Exercise for weight loss for beginners

If the sides and stomach have accumulated excess fat, you will help exercise for weight loss beginners. Performing complex systematically, you will not achieve results.

Competent engineering combined with gradually increasing load will help to cope with the extra weight. So as to make the volumes of the legs, stomach and smaller thighs?

exercise for weight loss

Fitness exercises for performing at home

Irregular metabolism leads to weight gain. To regain harmony, women tend to limit themselves in food, and men, conversely, are turning to physical activity. In fact, to achieve a certain form, combining the correct diet and exercise.

The training consists of several stages:

  • warm-up complex;
  • the main part;
  • stretching or hitch.

How long will the lesson depends on the readiness of the athlete who trains. For children sufficient 30 minute load, and adults need about 50 minutes to burn fat. To warm up your muscles and speed up the pulse, start with a simple block – jumping and running. Be sure to develop cords with spins and tilts.

Perform exercises, moving from top to bottom – the arms, chest, then back, abs, hips, buttocks and legs. Don't forget about the final stage. Stretching is characterized by the recovery of the ligaments and muscles after exercise. The video tutorial will help you do the rest properly and learn how to relax after a workout.

The complex of power exercises for beginners

In the complex there are exercises for all muscle groups. With regular practice you will be able to get rid of deposits of subcutaneous and visceral fat.


Many users don't even know what squats are different from the dip to the squat.

Before performing the exercises carefully read the technique:

  • stand straight, feet shoulder width apart;
  • bending your knees, sinking down;
  • pushing off foot, return to starting position.

Until you master the correct technique, you will feel that you will fall back. Perform a squat as low as possible, the body remains smooth. Don't forget that you do thighs and buttocks! In addition, joining of the back, calf muscles, press. In the same round – 15 reps. Increasing endurance the number of repetitions increases to 25.

The fold for the press

This exercise requires proper technique. Usually beginners are not able to simultaneously work upper and lower body.

Perform the fold thus:

  • get down on the buttocks;
  • legs bent at a 90 degree angle, arms along the body;
  • at the same time straighten the legs forward and pull the back case;
  • please return to the original position.

Easier folds is exercise with an emphasis on the palm behind. To work in balance can only trained athletes. Tense your abdominal muscles and maximally control the position of the feet. They should not touch the floor.

Exercise for weight loss beginners. Lift the pelvis up

To engage the glutes and hamstrings while lifting the pelvis up from the prone position.

Exercise performed this way:

  • lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees, the emphasis on foot;
  • hands are placed along the body;
  • raise the pelvis to straighten the housing in a line;
  • lower to the starting position.

Pushups at home

To make the shoulders and arms beautiful can home. To perform complex hands, you will need a chair and the weights. If the house has no dumbbells, fit a plastic bottle filled with water or sand.

Push-UPS from a chair

  • hands on the chair, push on your heels, legs bent at the knees;
  • lower the body down by bending elbows to 90 degree angle;
  • return to the starting position only by force of arms.

A common mistake is to connect the hip joints in the work. In one approach – 20 reps.

Push-UPS with a narrow formulation of the

how to lose weight
  • place hands on edge of chair;
  • please position strap on outstretched arms, focusing on the rise;
  • perform pushups from the support.

Ensure that the elbows move parallel to the body, and not left in hand. Enough 20 repetitions in one approach.

Lifting weights

To strengthen the biceps will help the lifting of the dumbbells in a standing position.

  • take the weights in your hands and in turn, raise up and lower down;
  • you can perform the exercise simultaneously with two hands.

Please note: hands are pressed to the body! Enough 20 repetitions for each hand in the same round.

Straightening with the weighting

  • Straight from the rack, perform a forward bend;
  • Knees slightly bent, back retains the anatomical deflection;
  • Perform flexion-extension arms at the elbow, straining his bicep.

Don't put up with a jerk. The force should be smooth. Make for each hand for 15 reps in a single approach.

Biceps, drawing

Surprisingly effective exercise to strengthen hands.

  • get down on one knee to get a toehold on the chair;
  • with one hand abstain for the elevation, to maintain a balance;
  • another hand print ahead and follow rectification.

Do not go to one side. Adjust hand position during the exercise. Enough 15 repetitions for each side in one approach. To master the correct technique will help the lesson from the expert in this video.

Exercise for weight loss beginners. Plank on hands

To strengthen all the muscles and to increase endurance will help strap.

  • take the emphasis lying;
  • climb to the palm, placing them under the shoulders;
  • position hold plank, avoiding deflection in the lower back.

A more sophisticated option is the plank on elbows. Static exercise you perform for 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time.

These exercises for weight loss beginners will help you learn the basic techniques and begin the path to a slim figure. To improve your physical shape and at home: the main thing – the desire and will power!

Exercise for weight loss for beginners | WHO?WHAT?WHERE?

a set of exercises

Exercise for weight loss for beginners will be the best assistant for people who are tired of the extra weight. We offer ten simple variations that are performed at home.

Proper weight loss is impossible without physiological loads. You need to regularly push yourself to not only get rid of pesky pounds, but also look beautiful. There are various effective exercises for weight loss for beginners, among which we will choose the most suitable.

Strap: classic and side

Plank is the exercise for weight loss for beginners, which helps to maintain tone and muscle in shape. It also increases strength and improves posture. But the most important is the removal of excess fat from the lower abdomen. Follow the technique – proper execution and minimizes the risk of injury and will give the best result.

Now let's talk about how to do fitness at home and do these exercises for weight loss for beginners. Take a Mat. Sit on it, rest on forearms, elbows under the shoulders. The body is straight, head is with him on the same line. Look at the fists.

Most importantly – watch your back it should be straight without sagging. Don't bend your legs and stand as you can. At first glance it may seem that make it easy, but after a few seconds you will find that you are shaking from the strain.

Oh, and don't forget to strain the abdominal muscles is an important goal.

Then start to experiment, do a side option, on straight arms, and so forth. To start – 20 seconds 3 times a day. Reviews about the strap as exercise for weight loss for beginners – strictly positive, beginners encouraged.


Losing weight is a whole life philosophy that not only relieve weight but and leads the mind in order. The essence of the yoga exercises for weight loss that we recommend for beginners is to adopt particular postures.

Even here it is necessary to breathe correctly and to take into account the psychological state. The peculiarity here is that when done properly there is no pain, although a significant load.

Plank on the ball

This ball is a valuable trainer for those who have been unsuccessfully dieting. Exercises on the ball for weight loss designed for beginners who will help in the fight against the annoying fat deposits.

The simplest way to do it bar. Put forearms on an exercise ball, shoulders over elbows, toes crossed, feet hip distance apart, body drawn in a straight line. Initially, his knees bend, inhale make them exactly, and delayed return to initial pose.

Circles with the ball

Help move your legs in a circle. To master this technique, put the exercise ball between your legs and lie back. Lift your legs up and begin to make a rotational motion between them while holding the ball. You can watch a video for beginners, where professional people performing the exercise for weight loss with the ball.


It is a set of exercises for weight loss, which is great for beginners.

One of the few systems that gives you the opportunity to achieve results in a short time without causing the slightest harm to the body. Muscular system develops quickly, and it helps to protect your back.

Exercise for weight loss can be safely recommended to newcomers if something is in doubt, watch the video with exercises.

  • Need a chair with armrests. Sit, lean, raise the body and make your back straight.
  • Stand between the legs about 30 cm. Pull the belly, lift arms. Then bend the legs and the hands pull forward, as if you want to something to reach. Then pull them back, telescoping the neck forward. Strive to ensure that each of these positions to stand at least a minute. Do 5 approaches.
  • Standing, hands bred to the sides and raised to shoulder height. Keep palms up. Trying to shoulder blades, then withdraw the hands back to touch the fingers, the elbows do not bend. Do 100 times. To make it easier, it is better to perform such exercises for weight loss to music, for beginners it is especially important.
  • Lie, stretch the hands vertically up, do the same with the legs, then try to lift the body. In this position you need to stay no less than 20 seconds. Performed 15 times.
exercises for beginners

Those who do not know where to start exercise for weight loss that you are going to do at home, start with the strap. All the rest follow in no particular order. Do not overload yourself and after each workout to let the body rest.