Proper nutrition for weight loss menu for each day

To diet for weight loss for nutrition education (PE) can be treated in different ways. You can criticize and find flaws in it or fanatically stick to it all his life, deriving pleasure from their appearance. But the fact that the final PP system, and have helped thousands of fat people who have given up – a fact proven time and confirmed by the dietitians.

eating for weight loss

Proper nutrition is not only cabbage salads and steamed fish. Under the PP system created millions of recipes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, many of which meet the needs of the body are eligible to enter into the nutrition of each person!

Program PE

  • Then follow the "food pyramid", according to which 40% of the dishes on your table should contain complex carbohydrates (these include whole grain bread, all types of cereals except manna, and grass), 35% is fresh and steamed or fried vegetables and fruits and 20% is useful proteins (lean meat, any kind of poultry and fish, milk and dairy products). The remaining 5% may come from fat and sugar.
  • Combine meat with vegetables and fruit.
  • If you really want, it can be a little sweet. But not to exceed the maximum rate of sugar-containing products in a day or 5 teaspoons. And better and replace the sugar with honey. All the desserts can be consumed only in the first half of the day to catch up to the evening burning calories.
  • Ensure that your body received sufficient protein (human it takes at least 100-150 g / day). Protein is a building material, renew cells and support muscle performance. If you gave up meat and poultry, should be applied to plant proteins that are abundantly present in legumes, nuts and soy.
  • Avoid convenience foods, fast food and sauces, and canned. Sugar and salt in a large amount is added, even in ketchup.


Every diet can apply only a limited time. For achieving the result you should go on a healthy diet. If you start to adhere to proper nutrition, to give up and junk food and does not have to. But it is necessary to strictly control the time and volume of consumption of these products, as well as to compensate for the caloric value of exercise.

Proper nutrition is so right and beneficial that it is possible and even necessary to adhere to throughout their life in the name of slim figure and healthy appearance.

It's time to create his menu!

How to plan nutrition for weight loss

Individual planning their own menu for the day, week, month will help to develop the habit to eat properly and in the correct mode. Fractional – at least 3 times, preferably 5-6 times a day — diet is the key to food discipline. It is not necessary to break or rebuild your normal routine. Lean on your lifestyle to create a plan.

Mode meals for "larks" (people who Wake up, for example, at 6.00 o'clock, and I go at 22.00)

  • At 7.00 am eat Breakfast
  • 10.00 arrange a second light Breakfast
  • 13.00 go to lunch
  • 16.00 in time for afternoon tea
  • 19.00 dinner

Food mode for "owls" (people who get up after 9: 00 and are in bed by 00.00 am)

healthy food
  • At 10.00 am to be precise
  • 13.00 time for lunch
  • At 15.00 it's time to eat
  • Embark at 17.00 in the afternoon
  • At 20.00 dinner time

Thus, to adapt the mode of food intake under your daily routine.

The main recommendations

  • Breakfast should be within one hour after lifting
  • in the morning on an empty stomach and drink 250 ml warm plain water
  • between meals keep the time in 2-3 hours
  • sit down to dinner before or no later than two hours before bedtime

For correct diet you must keep a record calories of all food eaten. To do this, get a notebook or special application in your phone and even put labels on the volume of water or juice, which I drank.

What is important when compiling a menu

  1. Writing out a weekly menu, immediately prepare your shopping list in the grocery stores. And immediately distribute what day that will be cooking. On some days, such as get into chicken and fish. One day you should put a light salad for dinner, and hearty beef steak for lunch, etc.
  2. You can't skip Breakfast, even if there are no feelings of hunger. Every Breakfast should be balanced and nutritious — 50% of the daily value of carbs should be for Breakfast, leave for proteins 30%, fat – 20%.
  3. Dinner should mainly contain proteins. For example, low-fat cottage cheese, baked chicken or steamed fish.
  4. Afternoon tea, second Breakfast – the correct and balanced snacks between meals. But they should not become a full-fledged meal. Prepare a snack of fresh fruit (one banana, 150-200 g of grapes, one big Apple), fresh or boiled vegetables (cabbage, tomato, carrot, radish, etc.), dried fruits or nuts (the latter must be salted and in the amount of not more than 30 g per reception).
  5. When counting calories take burned during physical activity. For example, if you are going all day to walk around town, or even cyclocross in the far distance, increase the day diet. Plan the right amount of carbohydrates and protein, before you leave home eat a good Breakfast.
  6. Drink plain drinking water — not chilled and not hot water (it cleans the digestive tract and triggers metabolic processes). Beneficial for slimming green tea (it speeds up the metabolism, restores the body's need for antioxidants and great numbs the appetite).
  7. Coffee you can drink, but its high-calorie variations (latte or cappuccino) drink just before lunch.

Error losing weight

  • Breakdowns in sweet and flour (they should not be excluded entirely, but batch techniques, not to violate the norm of daily consumption of calories).
  • Fried and smoked. Such heat processing of food is possible if you can fry without oil, over an open fire, and smoke no more than 20 minutes in a natural way (no artificial smoke).
  • Boiled and baked foods prefer raw vegetables and fruit, apply a maximum of greenery of all varieties.
  • Heavy dinner with large portions. Meat or fish boil or stew, be sure to add fresh vegetables (for example, 200 grams of beef with one cucumber).
  • Frequent alcohol consumption. Should be avoided, as it is quite high in calories and may cause strong feeling of hunger.
  • During meals drink water is impossible. As well as tea or juice. Brew a Cup of tea for an hour before meals and half an hour after.
  • Be careful with the salt, seasonings and sauces. All this greatly stimulates the appetite and can lead to the violation of the regime and overeating.
  • Meals should not be skipped. Let you have always be packing peanuts, water with lemon or handful of raisins. So you will subdue appetite and avoid overeating during the delayed meal.

Sample menu for a week

The first day

Morning meal: rice 200 grams, butter 10 grams, one banana or one Apple, black coffee.

Snack: dried brown bread, boiled egg, tomato.

The daily meal: mackerel on a couple of 200 grams, Chinese cabbage salad with peas and sunflower oil 180 grams.

Second snack: low-fat cottage cheese 120 g with a spoon of 10% cream, green Apple, 200 ml of tea.

Evening meal: boiled vegetables 220 g roasted beef 140 g

The second day

Morning meal: a sandwich from a piece of whole wheat bread, cream cheese and a plastic cucumber, grapes 100 g, tea or coffee with honey.

Snack: 50 g of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of honey.

The daily meal: beef broth 200 g, fresh Chinese cabbage salad with cucumber and tomato, seasoned with lemon juice.

Second snack: red Apple and one kiwi, green tea or herbal.

Evening meal: lean beef 200 g, two fresh cucumber.

The third day

Morning meal: poached oatmeal without milk — 210 g, a spoon of honey, avocado and unsweetened coffee.

Snack: pine nuts or walnuts 60g, green Apple, tea, slice of lemon.

The daily meal: brown rice 150 grams, the same amount of vegetables.

Second snack: baked pudding from cottage cheese, semolina, banana 150 grams, herbal tea.

Evening meal: seafood peeled 200 g, two cucumbers and one tomato.

The fourth day

Morning meal: oatmeal with milk 200 g fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries or strawberries — 100 g

Snack: low-fat unsweetened yogurt 100 g, teaspoon of honey and freshly brewed black coffee.

The daily meal: baked low-fat fish 250 g sauerkraut 130 g

Second snack: salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, dressed with low-fat sour cream 200 g

Evening meal: baked chicken 200 grams, peeled, topped with 30 g of Parmesan, plus two cucumber.

The fifth day

Morning meal: mashed potatoes on the water with 200 g by adding 30 g of butter, one boiled egg, one cucumber.

Snack: green tea and two kiwi.

The daily meal: mushroom soup with barley 260 g, the dried slice of bread or crackers with 10 grams of cheese.

Second snack: homemade casserole of cheese, raisins and yoghurt 150 g

Evening meal: baked hake 200 g sea cabbage 100 g

The sixth day

Morning meal: Creamed scrambled eggs from two eggs and 150 ml of milk, freshly brewed black coffee.

Snack: grapefruit or pomelo.

The daily meal: baked potato 150 g mushrooms 100 g chicken meat baked 70

Second snack: yogurt or low-fat drinkable yogurt 200ml, one green Apple.

Evening meal: low-fat cottage cheese 150 g, no added sugar, two baked Apple.

The seventh day

Morning meal: millet porridge on the water, 200 g of butter 30 grams, a Cup of black tea without sugar.

diet menu

The second morning meal: kiwi and banana.

The daily meal: poached vegetable casserole + 20 g cheese — 250 g boiled chicken fillet — 100 g

Second snack: boiled shrimp 200 g, carrot or tomato juice 200 ml.

Evening meal: fish Burger on a couple 150 g white rice 100 g, one tomato.