To lose weight quickly and effectively: how?

In order to make her appearance decent appearance, a woman needs a matter of minutes: on hair styling, applying makeup and the selection of attire she would need no more than an hour. But to put in order the figure in such a short time, no one can. But if girls or women a few days or weeks, then to lose weight quickly and effectively is quite real.

effective weight loss

Rapid weight loss due to fluid removal from the body

If you stick to the correct tactics, then get rid of from 1.5 to 3 extra pounds even for a day. And this is not fiction. Most effective weight loss in a matter of hours can be done through the release of excess fluid, which the body full of people is present in overabundance. Many in the sediments of cellulite. Anyone interested in how to lose weight fast, you can suggest to try to get rid of excess water and fats.

The easiest way to become lighter due to fluid loss — good sweat in the sauna or bath. Before visiting the steam room the woman should drink a diaphoretic tea mother and stepmother, mint, lime blossom, leaves of black currant or raspberry. After tea we need to take a hot shower and then go to the steam room. A long time it shouldn't be, it will be enough a few minutes. Pour cold water after the sauna is not recommended, otherwise the necessary for weight loss diaphoretic effect to fail.

After visiting the baths you can become lighter by 0.5-2 kg, But rapid weight loss by this method will be short-lived: as soon as the water balance in the body restored, the weight will return to their former positions. Method is justified only in the case when the girl need to lose weight quickly for a short time in order to, for example, to get into slightly tight on her evening dress. Frequently involved this procedure is not necessary, as it can lead to dehydration.

Lose up to 1.5 kg per day can be achieved by the revitalization of the kidneys. How to do it? Need to make a diuretic tea of horsetail, rose hips, leaves of bilberry, strawberry, bear ear, or bearberry, nettle and drink it several times a day. The principle of weight loss among the diuretic method is no different from the previous one: from the body of excess fluid, which at the first opportunity to make up and the weight will come back. Frequent use of diuretic method is not necessary, since in its application the kidneys are experiencing a heavy load.

Quick weight loss by restricting food and cleaning the bowel

Become lighter by 0.5-1 kg per day can be by limiting intakes. An ordinary man at one time eats up to 500 grams of product, but there are those who are able to swallow much more. If you reduce each serving by half for the day, you can lose up to 500 grams. Should warn, that with a substantial reduction in the amount eaten in any case it is impossible to limit yourself to fluid intake.

Become a leaner you, if a couple of times a week to arrange a fasting day, during which to eat about a kilo of apples and drink a liter of kefir. Supplement fasting diet non-carbonated mineral water and green tea that can be drunk without restrictions.

In the digestive system of an adult human is on average 5-7 kg of food at different stages of their processing. If you remove from the intestines of at least half its content, then the day can reduce the waist several inches. To get rid of food waste can help to revitalize the intestine. On the day before each meal should drink 15 ml of infusion of buckthorn, has a laxative effect (it is necessary to brew at the rate of 2 tablespoons of fruit per Cup of boiling water). Colon cleanse — the procedure is useful not only for figures but also for the whole organism, however, to carry out her best during the weekend, as laxatives can play with the man a malicious joke and far from the toilet it is advisable not to depart.

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All the above rapid weight loss allow a person to effectively and quickly lose weight in short time. However, to experience them for yourself only healthy people who have no problems with the digestive, cardiovascular and urinary systems. None of these techniques can not be applied for a long period of time, the optimal duration is 1 day. In this case, the relief obtained by the body, will only benefit him. Note that when getting rid of excess fluid and release of the intestine, all the fat will remain in place. To combat it will need longer time and other ways.

Week course of harmony

If a woman has in stock the week before the trip at sea, an evening out or event where she wants to show off his slim figure, then you can quickly and effectively lose weight, by contacting the SPA or aesthetic clinic. Weekly weight loss programs in these institutions consist of fasting, compiled by the expert individually for each patient, various massages, injection needles, wraps, exercises and other treatments aimed at reducing weight. These methods allow the weaker sex to lose weight effectively and permanently.

Services of SPA-salons and clinics can not be attributed to cheap, so they are available to only wealthy people. But to be slim dream of all women, regardless of the thickness of the purse. Let's see how to effectively lose weight in a week without referring to specialists. Any short-term complex weight loss there are 3 major components:

  • low-calorie diet or a strict limitation in the intake of food;
  • daily exercises in the morning;
  • Hiking.

Fasting diet every woman can choose for themselves, based on their financial capabilities and taste preferences. For a one-week course of harmony will fit Apple, orange, cucumber, kefir, rice, and other diets. But keep in mind that quick weight loss need to learn how to be limited to 1200-1800 calories per day. Here is a sample diet menus, which can be used with low-calorie diet:

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of whole grain bread with low-fat cheese and Apple slices;
  • dinner: 150 g fish fillet with low-fat varieties, vegetable salad, dressed with yogurt or sour cream, low fat, 200 grams of fruit;
  • dinner — 2 toast, salad of Apple, cucumber and greens with the addition of 100 g of grated cheese with low fat content.

Between meals is recommended to drink water or green tea, but snacks should be avoided. To endure a whole week on such a hard limit in food is not easy, but the result diet delight — by the end of the 7 day weight women will decrease by 3-5 pounds.

Physical exercise with rapid weight loss

exercise for weight loss

With diets need to combine morning exercise with a duration of not less than half an hour. No need to force yourself to do very hard physical exercise in a period of low calorie diets they are undesirable. But regular easy warm-up, tilts, squats, and breathing exercises will help the body to lose weight quickly and permanently.

Often the extra pounds on the sides of a person accumulate due to lack of physical activity, so during weight loss you need to try to lead an active way of life. It is not necessary to avoid walking: every 2.5 km, traveled at a quick pace, "leaves" for 200 kcal. As much energy will need to swim in the pool. And on the thirty minute aerobic activity your body will need as much as 400 calories. Among women losing weight very popular fitness, where exercises are combined with aerobic breathing with daily activities is really in a few days become lighter by 2 kg. If you combine moderate physical activity with diet, then the result of a week of weight loss can reach 6 kg.

A radical method of weight loss — fasting

If women have enough time weight loss process can stretch for a month. Most full women prefer to lose weight on their own, looking for the new-fangled diets on the pages of glossy magazines or on the Internet. However, nutritionists warn that many modern diets are not balanced and prolonged use can cause the female body harm. Anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and permanently, contact a dietitian, who in the selection of methods to reduce weight will be to take into account the individual characteristics of all their patients.

The most radical method to get rid of extra pounds — fasting. However fasting should be under medical supervision. Before completely give up food, it can take some time to sit on a vegetarian diet to prepare your body for dramatic change. Throughout the fasting period the person needs to follow the normal drinking mode: water must be drunk without restrictions. But from sports and physical labor should be abandoned completely — they fasting is not compatible.

Nutritionists warn that people who resort to fasting, that for proper functioning of the entire body, a person needs a full range of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, the exclusion from the diet of at least one of the components leading to disruption of metabolic process. Abandoning the use of animal fats, people at risk to violate the hormonal balance in the body, lack of carbohydrates affect brain activity and a complete rejection of the meat causes the development of anemia and loss of immunity. Starvation often leads to disruption of the bowel: after a long idle it ceases to function normally.

Not the best effect abstinence from food for activity of the pancreas — it stops producing the enzymes necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and this can lead to the development of food Allergy. To quit the hunger strike very slowly and carefully: in honor of her graduation immediately to arrange a feast, otherwise you can get to the hospital. The first food after a long abstinence from food should be fresh juices, diet should gradually be extended, observing a strict vegetarian diet.

Reviews of women who have tried monthly fasting as a method of rapid weight loss mainly the weight loss in a month they were 10-15 lbs. However, they all struggled with the extra weight under the scrutiny of physicians. At home you can spend only a short hunger strike, not exceeding 3 days. But this is valid only if the woman is absolutely healthy. Fasting is the most effective weight loss in cases when for a short time you need to quickly lose weight, but before you decide to take, you need to think about, because it is not known how accustomed abundant and tasty to eat body will react to food refusal.

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Often, after a diet or fasting women gradually return to their usual diet, begin to eat high-calorie foods and gaining weight again, which got rid of with great difficulty. To avoid such bad prospects for its shape, the woman should try to eat from little plates, because people used to eat exactly what is placed in his bowl. Reducing the diameter of your plates only a quarter, it is realistic to reduce the daily ration by as much as 500 calories. This simple trick will help a woman to remain slim after the diet.