Diet for quick weight loss belly: the best options

For many women, watching your figure, abdomen is the most problematic area of the body. But due to the fact that in this place accumulates fat, which is intended for carrying a child.

diet for belly

Causes of weight gain in the abdomen

With the appearance of extra pounds in the first place increases the stomach.

The first reasons for the growth of this area of the body are:

  • genetic features of the body;
  • the absence or lack of exercise;
  • an improper diet.

The essence of the diet for slimming the belly

Fitness trainers recommend more time to devote to training. But not everyone has the opportunity to do it, because there is still a job and other important things.

A large number of people turned for help to a quick mini-diets. But in reality is not so simple.

Unfortunately, to make it easy.

Basically to lose weight in one place is impossible. But you can help to tighten the whole body and improve overall appearance.

It is necessary to fulfill two conditions: to exercise and eat right.

Any diet will never give positive results, if we exclude sports.

In order to achieve quick weight loss belly you should stick to the basic principles of nutrition:

  • the use of more liquids;
  • need to count calories and excess to exclude some foods;
  • use the required amount of proteins;
  • precluded admission of fast carbs and TRANS fats;
  • the amount of fat should be minimal;
  • also very important is the intake of dietary fiber in the required amount;
  • forbidden overeating;
  • no less important is the daily proper Breakfast.

Additional diet slimming belly, you can see from the video.

Best menu simple diet plan for weight loss belly

Weekly diet

In any case, for this purpose, you must include in your daily diet high in fruits and vegetables. In order to determine the necessary products, you can rely on a similar menu, which is designed for seven days.

1st day:

  1. Morning: cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat – 100 g, Apple, herbal tea.
  2. Lunch: chicken breast cooked in the oven, cabbage and carrots (in a salad).
  3. Evening: yogurt with minimal fat content – 0.5 l

2nd day:

  1. Morning: scrambled eggs, you can also add tomatoes.
  2. Lunch: fish boiled or steamed, Apple.
  3. Evening: fresh salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with olive oil.

3rd day:

proper nutrition for weight loss
  1. Morning: yogurt natural origin, Apple, herbal tea.
  2. Lunch: Turkey boiled orange.
  3. Evening: salad with crab sticks with cucumber and egg.

4th day:

  1. Morning: oatmeal, Apple.
  2. Lunch: fish boiled grapefruit.
  3. Evening: shrimp and herbal tea.

5th day:

  1. Morning: yogurt natural origin, fruit salad.
  2. Lunch: soup vegetarian, Apple.
  3. Evening: cottage cheese with a minimum percentage of fat and orange.

6th day:

  1. Morning: a couple of hardboiled eggs, and grapefruit.
  2. Lunch: a Cup of yogurt and cheesecakes.
  3. Evening: meat boiled, and a salad with Kale and radishes.

7th day:

  1. Morning: scrambled eggs with a small and lean piece of ham.
  2. Lunch: chicken breast baked in the oven and cucumber.
  3. Evening: yogurt with minimal fat content – 0.5 l

Kefir diet for weight loss belly

Diet yogurt is considered to be quite effective. With the right approach it is possible not only to remove belly fat, but completely to reduce your weight.

There are several variants of this diet.

First and foremost is the mono-diet. Here, the only used product should be a yogurt in any quantity.

In a pinch you can use water. You can see the result fast enough, as this product is good for the body and its digestive system.

The output from this diet should be gradual. Be added at first fruit, then vegetables and seafood, and only then can you eat bread and cereals, only in small quantities.

The use of fruit-kefir diet is very useful because the body gets plenty of vitamins. In order to properly combine yogurt and fruit, you need to prepare and to read additional literature as a combination of fermented milk products with some fruits are incompatible.

The body simply can not accept such an option.

More simple for perception is considered a mixed diet. Here yogurt can be combined with seafood, vegetables or grass.

In the morning you can cook the oatmeal with yogurt, lunch – boiled fish with vegetable salad for dinner and yogurt with fruit.

You can also cook the hash on yogurt. Only it is not necessary to add mushrooms and cucumbers because they are better than any laxative.

This diet is sure to be effective if within those days completely abandon the sweet, salt and various spices.


Nowadays not only women watching their figure, but men. For anybody not a secret that in men there is some weakness to the beer.

And it always leads to growth of the abdomen. So, kefir diet is perfect for them.

By the way, has long been known that beer is a large content of yeast. Their effect is that they increase the number of fat cells.

But this is not the only harmful substance contained in it. Beer affect the heart and nervous system. To the strong floor was easier to lose weight, you need to follow some rules:

  1. It is necessary to remove or keep to the minimum quantity of beer consumption.
  2. With a strong desire to drink a little, but it's important to do it for a few hours before bedtime.
  3. Be sure to adhere to all rules of healthy eating.
  4. Exercise.
  5. You can take food frequently, it is important that the portions were small.
  6. Drinking large amounts of water.

Buckwheat diet

A lot of positive feedback heard about buckwheat diet. In this rump contains a large amount of nutrients that are able to maintain the body in good condition.

You can add that it is also economical diet, as grain has a low price.

Menu of this diet are very simple, because during seven days of food takes place with the use of a single product – buckwheat. Its recipe is a little unusual.

It must not boil, as it usually happens, and steamed with boiling water. For better effect, you can use a thermos.

It is filled with one Cup of buckwheat, which is added two cups of boiling water. After that, the flask is tightly closed and left standing overnight.

Morning cereal will be ready to use.

During this diet you may drink kefir with a minimum percentage of fat, as well as purified mineral water without gas.

The main rule for weight loss belly

the rules of weight loss
  1. The meal should be carried out through equal intervals of time. Mostly 3-4 hours. A day should be no more and no less than 4-5 meals.
  2. The amount of purified water must be at least 5 cups a day.
  3. Salads, composed of vegetables and a small amount of vegetable oil should enter in the daily diet.
  4. For intermediate snacking should be applied only fruit.
  5. Also for daily diet it is important the presence of citrus and herbs.
  6. The intake of salt, sugar, all flour products should be excluded or reduced to the minimum amount.
  7. Smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee is strictly prohibited.
  8. For cooking you should use products which were not long in processing. These include a variety of canned sausage.
  9. Necessarily in the daily menu should include a variety of cereals that help to get rid of feelings of hunger and fill the body with glucose. But in order to keep the digestive system was working normally, you should not combine grains with protein foods. Proteins, which include meat, seafood and fish combine well with vegetables different preparation.
  10. To protect the gastrointestinal tract against difficulties associated with the large amount of consumed raw vegetables and fruits you can eat peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, seeds, beans, figs, ginger.
  11. There is no need to starve. Everything you need is simply to reduce the portions.
  12. In order to diet for belly slimming to be effective, you need to play sports.