Diet for weight loss laterally

From thousands of weight loss diets only some take into account the individual characteristics of each organism. It often happens that instead of the long-awaited transformation only lose weight chest, which to do this is not exactly a must, but problem areas remain unchanged. In this article we talk about how to get rid of the "lifeline" – fatty deposits in the abdomen and sides. It will not be easy, but it will be thin and beautiful, if done correctly.

diet for weight loss laterally

Why is the stomach not losing weight: reasons for problem areas

The problem of obesity in the abdominal area and the sides more concerned with the female half, men also rarely gets to share the struggle with rounded hips. Herein lies the first reason of this problem areas – gender "injustice" of nature. From a school course of anatomy many people know why this is happening. The female body accumulates ballast where it is needed for gestation.

Fat deposits on flanks and lower abdomen simultaneously perform the function of protection and backup supply of nutrients. To convince the body that it does not look fashionable impossible, but to correct the situation – completely.

Among the main reasons for the obesity of the abdomen is considered and stress. Many of the state is, on the contrary, the mass loss and lack of appetite. Others are less fortunate, in times of stress the adrenal glands secrete a higher dose of the hormone cortisol. This component and influence the accumulation of fat in this problem area.

Does not contribute to the thinness of the waist a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity leads to adiposity in General. Often, even low-calorie diets do not eliminate the ballast because of the "backup fat" to drive away very difficult. Therefore, diet for weight loss belly and hips only makes sense in conjunction with special exercises.

Genetic predisposition many people have a laugh, but laughing usually those with no such tendency. In fact, if rounded belly and flanks are visible at least in three generations is a serious problem that difficult to solve. This will require a set of actions that must be followed for life.

Less complex, but the most common cause of large parties – trivial improper diet. In the abdomen, "love" pile up sweets, fat and beer, the latter is especially dangerous for both men and women. To rectify this situation are relatively simple. As already noted, when the tummy is already there, to get rid of it is difficult, but the combination of the right foods and physical activity will leave no chance to "lifeline".

Products for slim waist

What if there was not caused by obesity, correct the situation by correcting the diet and exercise. First and foremost you should get acquainted with the products, which provoke the deposition of fat cells in the abdominal cavity. Effective diet for waist eliminates them completely.

Slimming thighs and abdomen to exclude:

  • confectionery;
  • white bread, muffins, puff pastry;
  • vegetable oil;
  • smoked and canned foods;
  • fatty meats: lamb, pork, duck or goose;
  • industrial sauces;
  • pasta, semolina;
  • cereals;
  • cooking fats: spreads, margarine;
  • sweet drinks;
  • alcohol and nicotine.

In addition, it is recommended to use less salt or even to abandon it, it retains water in the body and dehydrates cells. Sugar is also a dangerous product with any diet, you can substitute honey or secure counterparts.

For the correction of the volume of the stomach need to use:

harmful products
  1. Lean meat. You can use poultry, lean veal, beef. Meat is necessary for replenishment of protein, it is desirable to combine it with fresh vegetables.
  2. The fish and seafood. They should also be lean, fit any clams, carp, perch, hake, eel, carp, pike.
  3. Vegetables. They should be more than just a menu losing weight, there can be cooked or raw. Best fit non-starchy types: zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, carrots. Least of all should be potato.
  4. Fruit. For snacking and natural desserts you can use: pears, apples, plums, apricots, cherries. It is advisable to limit the consumption of grapes, bananas, nectarines and figs. Is the fruit is better before dinner, and before bedtime to give them up, as they raise insulin levels and cause cravings.
  5. Dairy products. For diet fit only low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt. Sometimes for Breakfast you can eat hard cheese, whole milk, need to drink moderately – a glass every two days.
  6. Greens. It will give the flavor and aroma of dietary dishes, besides, to replenish the supply of vitamins. Special attention should be paid to the greenery, it is well nourishes, rich in nutrients and has a negative calorie content.
  7. Beans – a useful protein product. For weight loss beans are recommended because their digestion the body expends almost all the energy, which means calories from beans just will not go into the fat.
  8. Eggs. You can use any, the main thing is not to fry them. Allowed only boiled soft-boiled or hard-boiled.
  9. Nuts and dried fruits. Their need is limited, it is best suited as a snack, you can add them to salads or with cottage cheese, yogurt.

To prepare dietary dishes, you can use any kind of heat processing, except frying. To get rid of belly and sides, got to love boiled and steamed products. In addition, you can cook vegetables and meat with no oil, bake in oven or cook in a slow cooker.

To the allowed foods sometimes, you can add cereals, although they are undesirable for diet. 1-2 times a week, you can eat oatmeal, it is well cleanses the intestines that only helps in the process of losing weight, have it at Breakfast or lunch. Also reviews losing weight is recommended to add in the diet of horseradish, ginger and cinnamon, they accelerate the process of digestion of fat and improve digestion.

For dieting in addition to a list of products you need to get acquainted with the program rules. Full course diet takes a long time, but the result will certainly appear, if you observe the recommendations.

Diet rules

List of foods for this diet should consist mainly of plant foods, dairy products and meat is very limited, and cereals generally excluded. So to enter this power must be careful not to get the opposite effect.

To reduce the size of the abdomen and hips need to adhere to the General rules:

  1. Split your meals. So the body will receive a small portion of food and fast platform, it is not stored in the form of extra fat. It is advisable to do 4-5 small meals a day. Early dinner will remain in effect at this time.
  2. Monitor the portion size. If you eat often and a lot, of sense from crushing will not. One serving should be 150-200 g.
  3. To drink clean water. Aerated mineral water must be replaced by water without gas, all minerals will remain in place. Sometimes you can use a quality enriched water, but only occasionally. Correct drinking regime will allow you to eat less and gradually cleanses the body, the main thing is not to drink before bedtime to morning not to fight the swelling.
  4. A good night's sleep. Normal sleep patterns to ensure a positive attitude, who at the time of execution of the program is very handy. Besides, the correct mode of the day, improve overall health and appearance.
  5. Exercise.

These rules will be based all diet. The program for the correction of the waist involves three steps below to enter smoothly into the diet to normalize the volume of your hips and sides and then long to hold the result.

The first stage

eating the right foods

Refers to the input, in this period, the body must learn to eat properly, and a little fractional. In the first days of possible discomfort if to diet diet was directly opposite. Last, this phase is one week, during which you gradually eliminate forbidden foods. During this time, it is better to learn to eat without bread and salt, to abandon cereals.

The second stage

Is the main phase of the diet. This period will occur the main weight loss belly and sides. The duration depends on the initial weight, you can diet of 2 to 4 weeks. This period specifically excludes the forbidden foods and drinks, food is strictly fractional, drinking regime in the normal range (1.5-2 liters per day).

The third stage

Consists of gradual withdrawal from the strict diet and nutrition for a long time. This phase is needed in order to secure and hold the result. In the first days after the diet you can return cereals, but also confectionery, alcohol and salt should disappear from the table for another six months. You also need to limit the production of bread, pasta. Fatty meats, cooking fats, fried and industrial additives remain banned as long as you want beautiful waist.

Having a list of products and the sequence of stages, it is possible to construct a scheme of weight loss and your diet. Menu for the week it is better to make in advance to prepare carefully and to move away from the goal. For example, consider a menu for each stage.

Menu for the first stage

Breakfast: salad from cucumbers and tomatoes with cheese and lemon juice, tea with milk.

Lunch: soup with green beans and sweet peppers, a slice of rye bread.

Snack: fresh juice, pear.

Dinner: steam chicken, steamed broccoli, tea with rosemary.

Menu for the second phase

Breakfast: salad of kiwi fruit and pears, tea.

Lunch: 150 g of plain yogurt.

Lunch: soup with greens (no potatoes).

Afternoon snack: some nuts or peanuts.

Dinner: boiled Turkey fillet, salad of celery and boiled eggs.

Menu for the third stage

Breakfast: oatmeal on the water, the tea with milk.

Lunch: dietary bread with cream of spinach, tea.

Lunch: soup with chickpeas and vegetables.

Snack: a green Apple.

Dinner: chicken breast, braised with carrots, tomato juice without salt.

At the third stage, you need to get out of the diet gradually, one week after a diet you still have to follow the rules of diet. After that, you can choose any balanced diet to maintain weight, suitable medical method for weight correction diet No. 8, or PP, the system BUTCH.

Additional measures for correction of the waist

Good results are guaranteed only if you make the effort. If excess weight in the abdomen quite a bit, you can use only the correct power supply. But often with relatively slender legs, the belly and thighs are a real problem, for example, when body type "Apple". In such cases, you will need additional measures.

In the first place to remove the sides, you need to determine the set of exercises. For a flat stomach and thin waist slimming reviews recommended standard of exercise: "Bicycle", "scissors", "birch". In addition will assist you to attain the desired shape a few more exercises.

Inhale: lie on a flat surface under the head put a small pillow or cushion. Pull the legs, hands along the body, completely relax. Inhale maximally retracting the abdomen and hold your breath. Slowly exhale, repeat 15-25 times.

"Knee-elbow": lie on a flat surface, hands behind head, legs slightly bent at the knees. Reach right elbow to the left knee and freeze for a few seconds on the exhale return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15-25 minutes.

"Turns": starting position – standing. Legs wide apart, hands bent in elbows and pressed to the chest. On the exhale, slowly turn the body (as if trying to look at the back). On the inhale return to the starting position. Continue this exercise to 25 minutes.

Wheel: lie on back, hands at his sides, one leg pulling vertically. Resting his hands on the floor, to turn around the outstretched leg, as if drawing imaginary circles on the ceiling. "Draw" 15-20 circles with one leg, then do the same the second.

Instead of a regular exercises can choose a special training course and work on video, even better performing a physical load on all muscle groups. In addition to sports during weight loss, it is recommended to make wraps, apply oils and creams. On anti-cellulite products it is better not to waste time and money, much better will be the usual olive oil.

exercise for weight loss

Extra moisturizing and nourishment you need in order to converted tummy looked trim and elastic. If the initial weight before the diet was too big, weight loss it is better to stretch longer, so the extra weight went away gradually. A sharp correction amounts can lead to long the skin in the lower abdomen and extra stretching.

In the lactation, on the background of diseases of the digestive tract and liver to observe this diet only with the permission of the doctor.

In conclusion

Diet for correction of the abdomen and sides to help regain a beautiful figure and improve the body. The menu consists of plant foods and small amounts of protein that will give you the opportunity to clean the intestines, improve metabolism and appearance. In addition, during the diet the habit of eating less and more often, so stick to a healthy lifestyle after this program will be much easier.

To quickly regain a flat stomach and waist line, you can use other effective diets: milk tea, ginger, and Tibetan. The main thing to remember about physical activity and their own safety, you need to choose which methodology is threatening the health of the least.