Stories of weight loss with before and after photos from real people

During weight loss very important to find motivation. It is able to push an individual to overcome their own laziness and desire to break at any moment. Such a great motivation for exilis quite often acts a successful weight loss story.

After reading it in moments of an upcoming breakdown and seeing that everything you desire is quite possible to exercise, gain strength and continue this difficult path. Below are the best stories weight loss able to push to the goal.


My story of losing weight after childbirth on 22 kgs

Tatyana, 35 years.

My pregnancy was a very welcome and long-awaited. It was during this happy period of my life, I gained 22 kg, which with the greatest effort had to dump after. Thanks to the use of the system of fasting days, I bought a delicate feminine figure which could only dream of.

Not to say that I have been given by nature graceful settings. In his youth, at a low height 160 cm I've never weighed less than 62 kg. However, at that time it did not cause discontent, and of the suitors was good enough..

10 years after the wedding I finally managed to get pregnant. But here things did not go as smoothly as most of the girls. The first month I had a threatened miscarriage. All 9 months I've been on hormonal drugs and did not perform any physical exercise, which was a mandatory condition for the successful carrying a child.

The appetite grew with each passing day more and more. I would especially like sweet and starchy foods. In the end, after giving birth, I saw in the mirror creepy flaccus and plenus body, which is not something that I did not like, and caused disgust... I made the decision to significantly reduce its weight.

Unfortunately, breastfeeding for weight loss process not have any effect. The impression that the extra inches firmly glued to me. In the end, I thoroughly tried to reset the accumulated weight using a low calorie diet. However, the result was not what he wanted: a full breakdown, progressive depression, constant hunger, and the weight returned with a vengeance.

After that, I abruptly changed tactics and chose a system of fasting days 2 times a week.

Unloading spent on:

  1. Low-fat dairy products – 1 liter a day.
  2. Freshly squeezed juices – 1, 5 l a day.
  3. Fruits – 1 kg during the day.
  4. Vegetables – 1 kg per day.

Feeling already forgotten the lightness in the body I added physical activity, namely, classes bodyflex through the day for 25 minutes. The exercises were performed in one breath, and health improved every day.

I liked that this significantly tightened figure and disappeared sagging skin. As a result, for the first month I lost 12 kg, and for the second – the remaining 10 lbs. the Result exceeded all my wildest expectations.

The figure was almost model!

If someone wants to lose weight, using a system of fasting days, we would like to give actionable advice:

  1. To start losing weight with 1 unloading week.
  2. Alternate menu fasting days.
  3. In the case of a strong sense of hunger, drink a glass of cold water.
  4. Classes to include any complex of physical exercises.
  5. And most importantly – don't go out of your way!

Story ideal weight loss based on the system minus 60

After the transition to high school, I became more and more similar to glomus. For years, butterball has gradually turned into a huge carcass, which did not want to look in the mirror. But like any girl, I dreamed of love, fine young man and a night Dating. But who will pay attention to 110 kg carcass?

After graduating College, I decided to change myself. Because I did not want to be a spinster for life. Having tried all kinds of diets and unloading, I realized one thing – the weight, though moving, but after a short time he returned again.

And one day, I found in the Internet information about the system minus 60. Beside the information how to weight loss have been stories of girls who, using this method was able to lose 20 to 50 lbs. And believe I can, too!

The most important thing in the diet:

  1. The absence of any snacks (even the most innocuous).
  2. The system has in mind the transition to three meals a day.
  3. Up to 12 hours a day you can gradually eat what you really want.
  4. At lunchtime and dinner allowed a certain combination of products (be sure to follow the recommendations).

According to the system, the evening meal allows for a choice to choose any variation of:

  1. Vegetable dish and cereal.
  2. The fruit dish in combination with cereals.
  3. A few fresh vegetables and fruit.
  4. Some vegetables and dairy products. t (lean).
  5. Meat or fish dish (use no add-ons other products).

Be sure to arrange the last meal no later than 18:00. Actually this was my main difficulty during weight loss.

In addition to compliance with the system minus 60, I began Jogging 3 times a week and pouring cold water in the morning. In the end, my weight in 4 months went from 110 kg to 60 kg. the Result I'm extremely satisfied. Surrounding for a long time were shocked by my transformation.

Tips for dieters:

  1. You adhere to the recommendations on the chosen system of weight loss.
  2. Eat in small portions.
  3. After the diet is to follow a proper diet.
  4. To find an alternative to binding stress. This can be a hobby, running, Boxing, music. Anything at all, if only the hand is not reached for another portion of the Burger at the first unsuccessful day.

20 pounds in 30 days

Since my youth I was used to the attention of the opposite sex. Of course! The figurine was just perfect thanks to rhythmic gymnastics. During the next competition I got injured, because of which was bedridden for almost 4 months.

Through such a long period of time I began to walk again. This period also moved joy from the fact that I'm moving again brought negative emotions. I have not received any clothing worn to the hospital.

Becoming on the scales, it was unexpected to see instead of the usual 48 kg whole 73. Immediately the day I started fasting. Alas!!! The condition has reached the hungry fainting, but the volume did not decrease. Therefore, it was decided to change the tactics of the struggle, namely to lose weight with proper diet and Jogging.

The basic principles of my food was:

  1. The menu is based on fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Small the meal.
  3. Taboos on the use of sweet and starchy foods.
  4. 20% of the daily diet is cereal or low-fat meats/fish.
  5. The last meal not later than 17:30.

Jogging passed through the day in the evening.

To several important principles that you should consider before starting the exercises:

  1. The exercise classes run exclusively in the evening hours. It was during these hours Jogging allows you to get rid of excess weight. In a different time of day classes only strengthen the muscles.
  2. Best for running choose the type of Jogging. Is to do at least 45-60 minutes.
  3. In order to speed up getting rid of body fat, it is recommended to do interval running (short distance Jogging alternating with walking 100 meters the fastest of the race). This kind of training is best carried out at about 35-55 minutes. After class interval running body for five hours burns fat deposited in various parts of the body.

On the system I lived 30 days. During this period managed to lose 20 pounds and return to its former shape. Most importantly – I didn't have to suffer a constant feeling of hunger, fainting and depression. The whole process of getting rid of volumes held in the same breath and for the benefit of my health.

Veronica, 24 years


How I lost weight with water

Working for a large company operator, I gained quite a lot of extra pounds and turned into a young age lady with magnificent forms. If it's the desire to establish privacy, and the suitors on the horizon was not, I thought, and decided to put his body in its former shape. Because men, as they say, love with their eyes. And my 88 pounds not combined with elegance.

The decision was made and began various hungry days.

Well, I finally got:

  1. Haggard look.
  2. Bags under the eyes.
  3. Weight loss exclusively in the area of the face.
  4. Depression.
  5. Eternal tiredness and unwillingness to live a full life.

Sharing your failures with a friend, I received very valuable advice that she once experienced – try the water diet.

So, what I eventually did:

  1. Each meal meant pre-drinking a glass of clean water – this really helped to mute the raging appetite and not have the usual huge portions.
  2. Taking the water, pay attention to its temperature (only allowed at room TEM-ry).
  3. The taboo on the use of sweet or carbonated drinks.
  4. Daily intake of drinking water was 2.5-3.5 liters.
  5. Performed three times a day proper nutrition in the period of water diet.

Such a system has not caused much difficulty, so I've been on it for 4 months. To achieve maximum effect, I added the usual exercises in the morning and after 4 months of standing on the scales I saw the coveted 50 kg. I am again full of strength, health and energy, and most importantly, look stunning. And by the way, a lot of fans there. After all, men really love with their eyes!

My advice to all losing weight:

  1. Reduce the size of the portions.
  2. Limit the consumption of sweets, and better and discard them.
  3. It would be desirable to break and to eat something is a favorite, but extremely harmful – keep your willpower and resist the temptation. Even a single person the food is not made happy.
  4. Making the menu, count on fresh vegetables and fruit.

All lose weight I can!

Excellent results for Elena before and after weight loss in 33 years after giving birth

After delivery I gained 15 lbs. In the result, the scales showed a disappointing mark of 75 kg, which, unfortunately, have contributed to my mood and confidence. It was decided to urgently to drop the accumulated fat mass. Since I'm not a supporter of diets that only return me my pounds and even with the stock, this time I choose to use dietary Supplements.

They are perfectly cope with the task:

  1. Cleansing of the body.
  2. Reduce the cholesterol content.
  3. Revitalizes the body.
  4. Lead to normal metabolism.
  5. Remove excess water and toxins.

Besides, dietary Supplements are adipem burners and blockers fat.

The huge advantage is:

  1. No side effects.
  2. The absence of mandatory terms of dieting.

As would love to lose weight, I also receive nutritional Supplements still went on to have a proper diet. And after 1.5 months lost all the extra volume (15 kg). I'm very happy again to feel an attractive woman and catch the admiring glances. To pounds do not come back, I still drink a course for holding a received weight.

Tips of losing weight:

  1. Stick to the proper fractional power.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Move more often.
  4. And most importantly – believe in yourself! Let all you get!!!