Exercises for fast weight loss at home

The problem of excess weight relevant today. Men and women constantly torturing yourself unloading days and hungry diets, but to melt inches off your waist still fails. The question arises – why are people not eating but not losing weight? It has been proven that even the most effective diet will not give proper result, if we ignore the minimum physical activity.

exercise for weight loss at home

Exercises for fast weight loss at home is a set of classes to execute which under force to everyone. Simple exercise plan in combination with proper nutrition will allow you to get rid of extra pounds so that they then don't come back.

Frequency of training and required equipment

If the person had not trained, to do the exercises for fast weight loss at home every day. Muscles not used to exercise, so excessive force will lead to the fact that they immediately will start to hurt. The optimal frequency of training for beginners – 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Optimal for training are the time intervals from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 19:00 to 20:00.

The necessary equipment for training

  1. Mat or litter. The flooring is very solid, you may experience back pain. To avoid this, it is advisable to lay a small Mat and practice on it.
  2. Dumbbells. For beginners suitable dumbbells weighing 1-1. 5 kg each.
  3. Comfortable clothing that will not restrict movement.
  4. The narrow little bench. If it does not, for producing the abdominal muscles of the foot can "hide" under the couch.

The basic rules of carrying out of training

  1. Each lesson should begin with a warm-up to prepare the muscles. It could be squats, pushups or running in place. The total duration of warm-up – 5-7 minutes.
  2. To perform the exercises for fast weight loss at home recommended two hours before a meal or one hour after.
  3. To observe proper diet and do not overeat. It is not about dieting, it's about the basic rules. From the diet it is advisable to limit high-calorie foods, do not eat after 18:00 and, of course, to observe a drinking mode (1.5 liters of water per day).
  4. The first 4 weeks the load should be the same. Through this time, the muscles will get used and the intensity of training can be increased.
  5. Positive attitude – exercise should be fun. Person is important to tune in to the result and understand that regular exercise will help him cope with the problem of excess weight.

Exercises for abdominal muscles

The stomach is one of the most problematic areas, it is here that collects the most body fat. To get rid of creases and sagging skin will not help no diet. Pump up the press and get a beautiful belly – task, which can handle regular exercise. However, the results can not be expected in a few days. It is painstaking work that will give the desired result. The most effective exercises for abdominal muscles

  1. Twisting. The exercise is aimed at the elaboration of the abdominal muscles, the key is to perform it with a small amplitude. You need to lie on the floor and firmly press back to him. Elbows directed to the sides, legs bent at the knees. Is a deep breath, lifted at the same time the head and shoulder, on exhale return to the starting position. Number of sets – 10-15 first few days, then gradually increase.
  2. Exercise with a chair. You need to sit on a chair, hands hard to rely on him. Legs extended in front of him. They slowly bend at the knees and pulled to the side of the body. It is then exhale and return legs to starting position. A number of approaches – 15.
proper training

Exercise for legs

The first thing to do is to decide what part of the foot does not suit the person. Exercises for the muscles of thighs and calves are different, so it is important to build the workout right.

Exercises for fast weight loss at home feet:

  1. Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands should be positioned on the belt. In turn runs lifting the legs up, bent at the knees. Here the main thing is not to rush, a man needs to feel his muscles. A number of approaches – 15 on each leg.
  2. Very often the inner part of the thigh cellulite accumulates, which in women produces a lot of complexes. To make the skin more toned and beautiful will help simple exercise. Lie down on your back, legs raise up and slowly raise them to the sides. In such a situation a person is delayed 1 minute, then returns to its original position. After resting 15 seconds, the exercise is repeated.
  3. Running in place is a universal and most effective exercise to lose body fat in the legs. Just 15 minutes a day, and a month waiting for a pleasant surprise. The skin becomes taut, disappears laxity and cellulite.

Exercises for thighs

Beautiful and toned thighs is a dream of every girl. However, not always has what he wants. Excess weight is deposited in this area for various reasons – because of poor nutrition or a sedentary lifestyle. To solve the problem should not complain about its presence, and to take action. Exercises for fast weight loss at home for the hips

  1. Starting position – horizontal. Hands must be placed on the buttocks, legs have to be equal. Slowly lifted up to the formation of a right angle with the torso, divorce, and reduced back 10 times.
  2. Starting position – standing. Feet should be spread wider than shoulders, toes dotting the sides. Now carefully done squat to thighs and buttocks tensed. The number approaches 10. Regular performance of this exercise gets rid of cellulite and promote skin tightening.
  3. Starting position – lying on your side, head rests on the arm. First lifted up one leg, then you must lie down on the other side and perform the exercise with the other leg. Number of sets – 10 per side.

Butt exercises

To make the buttocks firmer and beautiful is not difficult if you train regularly and not to forget about nutrition. Exercise for buttocks: universal lessons for each day

  1. Starting position – sitting on a chair (on the edge). Foot getting a divorce for the parties as long as between your legs, you cannot put a soccer ball. The ball should impact the legs, stretch the muscles of the buttocks. So to hold for 20 seconds, then relax for a moment and again squeeze the ball.
  2. Starting position – kneeling, hands are on waist. At a time to move feet and land first on one buttock, then another. To perform the exercise, until it will begin to hurt the muscle, but not less than 5 full approaches.
  3. Squats. Simple squats help to improve the skin on the thighs, but also on the buttocks. Enough every day to do 10 squats in the morning and 10 in the evening to a month to get rid of cellulite and see the results of weight loss.

Exercises for hands

Sagging skin often does not allow women to wear such clothes as you want. At any age the situation can be corrected, if you regularly train.

Exercises for fast weight loss at home for hands

  1. Training with dumbbells. Inventory allows you to quickly pump up the muscles and get rid of the sagging skin. Dumbbells weighing 1, 5 kg is taken with both hands, then hands slowly rise in front of him, then overhead, then return to the starting position.
  2. Push-UPS. Of course, the girls to make them much harder than men, but that's the whole charm. We need to accustom ourselves to try every day to do 10 pushups in the morning, so that the muscles worked. After a few weeks the skin will become taut.

Exercises for fast weight loss at home regularly, will never have problems with excess weight and sagging skin.