How to lose weight at 10 kg. 3 effective methods

Forget about extra pounds, not to think about what to wear, to always be slim, put on your favorite swimsuit and without constraint to go to the beach... this is a dream of many women. So every day in "world wide web" you can find new ways of getting rid of excess weight in a small period of time, and often the perfect amount of weight loss is the number 10. We have selected for you the 3 most effective methods of weight loss.

weight loss of 10 kg


To diet days did not cause harm to the body, you need gradual training. 4 weeks prior to the start of any selected system weight loss begin to follow such simple rules:

  • eliminate flour products, the exception would be whole grain bread in small amounts;
  • forget the sugar, do not abuse the tea and coffee is better to drink these drinks with honey;
  • start cooking all meals for a couple, or at least in the oven;
  • eliminate salted, fried, smoked food;
  • get rid of the habit of eating late in the evening, all meals should end in 19 hours;
  • do not drink packaged juices and carbonated drinks;
  • start exercising every morning.

Quickly lose weight 10 kg, method 1

One of the effective ways to burn fat fast is the protein diet, which is based on consumption of two products: beef and yogurt. These foods contain a lot of protein and give you the opportunity to get rid of excess ten pounds in just 10-15 days. Diet is very easy, practically free of complications and feelings of hunger.

Recommendations to the diet the following:

weight loss of 10 kg diet
  • in the morning drink 1 Cup purified non-carbonated water to the stomach began to work, and during the day also drink water every 3 hours for at least 250 grams is required;
  • will have to give up salt, but you can use other spices to improve metabolism (curry, turmeric, red pepper, etc.);
  • meals are not restricted;
  • the last meal should be no later than 7 PM;
  • every day walk walk a minimum of 1 hour;
  • drink vitamins in the diet;
  • cook beef for a couple, boil or bake.

Diet: to lose about 10 kg, method 2

The famous French nutritionist Pierre Dukan has developed an effective diet that helps to bring the figure back to normal and start properly and balanced diet that will provide for the preservation of achieved results. The Dukan diet includes four phases:

  1. "Attack". This stage lasts about 7-10 days and is based on the use of protein products. All the dishes you need to cook without oil and salt, every day to walk about an hour and drink plenty of water.
  2. "Cruise". The alternation of protein and vegetable food.
  3. "Pinning". The repetition of the first and second stages.
  4. "Stabilization". Prevents re-gaining weight.

This diet normalizes metabolism and detoxifies the body.

Method 3

If you take the time and can afford long-term weight loss, then adhering to the following recommendations, you will be able to bring her figure in perfect shape without any diets and special restrictions. In fact, if all people would follow basic rules of nutrition, the problem of excess weight disappear by itself:

  • to eliminate synthetic products, fast food and semi-finished products;
  • one or two times a week to arrange a fasting days;
  • try to eat slowly, chew your food well;
  • serving size for women should not exceed 250 grams;
  • eat at least 5 times a day;
  • follow the caloric intake, no more than 1500-1700 calories a day;
  • take time to exercise;
  • do not eat at night.
weight loss of 10 kg menu

Remember that any rapid weight loss is stressful to the body. If you are really decided to lose weight, then be patient. The lazy and those who feel sorry for themselves people will never achieve success in this field.

Urgently to lose 10 kg, you need to know

There is a huge probability that after a short period of time after a very quick getting rid of the extra pounds you will gain them again. In this matter the most important is to lose weight wisely and don't rush. Better to rethink and choose the most convenient way to lose weight. And another important condition is to believe in yourself and not stop halfway.