How to lose weight really?

Those who struggled with excess weight, know how hard it is to lose weight. And if after all this fails, then comes the hardest part – to keep the achieved weight! So it is best not to resort to temporary measures, that is, diets and fasting, and lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right. Want to learn how to lose weight realistically and permanently, not for a couple weeks? Want to learn how to improve your health, not undermine, his constant dieting, aging in this decade? Then read all of the rules that will help you in this difficult task and for many years will provide you with optimum weight and feel great.

real weight loss


Many women claim that eating very little but still continue to get fat. After the study of their diet is that they eat very irregularly and fast feet. So if you are really looking for a real way to lose weight, start with setting power mode.

For example, 8 Breakfast, lunch at 13, dinner at 19. Why is it important? Our body is very sensitive to all changes and mother nature are aimed at survival in any conditions.

If you can take a break between meals then 2 hours, then 10 hours, the body ceases to be confident that he will do food. So he quickly begins to make reserves for a rainy day. We see at once in the abdomen, hips, in the form of double chin and other troubles. Therefore provide the body with complete confidence, train him to get food at the same time, and then all stocks from the skin will begin to melt.

Compulsory Breakfast

The biggest calorie consumption is happening from morning till 15-16 o'clock. In the evening they spent little, even if we visited the gym. This happens because in the morning the body is aimed at great achievements, and in the evening, already preparing to sleep. Therefore if you are thinking how you can really lose weight, start to eat Breakfast in the morning all those calories the body will recycle, and stop eat in the evening, metabolism at this time is low and almost nothing to turn into energy, just fat.

Drink more

This requirement allows you to excrete more toxins. If you have healthy kidneys, drink a day not less than 2, 5 liters of clean water. Please note – not tea, coffee, soup, juice, and clean water! Only in this case, harmful substances at the cellular level will leave together with the total fluid withdrawn from the bladder. This amount of water should be drunk to 20-21 hours because at night, all cleansing processes in the body cease, and the water all goes under the skin, forming to the morning swelling.

Will solve all the problems with the intestines

Modern people often eat almost anything. In conjunction with the lazy bowel, consistent with inactivity, bad food is processed and formed stagnation of feces. In parallel with this die beneficial bacteria in the gut and the process is compounded.

No bacteria – food is not processed into energy, all substances go in the subcutaneous accumulation. Thus, instead of questions, how to really lose weight, consult your doctor and hand over analyses on a dysbacteriosis. If there is the slightest hint of constipation, heaviness in the abdomen, intestinal cramps and lack of beneficial bacteria, the doctor credited with drugs that restore the microflora of the intestine. But after that, it should support the use of bio-kefir, not less than 0.5 liters per day. Also eat as many beets in any dish cooked. It eliminates many of the problems of the intestine.

After you bring this area of his body to the right, you will see that you are our answer to the question, is it possible to lose weight in a month. The body weight decrease immediately, as the normal digestion. Will ease, leaving feet pain, chronic fatigue and drowsiness. Weight may decrease for a month after treatment to 5-7 kg (if the excess weight 10-15 kg). Oh, and train your abdominal muscles, this will allow for weight loss to prevent prolapse of internal organs.

real weight loss result

Rule 90 to 10

For beginners it can be as 80 to 20. It lies in the fact that your food is 90 percent should be light and healthy and 10% unhealthy, but so delicious and loved. In order for your mind not to ruin a waiver of cakes, chocolates, burgers etc., they can eat even need. But not more than the 10th part of the total volume of food. The rest of your diet should be fresh, cooked alone or in catering, but from natural products, eat salads with fresh vegetables, fruits, less sugar, flour and potatoes.

For example, for Breakfast you eat 250 g of food for lunch 650 g, 200 g dinner Together, and 1100 g per day. Of these, 110 g can be very harmful, but tasty. It may be pie 55g and half chocolate ice cream 55 g. Or 80 g and fries 30 g. Observing this rule, you will not be able to lose 10 kg in a month, but within six months, your weight will go very much!

Fasting days

The most persistent can afford fasting days. Mind you, not the days of fasting and days of discharge. To avoid stress to the body, hold them regularly on the same day of the week, for example, on Mondays. The fasting day may be based on reception food, only yogurt, which is very useful, or on raw vegetables, rice, buckwheat, mineral water, natural juices. Options these days weight, it is only necessary to select the most suitable for you, and be sure to consult with your doctor.

Move instead of diets

Many women are also interested in, is it possible to lose weight in a week. Really, you just have to give up there. At all. And be prepared for the fact that after 2 weeks you will be bigger, and your liver or the intestines, or the gall bladder will give a very serious failure. Therefore, it is best for a week lose weight of 1.5 kg is the maximum that is allowed by doctors. But the best way to lose weight 1.5-2 kg per month, but regularly.

This can help a hearty Breakfast, light lunch and light dinner. And, of course, need constant movement. Easy step jog, half an hour on the trainer - it will make you slimmer and help the heart and other organs.

To diet think carefully, be sure to consult with your doctor! If you are not in the order of kidneys, you Japanese diet is contraindicated if increased acidity of the stomach, it is impossible to sit on a fruit diet. And if you have gallstones, any diet can be fatal for you.