Weight-loss results – what do they depend?

Your girlfriend pompously said that to get rid of excess weight, only eat less and move more. The simple truth is, it would seem that there is nothing difficult in the process of getting rid of extra pounds. But it turns out that it's not so easy!

the result of weight loss

Even doctors are not talking about simple ways to lose weight. Moreover, a competent doctor will not say never, which will be able to lose weight with a serious restriction of food and active sports. Because really, no one knows exactly whether a particular person with this diet and activities are visibly lose weight. In the process of weight loss is affected by many factors - mood, body chemistry, weight, and the body's response to certain system of power and a certain load. After the change of diet and the introduction of sports in their lives the body can respond in different ways. Well, if the calories will actively be cleaved due to energy consumption in the process of exercise. But there may be another option - hungry metabolism that will try to maintain the nutrients. In this case, weight loss will go rather slowly.

If you reduce the weight – problem

For sure, you have a friend or acquaintance who has managed to lose weight on the Kremlin diet. Every time you hear stories about how well was the process of losing weight, and how many managed to lose with this power system. Of course, such stories provoke to try the Kremlin diet and you. And may even you've tried this option, but for unknown reasons, the effect is not the same. Don't be surprised. According to statistics, the Kremlin diet gives the result of weight loss are only 5% of people. It would be otherwise, would not exist the problem of excess weight at all.

Much the same can be noted when following other diets. Of thousands of people units lose weight, others do not note any changes. But why is it that some noticeable shed extra pounds, and the weight goes too slow? Of course, the main reason is that we are all different. Each person has its own characteristics of the organism and therefore what works for one, it is not effective for another.

Problem different results

About a variety of results, while maintaining the same diet. It is clear that every person is individuality. But losing weight people have much in common. And anyway, if the dietitian will collect the group slimming people around with the same settings and offers them a certain diet, weight-loss results of each of this group will be very unpredictable. Definitely among the participants there will be several people who will simply and quickly to lose weight. There are also a group of people who are getting rid of excess weight will be very difficult and slow. And there are several participants for whom this diet will not be effective and will not allow you to lose pounds.

Look for the reasons that somebody from losing weight violates the rules and regulations of a nutritionist is not necessary. Usually all are on the same diet prescribed by a dietitian program. But one such food to taste, it allows you to not think about hunger, replenish energy and feel fantastic. And others diet seems boring, not tasty, wholesome and does not bring the slightest pleasure, so that eating them becomes a real challenge.

What's the secret to easy weight loss


The answer to the question, it turns out, actually lies on the surface. Surprisingly, people reduce weight not diets and nutrition plans, and well-defined work packages. Not only diet and activities affect weight loss. Matter and daily locomotor activity, muscle tone, mood and purpose. However, all of these factors can be very effective for human health and can interfere with and prevent the getting rid of excess weight.

Each person has a set of factors that help to lose weight as well which prevent to get rid of excess weight. To answer the questions that it promotes weight loss, and what prevents, needs each person. To solve these problems is not easy. Here are some striking examples in order to determine the effect of the above factors on weight loss.

Thus, if two people share the same diet, but one has a serious motivation, and the second is on a diet. The question is, who will be able to reduce weight faster? The answer is simple - of course, success is more likely to be the one who has the better motivation. The fact is that human thought is material. And if there is a desire for purpose in the body increases the activity of noradrenaline and adrenaline. The activities of these hormones positively affect the process of breakdown of fats.

Another example is the various versions of the sport. One prefers walking for thirty-forty minutes, and the other tends to lose weight faster and believes that this will help running. In this case, who will achieve the results faster? Many will decide that to lose weight more rapidly will the one who chooses the run. But, actually, the more rapid the process of getting rid of excess weight will be a person who walks a lot. The fact that running from an untrained person does not provoke the process of breakdown of fats. Basically such loads can cause the breakdown of carbohydrates. Since the supply of carbohydrates, not great, and helps make up for their only food, after running markedly increases the appetite. Here you can add and fatigue of the muscles, which causes the need for peace, which also contributes to the active burning of the muscles.

Another example - two people relate differently to the dinner. One refuses to eat after six, and the second is not forgetting about the light dinner. Who of these two will lose weight faster?


Here in this case to answer the difficult question, of course, not eating after six is a significant plus in the diet. But this day will always be hunger. If his win is possible and this person has a good motivation, then he's definitely faster to get rid of excess weight. But if there is no motivation, then to fight hunger will not be easy, and that person will live permanently in the breakdowns. Of course, in this case, the player who prefers a light dinner.