Fitness for weight loss: top 10 rules

Fitness for weight loss – a great idea, and anyway, will you go to aerobics classes or select the home workout. But it is important to remember that to get rid of excess pounds is simply to exercise, physical activity is not enough, you need to adhere to certain rules and be patient and not give up after a week without seeing in the mirror the result from the two workouts.

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More than – the easier it is to lose

If you have 30 extra pounds after the start of regular training you will lose them very quickly – up to 5 kg per week. It is quite another thing when you need to lose 3-5 kg, because the less fat in the body, the more he seeks to hold onto him. Most of the people from the second category ceases to be engaged in fitness during the first month of training, because sees no result. But weight loss is not just a matter of weeks, fitness and proper nutrition must become a way of life, or weight, which went for a couple of months then the pain will come back in just a couple of days.

Gradually increase load

To start the process of losing weight should be small. If you've never played sports or a long time it was abandoned, the body needs time to readjust to the new rhythm of life. The first exercise should be very light, to the next morning you are aching from muscle pain at the slightest movement. In addition, the small weight will allow you to develop the perfect technique of the exercises. Then each workout little by little increase the load – this can be done by increasing the weight of the weights, number of reps or reduce rest time between sets. The regular increase in the load will keep the body in good shape, not letting him get used to the job.

Training in pleasure

For maximum effectiveness, training should bring you positive emotions, not to be torture. Then you don't like running, replace running with swimming or Biking, these types of cardio are no worse. Now there are many types of fitness for weight loss, from which you can choose what you like – aerobics, yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and so on.

Don't miss a workout

Consistency is one of the success factors. To do 3-4 times a week, giving the body a maximum of two days to recover. For two days after training the muscles and cardiovascular system are in good shape, the game adapts to the stress. But then their readiness for a new load starts to decrease, and they return to the level before the training, i.e. the training effect is lost.

The intensity and duration

Workout for weight loss should be long enough – at least an hour. The fact that the body is struggling to keep fatty tissue and burning process it starts only half an hour after the start of the workout. Equally important, the intensity is time under load should be greater than the rest. Rest about a minute between sets in strength exercises and try not to pause more than a minute during aerobic exercise.

Don't try to lose weight locally

It so happens that the girl lights up to remove the sides and only doing crunches, neglecting other muscle groups. Remember, you cannot lose weight in only one or two parts of the body – to remove the sides, you need to reduce the percentage of fat in the entire body, so you will have to do the exercises and legs, back and chest. Moreover, doing crunches do not necessarily enough to do the exercises for all other muscle groups and if the percentage of fat tissue decreases, you will see that you have it and so it is.

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We count calories

Without proper nutrition fitness weight loss will not help, so take in hand calculators and start counting calorie daily diet. On average to maintain your current weight, you must eat a number of calories equal to the weight of the body multiplied by 30. That is, for a girl weighing 60 kg, the daily rate is around 1800 calories. To lose weight, decrease calories by 300, but no more, because otherwise we simply will not have energy for training.

Unaccounted calories

Often people think that reduced calories but not losing weight. This is explained by the large number of unaccounted for calories, which include, for example, bread. Flavored, it would seem, dietary salad of fresh vegetables, remember that one tablespoon of vegetable oil has 40 calories. In chicken skin contains a whopping 100 calories. Additionally, few take into account the calories obtained from drinks but one glass of juice or soda – 100 calories, even more in juice – 150, and fault – 150-200.

Drink more water

To reduce calories, improve health, and speed recovery after exercise, replace beverages that you drink during the day, in plain water. In the day a person needs to drink at least two liters of water, and if you practiced on a liter more.

Use the services of a coach

Home fitness for weight loss – it is certainly good, but not all people. Despite the existence of General rules, each person is different and needs its own training program. Be it only by a professional based on your functional data, health, body type and other factors.


Thus, if you set a goal to lose weight and decided to do fitness, do not forget about the accompanying factors – proper diet, drink, recovery, and, most importantly, patience. And as practice shows, the correct approach in two or three months of training will be not necessity, but a pleasant hobby.