogurt, fruit of your choice tea or coffee.
  • The second Breakfast: hot sandwich of grain bread rolls, cheese, greenery and tomato.
  • Lunch: chicken soup, beef goulash with buckwheat, vegetable salad.
  • Snack: fruit salad with whipped cream, tea or coffee.
  • Dinner: stewed fish with garnish of fresh vegetables or pasta.


  • Breakfast: milk rice porridge with dried fruit, tea or coffee.
  • Second Breakfast: 1 glass of any fruit juice and cookies.
  • Lunch: soup, mashed potatoes with stewed meat, salad vegetables of choice.
  • Snack: 1 Cup of cocoa fruit to choose from.
  • Dinner: salmon steak, 1 glass of dry wine.


  • Breakfast: pancakes with 1 tbsp sour cream and 1 tsp.of honey.
  • Second Breakfast: fruit salad with whipped cream.
  • Lunch: fish soup, fish with any side dish, 1 glass of dry white wine.
  • Snack: 1 Cup of citrus juice with cookies or spongia.
  • Dinner: grilled meat, salad of seasonal vegetables, 1 glass of dry red wine.


  • Breakfast: casserole of cheese with fruit, tea or coffee.
  • Second Breakfast: fruit salad.
  • Lunch: grilled meat with side dish by choice, salad.
  • Snack: 1 Cup of tomato juice with bread and cheese.
  • Dinner: pot roast with a side of wild or brown rice or potatoes salad of pickled cabbage.

This is only a sample menu, which can be oriented, forming their own. You can also use other foods and dishes. The main thing is to remember that fatty and sugary food and alcohol will not add to the slimness of the figure and health for the body.

It is difficult to find a woman who would have been happy with her figure and would not like to lose 2-3 kg. this requires a balanced diet. The main thing - to follow the principle that will help you to lose weight or not gain extra pounds: with food should come less calories than the body uses in the process of life. In addition, you need to remember about the nutritional value of food (Fig. about the content in it of proteins, fats and carbohydrates).

the weekly menu for weight loss women

There are a few rules that should be followed when losing weight:

  1. Even a balanced diet cannot meet the body's need vitamins and minerals, since the calorie restriction is impossible. So you need to take vitamin-mineral complexes.
  2. The use of carbohydrate food is inevitable, as it is the main source energy. However, simple carbohydrates are digested very fast and does not accompanied a feeling of fullness (this is what leads to failure of the diet). Choice products containing complex carbohydrates, is quite large: buckwheat, millet, unpolished rice, whole-grain pasta, etc. Including their menu for lunch and Breakfast, you can avoid sensations of hunger and, therefore, overeating in the evening.
  3. Protein food is essential, especially if the diet is accompanied by physical loads. It should include low-fat beef or lamb, chicken or Turkey, fish, egg whites, cheese 25% fat, low-fat cottage cheese, dairy products etc.
  4. Fats must be present every day in the form of either 2 tbsp oil or 30 grams of any nuts.
  5. The balanced diet should include foods that contain fiber. This is enough for 300 g of vegetables and the same amount of unsweetened fruit. The restrictions apply to bananas, grapes, mangos (you can eat up to 14 hours a day and only piece).
  6. Sweets can be replaced 10-20 grams of dark chocolate and 2-3 dates.
  7. When losing weight, no less important portion. To replace the scales this way: for porridge - a portion the size of a fist, for meat and fish - size palm, for fruit and vegetables - two fists, bread - 2 slices for milk and dairy products - 1 Cup of cottage cheese 180 g (Zn. the standard package).

Menu to follow for weight loss, it can be.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal, 1 Apple (pear), coffee with milk.
  • Second Breakfast: 1 glass of yogurt, 2 fruit of choice.
  • Lunch: boiled fish with a side dish of baked potatoes, vegetable salad, dressed with 1 art. L. vegetable oil.
  • Dinner: a salad of grated carrots with cream.
  • Dinner: chicken breast with steamed broccoli.

In order not to feel slighted, 1 time a week or 10 days, you can afford to eat anything that is not included in the recommended list, but will support psychologically.

During weight loss (and not only) it is necessary to abandon the obviously harmful food, even if advertising insists otherwise. It's chips, popcorn, salted nuts, any food (soups, mashed potatoes), noodles, muffins, cakes, and rolls with cream, sausage, mayonnaise, fried foods. Other products, including potatoes, bread and bacon you can eat, the main thing - not to turn them into the basis of their diet.