There are many different weight loss methods, both effective and not bringing any results, but there is also a threat to human health, ways of weight reduction. So before you think about how to better and faster adjust your figure, we need to know some information about what should be the process of weight loss.

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It is important to remember that proper weight loss is a process weight loss, which is not applied no psychological or physiological harm to the overall health of women and men. In materials submitted to the review, a detailed look at the reasons that point to begin to actively seek the most appropriate ways for weight loss why you need to make adjustments to their own figures, and pay attention to the most effective methods of losing weight.

Causes weight loss

There are only three main reasons that you should think about starting to maintain accurate control over the performance of its own body mass, and in the presence of a huge number of extra pounds, begin immediate weight loss. Let's consider them in more detail.

The preservation of health

Even a few decades ago it was found that people with obesity, the probability of development of oncological pathologies, diseases of the cardiovascular system organs, diabetes and other serious health problems is much higher than in people with a slender figure. Therefore, losing weight will help keep their own health.

The reduction of life

Based on the foregoing paragraph suggests the following conclusion that in people with overweight, lifespan is also several times smaller.

Development problems at the level of physiology and psychology

Among the physiological problems that develop in obese people are:

  • the emergence of shortness of breath;
  • a decrease in physical activity, since overweight people are unable to move about, to walk, climb mountains, etc.;
  • increasing the level of sweating (hyperhidrosis development).
Please note: in addition, people with excess weight develops a huge number of psychological problems on a background that brings them the fullness of ethical inconveniences, makes the person looks older than his age, etc.

And all this is only a small part of the reasons why all fat people should seriously think about losing weight to seek the assistance of qualified professionals who will be able to explain in detail how to lose weight quickly and effectively without causing any damage to their health. It is also worth noting that not everyone imagines when he does have time to think about adjusting weights. The answer to this question is very simple.

If the overall health of the body due to its own weight was noticeably worse and the body mass index (BMI) higher than normal, then it is time to start looking for the most effective ways of losing weight. To calculate BMI you need the weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.

For example, girls with height 172 cm and weight 82 kg BMI will be equal to:

1,72 x 1,72 = 2,96

82 : 2,96 = 27,8

BMI values the following:

  • 5 – 24.9 is normal;
  • 0 – 29.9, this is the stage that precedes obesity (duis);
  • 0 – 34.9, this is the first stage of obesity;
  • 0 – 39.9, this is the second stage of obesity;
  • From 40 more, it is the third and most difficult stage of obesity.
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Thus, in experienced girls, the BMI result turned out to 27.8. This suggests that she already had stage duis, that is, it should as soon as possible to begin to choose for themselves the most effective way to lose weight, that would be in the shortest possible time to get rid of extra pounds and bring your figure in proper form. For this we consider the most common and effective ways to lose weight.

Change diet

Found that the body mass index which is in the range of 25.0 to 30.0 is enough just to balance their own diet and stored fats will dissolve by themselves. This is the easiest way to lose weight, it is important to understand one thing, that change in diet should not be temporary, and, as they say, "once and forever". Then, the obtained results are saved and burned the pounds will not return in twice the volume.

Important! Effective weight loss at home by changing the diet is primarily to reduce the level of calories consumed.

In order to calculate the required caloric level per day, you need the number 20 multiplied by the desired weight you want to achieve the result of the whole process of losing weight. For example, if the desired weight is 65 kgs, 20 x 65 = 1300 kcal, this will be the daily rate of calories.

During weight loss we need to completely eliminate the following ingredients:

  • all kinds of oils and other products include animal fats;
  • sweets and bakery products;
  • meats;
  • canned;
  • fried foods;
  • nuts.

Moreover, way to lose weight designed by a qualified dietician means a reduction in half of the application:

  • legumes;
  • juices;
  • pasta and potatoes.

It is also worth noting that nutritionists during the formulation of the diet pay attention to the following aspects of the functioning of the human body:

There are a few secrets that will help to follow a diet and feel both physiological and psychological comfort. First, it is not necessary to eat when there is hunger. If there is strong desire a snack, it is better to enjoy an Apple or cucumber instead of a sandwich, etc.

Practical tip: to avoid overeating, it is better to eat often but little, at least 5-6 times a day. Food recommended to apply in a small saucer. It is very important never to eat while watching TV, talking on the phone or computer.

Changing my diet will help only those people whose BMI does not exceed the stage of duis, and when the BMI is already moving the value 35.0 in the process of losing weight besides dieting, you also need to increase the level of physical activity and use of drugs on the recommendation of an experienced specialist.

Increased physical activity

The best way to lose weight full person – a change of diet and the use of aerobic exercise in the form:

  • swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • fast walk;
  • participation in various sports and games.

You need to train at least 3-4 times a week. In the presence of any abnormalities in health, to visit them should consult with a medical specialist, and in the classroom regularly to monitor the level of blood pressure and heart rate.

Practical advice: Healthy and active women, who are most of at home, you can do a belly dance, during which quite quickly drain the abdomen, legs and arms and also improves the coordination of movements.

Increasing physical activity through exercise in combination with proper nutrition will help you to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

The use of drugs

Drug therapy is also used to combat obesity. Medical methods for weight loss are most effective in reducing weight in home conditions, but to assign a specific drug, you should first contact a qualified specialist and undergo the necessary study of the body.

Operating method

There are cases where patients just need to schedule the surgery, aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach, which in most cases is required in very severe cases, when BMI of a person exceeds the value 40. The operation in the shortest possible time will help to remove a large number of pounds and significantly improve the level and quality of human life. Use only diet during the 2-3 stage of obesity may be just useless, in such cases, in addition to surgery is often required and psychotherapeutic help to the patient.